So glad you enjoyed it! I glanced at a few reviews and I saw “dark & creepy” so… YAY! But the author is so good, that I bet you felt her ache, didn’t you? There’s quite a few that are not mentioned. All the Pepper Winters I have read are. The writing was also different – written from the point of view of an ‘observer’ of sorts. Or… maybe some of you “dark read veterans” will know exactly what made me sad. Did not like the male MC in some of her other books, but Ryan is hot and likeable. I hope to try some from this post soon. It is plot driven and it is long! She’s kidnapped but she’s not so sure she wants to escape ’cause all she can go back to is abuse. I am also loving this list!! FOOTBALL STAR ALERT!! Sounds good and even better that’s its free considering all the books I have bought recently!!! Husband went and played with his hobby, and I got to indulge in mine. (plus, book #2 has already been released!). Leaving the safety of the United States and handing over all of her rights to her master (legally as per this island) she realizes that her “realistic” fantasies are far from the horrible nightmare she has been forced to submit to. But, I’m wondering if you’ve read the Life of Anna series? The kind of stuff that in real life, would be sheer torture and terror, but in books, we can allow ourselves to look beyond the obvious “crazy” and explore the human need to bond. ‘Cause book #2 is already out (so good!!) ➔ Arranged Marriage? ➔ Brother’s Best Friend? Break Her by B.G. I don’t even want a happy ending. Screaming in Silence is one of my favorites too, as someone else posted. Through her mind?,, Reader Question – The book about the hero that sees his ex-wife at the airport with a 4 year old boy…, Sara Ney – Trophy Boyfriends Series Reading Order, Latest Romance Book Releases – 11-24-2020, Reader Question – The book about the wife that finds divorce papers left accidentally by her husband on the kitchen table…. That’s one of the darkest I’ve read . Just read The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane….LOVED IT!!!!!! Did you miss the new release list this morning?Here it is again ➔ ... See MoreSee Less, Latest Romance Book Releases – 11-24-2020 - Maryse's Book Blog, ➔ Book & Author News This features 2 stories; a criminal alien who comes to earth to kill humans to harvest them for drugs and the alien cop who is chasing him down. Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas Why not now? he’ll, they are all good. Much more “romantic” than some of her other books and I LOVE the male MC in this one! Her Dear and Loving Husband is FREE in the UK at the moment!!!! Another awesome one is Take Me, Break Me by Cari Silverwood. Hey! ➔ Reader Confessions I loved it!!! If you haven’t tried Twist Me by Anna Zaires you need to. The Erotic Dark (A BDSM Erotica Novel) by Nina Lane Just finished Deviant by Natasha Knight – The warning blurb reads OH NO I DID NOT just say that!!! ➔ Office Romance? Who still hitchhikes anymore? Unbelievable. ➔ Broken Book Boyfriends If you like Stockholm syndrome books, read this. My Amazon wishlist is overflowing and I need these dark reads in the middle of super lovey dovey sweet romance books:p Gotta balance it out! You’ve created a monster. The Empathy and Deception series that are co-authored by them cannot be missed! I read that book well into the early morning hours and I remember sitting there after I finished it, unable to go to sleep for a while because it threw me so much. , Okay I just added a few more recommendations that have come from here and Facebook. (check out my BOOK REVIEW). I would definitely include Life of Anna series… of the best Dark read…. Abduction is about Devan, who’s abducted and taken into a remote cabin in the woods. The situation is pretty messed up at first, but it certainly won’t make you feel like you lost your mind and are in serious need of a fluffy romance to recover. To halt the adrenaline surge? (If you don’t see the email, check your spam inbox and mark as an approved sender.). He's so very villain-y...until you find out why. (check out my BOOK REVIEW). Thank you for this list. I’m addicted to the adrenaline rushes of temporary fear. Sooooo good! It’s a dangerous journey of self-discovery on the parts of both Master and slave.” and a different Michele (Michele H) said: “Obsession: Girl Abducted also by Claire Thompson. So, if you are easily offended or have trouble reading about such things as human trafficking, torture, rape, f/f, m/f, etc. I recommend Tiffany Reisz's Original Sinners series all over the place. You will not be disappointed trust me. ➔ Shifters? But… (yep. So the girl goes out and tries to impress him but the boy says something which gets her rattled up can’t remember what basically makes her feel like a kid. But put it down ’cause we’re bored? This one has blood play, knife play, and edgy BDSM scenes. ➔ Friends to Lovers? I didn’t realize I liked books like that. Cold, uncaring professional football player Tripp Wallace would never look twice at a woman like me. This was the real deal and for me this was a dark and compelling read. It is BAD!. Love love love this list, I’ve just bought the 3 I didnt already have. Plus, I’ve read this author before and loved her humor!Book #3 just went LIVE!➔ ... See MoreSee Less, Sara Ney - Trophy Boyfriends Series Reading Order - Maryse's Book Blog, Sara Ney's LATEST IS LIVE!!! Reader Question – The book about the hero that breaks up with the heroine because he thinks she is trying to trap him. She doesn’t speak and she can’t remember anything, but as he helps her heal… things are revealed. I’d like to know your opinion. Oh yah!!! It has a similar feel to it like Tears of Tess….Also Maryse please suggest more books like wanderlust and captive in the dark. It’s been driving me crazy i really want to get my hands on that book. Hi Maryse, can you please recommend a few stockholm syndrome books from here that have a good ending? i know what love is by whitney bianca is a must read..was dark enough for me. This book had a few interesting twists that I didn’t see coming and while a tad confusing at times, I got the “message” loud and clear. That is a great book as well….. (BDB). Just finished “Escape from Paradise” and was absolutely enthralled! ➔ Comedy Romance? Eeeeeeep!!! Have you read Tears for Tess yet?……really great dark read! Deception Series D.H. Sidebottom Her Dear and Loving Husband (The Loving Husband Trilogy) by Meredith Allard In many ways, that's the beauty of fiction. (P.S. ➔ My 4-Star Favorites I *felt* it, yes, but once removed, I cringed for even going there. Great list! Sorry, I meant guilty pleasures. Not sure if anyone read it. These slave-trading monsters kidnap and force others into a life of sexual slavery but within the lap of luxury. My first and will always be my favorite. My friend Michele liked this one, and the premise definitely has my attention. There isn’t an emotion you won’t experience to the max. This one was a tough read, really messed with my head. Amazing book. Living with him in his own “little world” all conveniences of the real world, gone. The Dark Duet series was my first dark and even now I shiver when I think of those books. Dim Romanticism is a scholarly subgenre of Romanticism, reflecting famous interest with the unreasonable, the evil and the unusual.Edgar Allan Poe is regularly celebrated as one of the preeminent types of the custom. Dena: any chance you will put together a list of “dark” reads on your blog? Most of these books come with severe warnings of graphic content. Another handsome young man, infatuated by a beautiful young woman… in an airport. Anyone have a guess?Reader Question – The book about the hero that sees his ex-wife at the airport with a 4 year old boy…➔ ... See MoreSee Less, Reader Question - The book about the hero that sees his ex-wife at the airport with a 4 year old boy... - Maryse's Book Blog, OH THIS SPORTS ROMANCE SERIES sounds like SO much fun (and unique… the sports stars all have something “special” – and not “romance-typical” – about ’em)!!

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