As these are a block and gummed round all edges, they are ideal for watercolour as the paper does not require stretching, although it could also be used for pastels. I paint on it! More specific pastel papers can be found in Paper Section of the website and which includes the Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Pads which have excellent tooth for using with pastels. ARCHES is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper … Arches watercolor pads contain paper made with natural cotton fibers on a cylinder-mold machine. These referrals help me support this website, and I thank you for any purchase you make through them. Many thanks Will masking come off easily? I use Arches for a lot of painting and almost always for demonstrations. Lovely paper. The Arches paper mill in the Vosges, France, makes high-end papers suitable for all artistic techniques. Paper is still made in the original factory in Lorraine, France. High quality paper, the surface takes wet and drier working well. ideal for indoor and outdoor-or to take on holiday with your sketchbook, First time I have tried it. Overall Feel The block is perfect for anyone not wanting to stretch because of limited space or time or painting outdoors on the move. It’s naturally pure white, with no optical brighteners, made with natural gelatin sizing and pre-stretched. Just the best after trying the rest. Order through our standard Click & Collect service or contact the store teams directly to shop the full in-store range.Please visit the store pages for more details. Many of the world’s leading watercolour artists use Arches papers, yet they’re also excellent for drawing, calligraphy, gouache, printmaking, acrylics and even digital printing. Collect+ Free on orders over £50 From your choice of 7,000 Collect+ points across the UK. Disclaimer: Jennifer Branch Gallery is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 140lb Blocks (300gsm, 20 sheets) - Available in Cold (medium texture), Hot (smooth texture) and Rough … The gummed pads are perfect for me. No Image, Video, Text or Website Design may be used without my written, specific permission. The pad lasts for ages and the paper is excellent quality, it does not buckle. I had not tried this paper before but found it great. Available to collect within 3 working days: £4.95, Republic of Ireland Delivery - Free on orders over 75€ Within 3-5 working days: 10€, International Delivery - Free on orders over 75€ Within 5-7 working days: 10€ or 15€, To return items, please follow the instructions on our return page. I would prefer ***. Arches have been making paper since 1492, so they’ve had plenty of time to get it just about perfect. The sizes are a little different and I bought the smallest block to take travelling. Made in France on a cylinder mould, this paper has a harmonious natural grain. You get what you pay for. Each pad holds 12 sheets of natural white, 140 lb (300 gsm) , 100% cotton paper that is acid-free. The long 100% cotton fibres are evenly distributed, making the paper … Will it resist or soak up water? I love how they respond to the paint and the overall affect. Are they on sale at the Charing Cross Rd store? The paper is ideal for watercolor… Do they come in single sheets? Any other recommendation links I receive no compensation for. The best for watercolour. Frankly, that smell doesn't affect the painting. All ARCHES Fine Art and printing papers are made on a cylinder mould. Arches will not hold up to intense working and layering, but does hold up to a reasonable level of working. Arches is owned by Canson. There's nothing exciting about it, but it usually delivers consistently. If you buy enough paper, you'll end up with some bad batches. Every single sheet is inspected before it leaves the factory, to make sure they’re perfectly consistent. Sometimes I work with difficult papers just because Rough - The rough finish has an effect close to that of handmade paper. It needs to have enough tooth. In these days of super sales and discounts of 50% expected off a artifically high MSRP, it's impossible to give accurate prices. You won't know the sizing is patchy until you're doing a wash and it shows up in blotches of extremely saturated or resistant paper. and natural gelatin sizing. I have been using it for up to 20 years. Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Blocks are available in 3 surface finishes, 2 paper weights, and all in a Natural White shade.

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