Using these assumptions, this deck has 46 mana sources. I like to put at least 10 ramp sources in every deck, by ramp I mean cards that actually put you ahead on mana, rather then fix , or put into your hand. What would I need to change? Cantrips: Wall of Omens, Gitaxian Probe, Ponder, Brainstorm, Scout’s Warning. For colors I count Fellwar Stone and Exotic Orchard together as one source of any color. Counterspell and Mana Drain would require at least 30 blue sources which is utopian in a deck that also wants to cast Land Tax turn one. Some decks can get away with sub 8 sources, only running the most efficient/effective types, some need much more because they want to be casting higher CMC spells, and need the extra oomph to keep up to the value engines of lower curved decks. I assume you want to get 4 mana on turn 4 with 90% or higher probability. What have we learned here? The weird duals (River of Tears, Nimbus Maze) and filter lands are also considered full sources for each of their colors. Click here to visit Desktop version. Mana Myr, [[Opaline Unicorn]], [[Scuttlemutt]], [[Workhorse]], [[Burnished Hart]], [[Solemn Simulacrum]]. Usually you'd want about 50% of your deck to be lands/ramp and to have at least 10 draw cards. Usually I cast him after Ephara, thus the requirements are slightly lower. The downside is that you have to mulligan more. You can also try running some pseudo-ramp like [[Black Market]] [[Bubbling Muck]] [[Dark Ritual]] but I try to stay away from one-shot spells like the latter two. After a mulligan, you scry a land to the top and a spell to the bottom, if you have less than 4 lands in hand. At last, I want to thank the friends that commented, proofread and encouraged me for this article. With 37 lands, that leaves you with 32 cards (not including your commander) for your primary game plan. Sadly, there is not an easy way to calculate the odds for multicolored spells. This is without muligans. Let’s look at one of my decks. I did neither consider your chances after mulligans to less than 5 cards, nor the chances with bad 5-card hands (0,1,5 lands). But this will be a bit different. You need 19 green sources to cast your rampant growth with 90% reliability. 10 ramp, 10 draw is pretty much where you wanna be. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, So you see, it depends a lot on the rest of the Deck. If you have a low curve reduce the number, if you want to cast big spells increase it. I run around 10 ways of getting mana/mana rocks on top of 35-38 lands. I hope this article helps you develop your mana bases. I think it works well enough in linear or midrange creature decks where you can be sure of your next 3 turns ahead of time – regardless of what your opponents are doing, but at least in the meta’s I’ve played in, I can think of plenty of 3-mana rocks I would prefer to play. We can determined that including 13 pieces of ramp, by turn 2 you'd have a 73.4% chance of getting one. As is paying for double color costs like Counterspell or Mana Drain on turn two. The density of fetchlands is much lower in Commander. I also count Sunscape Familiar since casting Ephara is the important part. So using a hyper geometric caluclator: An interesting finding is that you have to mulligan 7-card hands that contain only two lands. And mirrorworks. Play at least 40 mana sources, 46 is probably a good number. Burnished Hart - Gatherer, MC, ($)Isamaru, Hound of Konda - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrecOmnath, Locus of Mana - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrecOpaline Unicorn - Gatherer, MC, ($)Rhys the Redeemed - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrecScuttlemutt - Gatherer, MC, ($)Solemn Simulacrum - Gatherer, MC, ($)Talrand, Sky Summoner - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrecWorkhorse - Gatherer, MC, ($)Call cards (max 30) with [[NAME]]Add !!! Port town is an option as well. Let’s say you want to play Atraxa on turn 4 with 90% reliability. I used spells like twin cast and reverberate + Narset's reversal to pull off some really wacky combos. In general, building a reliable mana base is not trivial. It depends on the type of deck, curve, cmc really. You cannot just copy someones landcount. The vivid lands are counted as a source of any color. You can fiddle with that number depending on the Deck. And acquire. Ramp and card draw are much better tools than running even more lands. Since this allows for more greedy mulligans, I changed the mulligan strategy as well. After x number of mana rocks and ramp cards the quality starts dipping drastically. To do that with 90%+ certainty I would need 20 untapped sources for either color. If you want to play around with the numbers or have a better look at my calculations here is the link to the Excel Sheet. 16 lands produce white, 17 produce blue and 16 produce black. At first, I wanted to be lazy and just use the great work of Frank Karsten[1][2]. You may have noticed that I did not account for Card Selection and Cantrips in this calculations. When I say mana rock I mean cards like Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Mana Crypt, Ravnica signets, Darksteel ingot, Coalition Relic etc. I hope this thread can be used to discuss the ratio of mana rocks to other types of cards in different deck archetypes such as aggro, combo, control etc. In my Storm deck I run every rock that makes more mana than it costs plus Gilded Lotus (because that goes infinite with Deadeye and Conscripts). If you want to be copying a bunch of extra turn spells though, that's going to cost more mana, so I would try for around 14 as a baseline and go up/down from there as needed. There are five green ramp spells which I count as a full mana source as well as 4 mana rocks which I count as 0,75 sources. It's hard for me to run many mana rocks because this deck is going to be heavily creature based, but I feel like any good EDH deck needs ramp and without access to green, we need to use rocks to pump mana quickly. Furthermore, all your sources should produce colored mana, since colorless cannot be used to cast your commander. Furthermore they might compete for the turn two mana with my colorless mana rocks which I need to cast before colorless spells. Teferi and Tezzeret love things that tap for 2 or more mana. It is probably useful to count Ponder and Brainstorm as simple cantrips as well. Well, in the general case... there is no general case. I think the general rule of thumb is like 36-40 lands and around 8ish~ mana rocks. This allows you to cast the green ramp spells with high reliability (~95%).

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