If you don’t, you could end up throwing away your hard earned money. To clarify, in standard honey the antibacterial activity is due to hydrogen peroxide, which is a very well-known antiseptic. Please click here for some more information. As the blood flow is exposed – you will need to avoid this “fizzing” in case it bothers the horse, so focus on “Non-Peroixide Activity levels. As the UMF level of certification increases upto say UMF 25+, which is really quite rare, the proportion of Methylglyoxal is (somewhat lower). Please feel free to leave any comments, tips or advice regarding honey or any sweeteners in the comments below. The medicinal quality of manuka honey isn’t a huge concern if you’re using manuka honey non-medicinally. Not all manuka honey has NPA. What is Manuka Honey and Why is it Special? The #1 take home advice is to make sure that the wound gets 100% coverage. Many customers over pay for their Manuka Honey simply because they don’t know which products are authentic and genuine and worth the extra price. UMF grades start at 5+ and go as high as 25+ and MGO starts at 30+ and goes above 800+. So if you have any comments, please comment to us and we will come back to you on that. For non-medicinal applications the antibacterial strength of the manuka honey isn’t as important. 1) Deal only with Authentic Manuka Producers. I am really sorry to hear that you much loved horse has a large injury. So, if you’re using it medicinally, the lowest grade you should be looking for is UMF 10+. What is UMF? In these cases, it doesn’t hurt to have honey with antibacterial activity, but it’s not required. Which manuka grading system is best for me? The two broad categories I lump these uses into are: I categorize non-medicinal uses for manuka honey as uses that do not require meaningful levels of antibacterial activity. I am Bill Gluyas and in an earlier video I mentioned the relationship between the compound Methylglyoxal referred to on some Manuka Honey labels as MGO and the longer standing method of interpreting the antimicrobial activity of Manuka Honey, UMF or Unique Manuka Factor. You may have answered that and I missed it, but I was just wondering. UMF and MGO are the most commonly used grading systems that convey the medicinal quality of the manuka honey. If I wanted to buy off the internet as the vet charges such a lot what exactly am I looking for say in a jar of this honey. Yes, sadly there are lots of fakes out there and when you are dealing with an injury the risk of bacterial infection is a real concern. Yes, genuine Manuka Honey is expensive. If you use manuka honey externally (say, as a salve for a wound), the honey doesn’t get diluted very much if at all, so it retains its full antibacterial strength. Is this honey special due to a certain type of bee, location, plant, or is it unknown? In these cases you’ll be fine with a KFactor or Bio Active manuka honey. If the manuka honey doesn’t have the required level of antibacterial activity, it’s not going to be effective. Your email address will not be published. Those rules of thumb should give you a pretty good idea which grade of manuka honey will suit you best. It makes sense that they would, to ensure pure product with high levels of helpful compounds. There is a difference between preventing bacterial growth and killing bacteria outright. When shopping around on the internet the #1 issue is actually FAKES. Don’t get me wrong, there are higher grades of manuka honey that are objectively ‘better’ because of their strong antibacterial activity. I never even knew they had a rating system for honey. All information on this website is of a general nature only. Here’s how the grading systems compare to each other: Choosing a grade of manuka honey isn’t an exact science but here are some rules of thumbs you can use when choosing a grade of manuka honey: As I mentioned previously, if you’re using manuka honey non-medicinally, it’s not essential that it has antibacterial activity. The UMF rating system tests the level of antibacterial performance of raw Manuka honey and compares it to a known disinfectant – phenol. Having said that, I would still recommend sticking to a raw manuka honey, as raw manuka honey has higher levels of beneficial enzymes and antioxidants. I would argue that there isn’t really one best manuka honey for everyone. If you would like to know more information about the amazing befits of Manuka Honey, please click here. Capilano (AUS) are the #1 by sales volume and total litres sold, but they are generally products with a lower activity or rating level (mass market leader). Do you use Manuka Honey or are you thinking of using Manuka Honey? It’s just not a one size fits all kind of thing. Lastly, please take a look at I have a soft spot for raw honey and this product is a very high quality product. Now today, I have drawn a small graph, its just indicative only. See its requirements in Table IV or V below, with a minimum total score of 90 points. Good article, every time I come here, I learn something new . Many thanks. If that wound is infected, spring for the high grade stuff. Try make sure it’s raw manuka honey, though. In order for a jar of Manuka Honey to be considered “active”, it must have a UMF of 10+ (source: Aliveplushoney, 2017). This chart will help you next time you go to make a purchasing decision, because you will know that the higher number is worth the extra money. P. acnes has been shown to be susceptible to manuka honey’s antibacterial activity even with a grade of UMF 10+. UMF is a measure of how effective it is against certain bacteria. The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions and research of australianrawhoney.com, unless otherwise noted. from the tables below. It’s a colour grading chart @Dee, very subjective for the judges, they can choose to adhere to it or just use there rough eye… i.e. If you ingest the honey, that’s a different story. Or if you think that other people could be interested in this explanation, please feel welcome to share this with other people. In order to get the benefits of the higher Activity level unique to Manuka Honey, you need to purchase honey that has a UMF of at minimal of 5 or a MG / MGO of close to 80+. The trademark owners are Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. Industry competitors often use the generic term MG to represent the levels of Methylglyoxal found in their honey. 5) Price. Join us as we attempt to explain the two most common rating systems used to identify the quality level of Manuka Honey. These include: the key markers of Leptosperin, Hydroxymethylfurfural (DHA) and Methylglyoxal. UMF stands for “Unique Manuka Factor” and is a grading system developed by the UMF Honey Association in New Zealand. There’s a big difference between high quality and low quality manuka honey, both in effectiveness and in price. There are a ton of different uses for manuka honey backed both by hard scientific research and ancient wisdom. Not only do you have to navigate the various grading systems and different quality grades within those systems, but you also have to know which grade is best for your intended use. Grades of Extracted Honey. A quality Manuka Honey Rating System would definitely help people out here. It must be a stressful time for you and the family knowing a beloved pet is hurting so much.

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