We report a study on the recent history of the teaching of linear algebra in and What are the implications for teaching policy and educational reform? Woods & M. Moroney (Eds. purposes. The objective of this conceptual paper was to explore how teachers’ practice was problematised in the field of geography education. Lee S. Shulman builds his foundation for teaching reform on an idea of teaching that emphasizes comprehension and reasoning, transformation and reflection. School subjects come first and academic disciplines later in one’s learning journey from school to university. Accounts of the latter sort normally invoke considerations of a political nature. the field of the history of education in mathematics, and more specifically in the I then speculate about the source of differences between these two groups, arguing that each group brings to these texts a distinctive epistemological stance, one that shapes and guides the meanings that are derived from text. Further, as a curriculum proposal, Hirst's account needs to be underwritten by an account of the purpose of education. The main disparity is to singlepronged approaches, which have been discussed and dismissed in greater detail elsewhere [34]. Throughout these phases, the topics of linear Disciplines are identified with taught subjects. In this article I explore what it means to read a historical text. "This emphasis is justified," he writes, "by the resoluteness with which research and policy have so blatantly ignored those aspects of teaching in the past." En ellos se plantea la relación entre la lectura, la escritura y las matemáticas como objetos de aprendizaje en distintos niveles educativos, así como las diver-sas nociones sobre los conceptos de literacidad y alfabetización. The. There are many criteria and characteristics which indicate whether a subject a distinct discipline (Biglan, 1973). Barbara S. Stengel (1997): 'Academic discipline' and, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/002202797183928. In what terms can these sources be conceptualized? Implications for research and practice are discussed. Hence, with our perspective directed towards subjectivity in the context of post-structural and political-curricular thinking, based on Laclau’s theory of discourse, we discuss the possibility of thinking about the subjectivity of a community, in this case the school subject community, or its subjectivations. This paper argues that Einstein subscribed to three distinct kinds of interpretations of the quantum theory: subjective, instrumental, and hidden variables interpretations. It is suggested that academic discipline and school subject may be thought of as continuous, discontinuous, or different but related (in three variations). Research in geography didactics and curriculum making are two fields that have been relevant to build the understanding on teachers practice in geography. Therefore, we consider it relevant to reconceptualize Goodson´s school subject community category, or even enact its deconstruction, to the extent that we propose to include other subjectivity senses through post-structural theory. But every subject taught at school or at university cannot be called a discipline. Academic disciplines and school subjects are received high attention in the curriculum re-framing of B Ed course in India.. NCTE demands teacher education curriculum should signify the academic disciplines and school subjects. The most common assumption about the origin of knowledge for teaching is the one Shulman presents, namely, that scientiic disciplines are transformed into school subjects, ... Para Stengel (1997) una relación continua entre las asignaturas y las disciplinas académicas la ejemplifi ca la propuesta del Consejo Nacional de Maestros de Matemáticas de Estados Unidos (NCTM, por sus siglas en inglés), que postula que los estudiantes de los ciclos pre- universitarios aprenden los mismos principios y conceptos que maneja la comunidad disciplinar, aunque sean conocimientos de menor com- plejidad.

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