In addition, we had created schools' locations map base on the cut-off points to help you choose the schools around your location base on the PSLE scores. They will also need to pass the AEP selection exercise. PSLE is just around the corner (in a month’s time! Parents, make an informed choice with these PSLE cut-off scores as a guide!The post Top Secondary Schools In Singapore 2020 Based On PSLE COP 2019! Top ranking Boys secondary school: Raffles Institution (259), Top ranking secondary school: Dunman High School (255). For instance, for the year 2020 and 2021 for Singapore citizens. The MEP is a 4-year program that enables students with music potential and talent to pursue a comprehensive study. to enhance students’ learning experience. To see how the schools’ positions have changed over this past year, view Secondary School Rankings and PSLE cut-off points for 2018 here PSLE results release date 2020 Here are the Top Secondary School Rankings in Singapore, based on their PSLE cut-off points (COP) for 2019. I have chosen to cut the list off at the COP of 232. Students will go through a 4-year program where they can learn and practice the theory of art, as well as access specialized art equipment, studios, and well-stocked art libraries. The normal public secondary school fees range from only $5 to $25 monthly. This will help your child learn at a suitable pace when they progress to secondary school. Submit a T-Score If you are aware of the highest or average T-scores for a particular school, please enter the scores here and click on the submit button. For instance, Raffles Girls’ School charges $340 monthly and $4,080 annually for the year 2020 and 2021 for Singapore citizens. Similar to AEP, there is no additional fee needed. is lower than 80%, all of these students will get a place in the school. For the GCE ‘O’ level exams, AEP students can use the Higher Art grade as Humanities subject for Junior Colleges’ admission. In an SAP school, some subjects may be taught in Mother tongue language which is Mandarin currently. The AEP specializes in providing an in-depth curriculum for artistically-inclined students with no additional school fee required. These schools usually have some elements of autonomy on how they are operated, which brings a greater flexible system of education. Students will hone their skills in music research, performance, listening, and more. Autonomous schools have higher school fees, in Singapore have a larger autonomy in its own management including. Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Result Academic Excellence Beatty Secondary School has always done well academically. They also obtain funds from fund-raising activities and donations from private sources. The independent schools charge a much higher school fee than Government-aided schools. *SAP = Special Assistance Plan, IP = Integrated Programme, AEP/MEP/LEP = Elective program*Exp = Express, NA = Normal Academics, NT = Normal Technical. Equivalent to ‘A’ level examinations, the. For example, the CHIJ Katong Convent has a prior connection with CHIJ Katong (primary). All local universities do consider all IB diploma applicants subjected to the. Jurong West Secondary School (NT): 125 (+17) Beatty Secondary School (NT): 124 (0) Hillgrove Secondary School (NT): 123 (-2) Pasir Ris Secondary School (NT): 123 (+11) Serangoon … Some secondary schools have affiliation with certain primary schools and junior colleges. There will be specialized facilities like, The Language Elective Programme (LEP) nurtures students to gain. Singapore’s centralized education system has been good at producing academically-oriented students, but it is lacking in creativity, critical thinking areas. At Year 5 and 6 of the secondary course, students will take a combination of Languages, Humanities and Arts, and Mathematics and Sciences. Students who have met the minimum affiliated PSLE score in a primary school can enroll in its affiliated secondary school. There will be slight difference every year depends on the overall aggregate score so take this as a reference, not an exhaustive list. This will be the last year that MOE will use this PSLE COP for secondary school … Changes made to the PSLE scoring system from 2021 will reflect your child's level of achievement through scoring bands. The independent schools in Singapore have a larger autonomy in its own management including curriculum, syllabus, textbooks, fee schemes, student admission, staff recruitment, and more. Canossian Secondary School. List of ‘Top’ Secondary Schools (2018) in Singapore by Cut-Off PSLE aggregate score. Using these simulated PSLE scores and pupils' school choices, MOE simulated their posting outcomes based on the new Secondary 1 posting system and tie … Parents can use this for reference for next year's admission to Secondary School. Nanyang Girls' High School (E) ... Beatty Secondary School (NA) - 167. MEP students can offer Higher Music as an ‘O’ level exam subject in place of a Humanities subject for Junior Colleges’ admission. 1. The independent schools charge a much higher school fee than Government-aided schools. The enrolment process for MEP is similar to AEP where students will apply for it and pass the admission test. © 2020 Integral Learning Academy Pte Ltd All Rights Reserved. All information published are accurate to the best of our abilities. Autonomous schools have higher school fees, charging $18-$30 more monthly. Secondary School Cut Off point for Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal Technical 2020 ( Base on 2019 intake) 0 Comments With PSLE looming next month, students are all geared up to take the most important exams in Primary school.

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