Depends no pesticides like grow indoor perfect. they make me cough every time i hit even a small hit, maybe its the gorilla glue and the Resin in the DRIP? May We Suggest. Can u help me? Does this mean theyre fake ? There are one gram carts!! Is it better to just go straight to forums like this as soon as there is any reasonable doubt? I just got my second cookie cart and after reading this I guess they’re both fake. Flavor is call Gelati. i have been going crazy searching for someone who has these on the streets and its too hard, why is it so hard to find? Anyway I have a cart suspected to be made by cookies, that is flavored (cerial milk) it is a full gram cartridge. Bought them straight from dispensary. Let me tell all y’all something believe it or not all carts u get on the street are fake you do not know what is in the oil of a fake cart and generally it getting a lot of cut mixed with the good stuff so it ends up being like u only got a half gram of actual thc oil n the rest is bullshit I personally sold many of these but don’t anymore after understanding what the truth is, had good ones had bad and many different kinds and brands I’m telling you it’s never ever worth it to use these pens off the street of course it doesn’t matter to you u til your actually having health problems then you’ll be like fuck could had legit real shit and not be a retard it is not really a deal no matter what your dealer says I’m telling u just because it gets you really high even a good fake still has god knows what in it. Only at real shops in CA unfortunately – if you are in San Diego double check it’s a licensed shop, especially in Chula Vista still a lot of fake stuff, Not from a shop it’s probably fake so many fakes out there particularly for Cookies carts, How do I order the real high flyers vape cartriges, Only available at a real shop as everything else is a fake, I have the same one . Learn how your comment data is processed. Fact. To say everyone is smoking poison is a little broad. (Charge it) It’s fake as in it’s not real Cookies brand, but they might put decent oil in the fakes you have. Plastic but the web site shows them as real ones the speckled packaging. Pesticides. Either way Cookies real ones really are not that good. I have what it looks like an authentic coockie cart 1 gram but in the back of the box says “this product can expose u to chemicals including bets-myrcent which I known to cause cancer.” Is it fake or not? please advise, i really do apprecite the oils because when i drive i cant smoke a blunt education purposes. You’re rolling the dice if you don’t know what you’re vaping. $4.49 / ea ($0.28/oz) Add to Cart . We deliver to select parts of California: click here to enter your zip code and we’ll both hope we deliver to your area. The rich taste of pound cake is balanced out with the zingy addition of lemon. In almost ever sense of the word. King’s Pipe Glass Inline Perc Rig Review : Cloudy Yet Smooth Dab Rips, Toko Gold Cartridge Review: Good Oil, Needs Cart Update, Roots Distillate vs Cannavative Live Clear Distillate, CCELL DART-X Review – Same Strong Hits But With More Options, Cannatique Review – Brand Responsible For Several Popular Strains, Stiiizy Silver Line Review – Better Than Stiiizy Distillate Pods, GTI Rythm Pez Vape Pen Review – Complete Vape Pen Setup, Dang it. There is no information indicating that there are fake pods for cookies out there yet. maybe i just got good oil but they got the flavor down too so im confused seem like it was done professionally, I have the supposed fake cookies but everyone loves them. Blasting headaches, nausea. So its fake? And wheezing. What’s the website so I can see for myself cause everywhere else saying fake.

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