14. Hatred – 1 John 3:13-15. Believers, as such, ask only what is in accordance with God's will; or if they ask what God wills not, they bow their will to God's will, and so God grants them either their request, or something better than it. We must love others to the point of sacrifice. Our hypocrisy in loving by word and tongue, not in deed and truth, does not escape even our conscience, though weak and knowing but little, how much less God who knows all things! The theme of Romans 6-8 is our identification with Christ in His death and resurrection. "The world is death! What about anger with a brother – Matthew 5:22-24. What nearer relationship than that of sons? The world does not understand the nature and character of God! J. W. Roberts thinks this is so. The Greek says literally that Cain butchered his own brother! ", Let no one deceive you! but--omitted in the oldest manuscripts. The theme of Romans 6-8 is our identification with Christ in His death and resurrection. as he--as Jesus gave us commandment. The Father has loved us! "The Bible Study New Testament". (Based on works.) See note on 1 John 3:6. In God’s sight, hatred is the moral equivalent of murder. we know--The oldest manuscripts have "we shall know," namely, if we fulfil the command ( 1 John 3:18 ). We wait for the manifestation (literally, the "apocalypse"; the same term as is applied to Christ's own manifestation) of the sons of God. in death--"in the (spiritual) death" (ending in eternal death) which is the state of all by nature. 1974. Because sins is. of that wicked one--Translate, "evil one," to accord with "Because his own works were evil." The devil was a murderer from the beginning of his fallen career – John 8:44. 6. 10. children of the Acts 13:10 ). This is how Satan deceives and is the father of lies. God regards the inward disposition as tantamount to the outward act which would flow from it. Whomsoever one hates, one wishes to be dead. now--in contrast to "not yet." Our inner man needs exercise. Scholars believe that Satan was one of the highest angels, placed by God over the earth and over the other angels, and that he sinned against God and was cast down – Isaiah 14:9-17; Ezekiel 28:12-14. Here is the clear difference. Hereby--Greek, "Herein." He had shown, birth from God involves self-purification; he now shows where sin, that is, the want of self-purification, is, there is no birth from God. While we were yet enemies of God, God loved us and sent His Son to die for us. It's happening right before our eyes 2015-16. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. This is a crazy thought, and some taught that sin is natural to the body, because the body is sinful. This is how Satan deceives and is the father of lies. "See how much the Father has loved us Jews and Gentiles who do what is right (1 John 2:29)! 1. 21-22. While we were yet enemies of God, God loved us and sent His Son to die for us. E.      Centuries later, the Pharisees did the same thing to Jesus – Mark 15:9-10, and Jesus called them the children of the devil. "Faith gives Christ to me; love flowing from faith gives me to my neighbor. Whoever continues to sin. sinneth not--In so far as he abides in Christ, so far is he free from all sin. The Gospel message of Him who loved us, announced by His servants, is, that we love the brethren; not here all mankind, but those who are our brethren in Christ, children of the same family of God, of whom we have been born anew. Proud member Colossians 1:13 , "from the power of darkness . It is new in kind, because it is the kind of love which Jesus has for us! The ideal of the Christian. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. Compare 1 John 3:8. Cain is an example of life hatred – Genesis 4:1-16. . The connection is, The manifestation to the world of what we shall be, has not yet taken place; we know (in general; as a matter of well-assured knowledge; so the Greek) that when (literally, "if"; expressing no doubt as to the fact, but only as to the time; also implying the coming preliminary fact, on which the consequence follows, Malachi 1:6 , John 14:3 ) He (not "it," namely, that which is not yet manifested [ALFORD]) shall be manifested ( 1 John 3:5 , 2:28 ), we shall be like Him (Christ; all sons have a substantial resemblance to their father, and Christ, whom we shall be like, is "the express image of the Father's person," so that in resembling Christ, we shall resemble the Father). See 1 Kings 8:18-19. There is no middle class between the children of God and the children of the devil. Cain is an example of hate. Rather than hating and destroying our brother, we ought to have the spirit of Christ and lay down our lives for our brothers, when called upon to do so.". Satan is a created being, but was not created sinful. "One who continues to sin is breaking God's law, and will be severely punished for it (if he does not turn away from his sins), no matter what the false teachers may tell you!" The thought of foolishness is sin – Proverbs 24:9. what manner of--of what surpassing excellence, how gracious on His part, how precious to us. VII. ", We are now God's children. Regeneration means a new nature – God’s nature. John names three wonderful blessings that will come to a believer who practices Christian love. 1. doth not yet appear--Greek, "it hath not yet ('at any time,' Greek aorist) been visibly manifested what we shall be"--what further glory we shall attain by virtue of this our sonship. Our inner man needs exercise. Make sure that you do not harbor anything in your heart. The Greek having the article to both, implies that they are convertible terms. What love is. See 1 John 2:28. hate you--as Cain hated even his own brother, and that to the extent of murdering him. The magnetic needle, the nature of which is always to point to the pole, is easily turned aside, but always reseeks the pole. Additional proof of the incompatibility of sin and sonship; the very object of Christ's manifestation in the flesh was to take away (by one act, and entirely, aorist) all sins, as the scapegoat did typically. This enemy has many different names in Scripture: Satan (adversary, enemy), the devil (accuser), Abaddon or Apollyon (destroyer), the prince of this world, the dragon, etc. how--How is it possible that "the love of (that is, 'to') God dwelleth (Greek, 'abideth') in him?" Both the TEV and the NIV bring out the fact that the Greek uses the present continuous tense. A condemning heart is one that robs a believer of peace. Jesus knew that Peter had repented, and after the resurrection sent a special message to Peter – Mark 16:7 that he was forgiven. Martha prepared the meal and fussed with Mary and Jesus for not helping. Read 1 John 3:7-10. We are saved by the grace of God – Ephesians 2:8-9. Its insertion in English Version gives a wrong antithesis. Be careful lest the devil accuse you and rob you of your confidence – Revelation 12:10. doth not commit sin--His higher nature, as one born or begotten of God, doth not sin. B. On Monday April 25, 2016, a homosexual man came to our evangelism booth at the Hunt County Fair and believed this teaching and that he was going to heaven. But Christians do not purposely go on sinning continuously!!! He that committeth sin is of the devil--in contrast to "He that doeth righteousness," 1 John 3:7 . Love or Death – 1 John 3:11-24 [MURDER – 1 John 3:11-12] John gives us four examples of possible levels of relationship that a person may live. But by God’s grace, Paul was saved. ], II. before him--as in the sight of Him, the omniscient Searcher of hearts. From the very beginning. 4. Reciprocity. Love for the brethren produces confidence toward God and confidence in your boldness in asking for what you need. “Be honest with yourself and the Lord,” Is there anything between you and another Christian that needs to be settled.

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