To plant and grow herbs in the garden, you will need: Improve your soil prior to planting with organic matter:Scotts Performance Naturals™ Soil Improver or Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics Vegetable & Herb Mix. Think about how you use herbs … Dry – either air dry by hanging in bunches upside down or you can use the oven on a very low temp. On Gardening Australia Generally Allium species thrive in a sunny well-drained position. f) Place the plant in the hole. ]]>*/, Evergreen Garden Care Australia, Propagate by gathering offsets and bulbils or from seed. Warm and oozing with sweetness, perfectly ripe... Sign up to our newsletter and get expert gardening tips, advice, and inspiration. Garden care. [CDATA[/* >*/ The right location is key when plotting your patch. h) Water generously with Scotts Osmocote® Boost+Feed Vegetables, Tomatoes & Herbs to settle it in. If you can see lots of roots circling around the base of the pot, use a knife to make three to four shallow vertical cuts at the base of the root ball to encourage the roots to grow out.

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