Durkheim’s sociology was concerned with the effects of the decline of traditional rituals and community during the transition from traditional to modern societies. educative post, it has assisted me, thanks. New York: Academic Press. Your email address will not be published. He considered education - • “to be essentially social in character and in its functions and that as a result the theory of education relates more clearly to sociology than any other science”. He argues that educational credentials, such as college diplomas, are primarily status symbols rather than indicators of actual achievement. Education plays a significant function in the maintenance of the modern democratic and technocratic society. Garden City, NY: Doubleday. Most important, functionalism stresses the processes that maintain social order by stressing consensus and agreement. Let us now examine some of the significant functions of education. For example, the number and productive capacity of engineering firms are limited by the number of engineers produced by education. For each subject studied the child is compared with the companions by percentage of marks or rankings. Equality of educational opportunity. Other values and orientations relevant to the functioning of industrial society are also provided by education. Whereas functionalists emphasize cohesion in explaining social order, conflict sociologists emphasize struggle. Without such an analysis, one cannot know what is; and without knowing what is, one cannot make what ought to be a reality. This educational pattern necessitated the formulation of reform programs to ensure equality of opportunity. The sociological approach to education is crucial because it provides conclusions based on focused and tested observations. Functionalists tend to assume that consensus is the normal state in society and that conflict represents a breakdown of shared values. Though the school has its own limitations in this regard, it is expected to continue its efforts in reforming the attitudes of the child. Goffman, E. (1959). The interaction of those social forces with the interior organization of college is explored so as to seek out out the social determines of educability.What is Sociology, The scope of sociology of education is vast. Even though functionalist theorists disagreed on the causes of academic failure, they vigorously believed that the solutions to both educational and social problems were possible within the capitalist social structure. Share Your Essays.com is the home of thousands of essays published by experts like you! Interactionist theories about the relation of school and society are critiques and extensions of the functionalist and conflict perspectives. First, a major research tradition that has emerged from the Weberian school of thought is represented by Randall Collins. The sociological date will help in Education is a subsystem of the society . For many sociologists of education, this response has weakened the scientific base of educational research. The school and other institutions have come into being in place of family to complete the socialisation process. American Journal of Sociology, 83, 340–363. The evolution of educational thought (P. Collins, Trans.). Rist, R. (1970). Functionalist theory was the dominant paradigm in sociology and the sociology of education until the 1960s. Today, the sociology of education is at a crossroads. sociology give direction to educational policy makers. Ray Rist has provided some of the most important insights on the ways in which school processes affect educational achievement. Durkheim, É. Weber, M. (1978). What do students and teachers actually do in school? For various reasons the child may have absorbed a host of attitudes, beliefs and disbeliefs, loyalties and prejudices, jealousy and hatred, etc. Although Karl Marx (1818–1883) did not write a great deal about education, he is the intellectual founder of the conflict school in the sociology of education. Therefore, functionalists examine the specific purposes of schooling and their role in society. Meyer, J., & Rowan, B. He argued that interactionism has provided important understandings of the way in which the everyday workings of schools, including teacher and student interactions, labeling, and linguistic discourse, are at the root of unequal educational outcomes. Peter Worsley has spoken of a few more functions of education. Sadovnik, A. R. 1. It promotes research studies related Functionalists argue that inequality was functional and necessary in all societies, as it ensures that the most talented individuals will fill the functionally most important positions. The achievement ideology disguises the “real” power relations within the school, which, in turn, reflect and correspond to the power relations within the larger society. Thus, in modern societies, education becomes the key institution in a meritocratic selection process. London: Sage. The school’s ranking system serves to prepare for a later ranking system. 6)It prepares the teacher to be a trained agent in the society. London: Collier-Macmillan. social process and may eliminate the social defects. Philosophers of all periods, beginning with ancient sages, devoted to it a great deal of attention. Through an examination of the relationship between society and schools, sociologists have uncovered how educational processes affect the way people think, live, and work; their place in society; and their chances for success or failure.

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