After oil processing by our equipment series CMM in ELKIMA  transformer was successfully tested. African J. of Biotech. Therefore, the total polarization appears replaceable by the molar refraction. In this study, the parallel plates capacitor technique is employed and the dielectric constant of interest is one of the Nigerian vegetable oils known as lophiralanceolata oil (LLO). Examples of dielectrics include air, oil, paper, wax, ceramic, mica, and so on. J. C. Eromosele; C. O. Eromosele, and T. O. Komolafe (1994) Characterization of oils and chemical analysis of seeds of wild plant. This does not mean that they cannot modify the electric field into which they are introduced. Using parallel plates capacitor (10 cm  10 cm) at the mains frequency (50 Hz), the static dielectric constant of lophiralanceolata oil (LLO) was measured at different temperatures. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. With air as dielectric, when K, opened, the capacitor C was charged to maximum voltage V, on the galvanometer was recorded. The dielectrics are mostly useful engineering materials. Dielectric Strength of Transformer Insulating Oil, Oil Purification and Regeneration Equipment. The charge on the plates of a parallel plate capacitor connected to a power supply kept atconstant voltage V with air between its plates is Q, V and the charge with oil between its plates is Q, respectively are the capacities of the capacitor with air and oil between it plates.Taking the ratio of the two charges and noting that the dielectric constant, k of a dielectric between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor is defined as the ratio of the capacity of the capacitor with oil as dielectric between its plates to that with air as dielectric. The process of producing electric dipoles out of neutral atoms and molecules is referred to as polarization. The refractive index changes somewhat with wavelength. A dielectric material or an insulator has no free electric charges (electrons) under normal circumstances. Organizations, research institutes, and universities can join LJP Subscription membership or privileged "Fellow Membership" membership facilitating researchers to publish their work with us, become peer reviewers and join us on Advisory Board. The first testing is considered the trial and its result is ignored. C. O. Eromoseleand N. H. Pascal (2002) Characterization and viscosity parameters of seed oils from wild plants. Subscribers can access journals from our libraries, published in different formats like Printed Hardcopy, Interactive PDFs, EPUBs, eBooks, indexable documents and the author managed dynamic live web page articles, LaTeX, PDFs etc. Dielectric strength of oils is also determined by the dielectric loss tangent or “Tan Delta.”  As stated above, dielectric strength of transformer oil is mainly determined by the presence of acids, water, and other contaminates in the oil. For fixed potential difference between the plates of a capacitor, the charge on the capacitor and its capacitance increase by a factor k while for fixed charge, the electric field intensity and potential difference between the plates decrease by 1/k of their original values before the dielectric is introduced between the plates (Yerima, 1988).The permittivity of the dielectric medium is defined as. Dir. n-Heptane: Flammable. Some of our calculators and applications let you save application data to your local computer. Lean Manufacturing, 2-4. Figure 3 represents the plot of the function against 1/T according to the Clausius-Mosotti or modified Debye equation  where Vm, a and b are constants with , . Schematic diagram for measuring static dielectric constant of LLO, First, a parallel plate capacitor of dimensions 10 cm×10 cm and plates separation of 1 mm was constructed. R. A. Serway (1996) Physics for Scientist and Engineers, 4. printing, Saunders College Publishing, 27. Previous studies have shown that it has some medicinal (David, 2008) and biomass potentials (Samuel and Maimuna, 2007) and its present use as lubricant (David, 2008) in sewing machines in Mapeo village in Ganye Local Govenrment, Adamawa state, Nigeria.

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