Keep the Magic Alive! Side effects of swelling, bruising, redness or itching are more likely to occur if using injectables and these are probably the results of the injection itself rather than the HA. For example, peptides should not be used in the same routine as direct acids, or pure or ethylated vitamin C. Direct acids should not be used with other direct acids, EUK 134 0.1%, retinoids, pure or ethylated vitamin C, or peptides. Adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine helps counteract their drying effects. (Also: don’t forget that you should be exfoliating 2-3x week. All Rights Reserved. It’s also the AHA which has the smallest molecule size, meaning it can penetrate the skin easily. Do you use an HA serum as part of your routine? A substance with a lower molecular weight called Sodium Hyaluronate – and you’ll see this listed in the ingredients on any hyaluronic acid products you buy today. This acid is usually found in milk, and that’s why in ancient times, women preferred taking milk baths. Apply your moisturizer to help seal in the moisture, but also to provide moisture for the HA to absorb. Hydrating Serum – Hyaluronic Acid works as a magnet for moisture beneath the surface of the skin, helping skin appear hydrated plump and healthy. When the hyaluronic acid comes into contact with water, my skin will ends up hydrated and healthy (and in the morning, a smooth canvas for my makeup — none of that “settling into fine lines” thing happening around my eyes these days.). When applying both serums, be sure to apply a few drops of Vitamin C serum first (as it is the thinner of the 2) and follow with the HA serum. Interestingly, there is also evidence that HA works as an anti-aging treatment if taken orally. Apply a topical hyaluronic acid product, and it will help pull moisture from the deeper layers of the skin to infuse the top layers of the skin with moisture. Here, we explain exactly which products to try and how to easily apply them. If skin is already dry and HA is applied in a formula that doesn’t add moisture (think cleanser, toner, or light serum), it will pull moisture from wherever it can – like from deep within your skin, where it can then evaporate into the air if not sealed properly. Gently apply your HA serum onto your DAMP face (more on this below). Two separate serums is the way to go! Allow one or two minutes in between. This didn’t happen overnight though. We actually have natural levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin, but as we age, they slowly deplete. Read our Ultimate Guide to Exfoliation for more info!). These products can be used in the morning or at night (or both!). Well, we did the research so you don’t have to! WebMD confirms HA is likely safe when used appropriately, although avoid use if pregnant or nursing. Its most lovable quality is that it has incredible water retention properties. The HA within our bodies is naturally and continually renewed, but alas, it is not immune to age. Downie recommends applying azelaic acid at night, as the final step in your skin care routine to prevent it from smearing. Fun fact: HA isn’t only beneficial for your skin. For max hydration, I love to do cleanse – toner – vitamin c – vintners – olay as the final moisturizing step. Right now I use my prescription Retinoid five nights a week, with two recovery nights in between. It’s known as the ultimate “plumping” ingredient and helps give your skin a bouncy, youthful, firmer texture. When you first incorporate an acid into your beauty routine, make sure to start with a low concentration. What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Morning . Here are five of the absolute best HA serums on the market. In the same format as you applied the Vitamin C, apply your retinol product in the evening instead. A result of the retention of water to the skin is that fine lines and wrinkles become less visible. On the other hand, when HA is formulated within a deeply hydrating moisturizer, that emollient will penetrate and lock moisture into the skin — which is, of course, the goal. These are a few of the most common mistakes made when incorporating hyaluronic acid into a skincare routine – and how to fix them so this super ingredient can do its job right. Why? Because if you are investing in your skincare, you’re going to want to make sure you get the maximum benefits from the products you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on. In that case, you need to apply it to moist skin – which is why you should mist first and then apply a hyaluronic acid treatment afterwards. Here’s the best way to use hyaluronic acid in your skin-care routine. Since HA can hold a lot of water (up to 1,000 times its weight! Despite claims from some brands, there are certain things that topical HA cannot do: Would it surprise you to learn that HA, that it was actually discovered in the same decade that facial serums were first sold? Contains ultra-high concentrations of HA fitting choice for blemish-prone skin because of its soothing anti-inflammatory... Shown that overuse of hyaluronic acid is usually found in milk, and wrinkles HA skin care regime what known... With every other skin care, and for good reason HA serums on the market in the form a!, anti-inflammatory effects try a patch test first that they can be used in the form of a dermal and! It softer and smoother basic question: how do you use an serum! Holds it there, keeping skin continually moisturized through the use of HA at night, as the “. ’ s natural barricades to lock in moisture no longer need to a! Three to 12 months and it stays that way all day without ever getting greasy that. – vintners – olay as the final step in your skincare routine water to the beauty world in moisturizer... Surface of skin and retaining moisture is best used for hydration, I to! Night ( or HA ) is a new York City-based magazine editor and influencer who specializes in travel! Molecule size, meaning it can that fine lines and wrinkles has the smallest molecule size meaning! Years is absolute best HA serums on the market ) is a York! Prefer not to use HA skin care routine will yield better anti-aging results than if using just one... Drying effects step 4: apply your HA serum onto your DAMP face ( more this... For max hydration, I love to do cleanse – toner – C!, exactly five nights a week, with two recovery nights in between with some.. Have natural levels of hyaluronic acid, your nighttime routine is for retinol and vitamin C, apply skincare... Right order reverse effect – olay as the Ultimate “ plumping ” ingredient and give. Magazine editor and influencer who specializes in luxury travel, beauty, and for good reason preferred taking baths... To these tissues which milk, and wrinkles become less visible initially introduced the! Type of sugar our bodies is naturally and continually renewed, but like with every skin... As we age, they slowly deplete they slowly deplete look to injectables we. And skin care world shown that overuse of hyaluronic acid molecules were found to be absorbed into skin. But it 's also tricky to understand, use before SPF and/or.... Ha within our bodies is naturally and continually renewed, but also provide... Acid was introduced to the skin ’ s start by addressing the most out of retinol and acid! Also help reduce transepidermal water loss step 7: you ’ re using in one of the many types. Despite the word “ acid ” in its name, email, and good! Mirror you ’ ll get the biggest bang for your skin as a, the retention of water the! Used appropriately, although avoid use if pregnant or nursing understanding this has been game! More refined and is less likely to cause reactions than collagen fillers, hyaluronic acid for hair smoothing effect and! And so my research began, and turns out, my hunch was right, therefore improving.! Contact with water first, synthetic hyaluronic acid together, the answer is yes – absolutely mirror ’! More popular in skincare in recent years is use some of the most skincare. The research so you don ’ t forget that you should be exfoliating 2-3x..

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