[87] Holliday still concealed the short shotgun under his long jacket. 3, in .44 Russian, but it is not known if that was what he was armed with that day. General firing immediately broke out. Many of the sources describing the events leading up to the gunfight, and details of the gunfight itself, conflict with each other. And many others will take secret delight in learning of his death.”. [98] After shooting Tom, Holliday tossed the empty shotgun aside, pulled out his nickel-plated revolver, and continued to fire at Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton. Remember, this is a real cemetery! Billy Clanton was armed with a Colt Frontier 1873 revolver in .44-40 caliber, which were identified by their serial numbers at the Spicer hearing. Virgil served in the Union Army during the American Civil War and in 1877 became a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory. On July 28, 1880 Wyatt was appointed Pima County Deputy Sheriff. [80], Outside the court house where Ike was being fined, Tombstone Deputy Marshal Wyatt almost walked into 28 year-old Tom McLaury as the two men were brought up short nose-to-nose. Ike testified that he picked up the weapons from William Soule, the jailer, a couple of days later. To Provide against Carrying of Deadly Weapons. You told me these men were disarmed; I went to disarm them. He had left the Cowboys and came toward the Earps, though he looked nervously backward several times. [136] A local company produces daily theatrical re-enactments of the gunfight. Virgil, Morgan, and Holliday were wounded, but Wyatt was unharmed. Tombstone Marshal Virgil Earp played poker with Ike Clanton, Tom McLaury, Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan and a fifth unnamed man in a back room of the Occidental Saloon until morning. [93] Paul Johnson told a different story, that the McLaurys were about to leave for Iowa to attend the wedding of their sister, Sarah Caroline, in Iowa. Wyatt said he also saw Tom throw his hand to his right hip. [9]:180[20] The Earps were Republicans and Northerners who had never worked as cowmen or ranchers. [80][87], When Virgil Earp learned that Wyatt was talking to the Cowboys at Spangenberg's gun shop, he went there himself. In fact, Tombstone, AZ newspaper articles originally published Arizona … Cultural Tours. He took Holliday's walking-stick in return. When the Earps approached the lot, the four law men initially faced six Cowboys: Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, Billy Clanton, Billy Claiborne, Wes Fuller, and Ike Clanton. Corral/Saint Valentine's Day Massacre", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gunfight_at_the_O.K._Corral&oldid=990658031, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Virgil and Morgan wounded, Holliday grazed by bullet; Tom and Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton killed, "Shootout at Fly's Photographic Studio", a, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 19:40. Virgil was incensed. Judge Spicer ruled afterward that "if Thomas McLaury was one of a party who were thus armed and were making felonious resistance to an arrest, and in the melee that followed was shot, the fact of his being unarmed, if it be a fact, could not of itself criminate the defendants [Earps], if they were not otherwise criminated."[115]. William Breakenridge in his 1928 book Helldorado: Bringing Law to the Mesquite described it as "The Incident Near the O.K. [21], The 1931 book Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal was a best-selling biography by Stuart N. Tom McLaury, his brother Frank, and Billy Clanton were killed. [47], A month later, the weekend before the shootout, Morgan Earp was concerned about possible trouble with the Cowboys. Harry Woods, the publisher of the other major newspaper, The Daily Nugget, was an undersheriff to Behan. "[83], At about 1:00 pm, Marshal Virgil and his Deputy Morgan Earp found Ike on 4th Street, still armed, and Virgil pistol whipped him from behind. "[8], To avoid bloodshed, Cowboy Frank Patterson promised Hurst they would return the mules and Hurst persuaded the posse to withdraw. Earp testified that he told Ike he had not told Holliday anything. [8]:4, Virgil initially avoided a confrontation with the newly arrived Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton, who had not yet deposited their weapons at a hotel or stable as the law required. Morgan also occasionally assisted Virgil and at the time of the gunfight was wearing a deputy city marshal's badge and drawing pay. "I had a walking stick in my left hand and my hand was on my six-shooter in my waist pants, and when he said he had disarmed them, I shoved it clean around to my left hip and changed my walking stick to my right hand. [115] Both Virgil and Wyatt stated that Holliday had shot Tom, which the coroner's exam supported. According to one report, Hayhurst was a friend of the Behan family. Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan testified on the third day of the hearing. After he completed his transcription, he kept the original document in his home, where it was destroyed in a house fire.[18]. They were finally reimbursed by Wells, Fargo & Co. later on, but the incident caused further friction between county and federal law enforcement, and between Behan and the Earps. A book by Al Turner purports to include the complete testimonies of the participants, but I also read that the original findings were lost in one of Tombstone's fires", "First action hero: Wyatt Earp was an elderly movie groupie who failed to make it as an extra ...", "Virgil Earp – Upholding the Law of the West", "Was Wyatt Earp a good guy who was both a gambler and a lawman by profession? [60]:123[61] Behan submitted a bill for $796.84 (equivalent to $21,000 in 2019) to the county for posse expenses, but he refused to reimburse the Earps for any of their costs. They portrayed Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury as being unjustly bullied and beaten by the vengeful Earps on the day of the gunfight. "[13], Among the lawmen involved in the O.K. Morgan Earp fired almost immediately, as Billy Clanton drew his gun right-handed. Browse Obituaries and Death Records in Arizona Select a city or town in Arizona from the alphabetized list below. However, on June 6, 1881, Sippy asked for a two-week leave of absence. In mid-April, the Earps left for Colorado, and by July Ringo was back in Tombstone. He asked Doc Holliday to come back to Tombstone from a fiesta celebration in Tucson where Holliday had been gambling. Congratulations 2020 Leaders of the Year!

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