After Catra explains the situation to Adora, she and her fiends learn trough Catra's translations that the creature's name was Melog, it's the last of its kind the First Ones were mining for Krytis' magic just like on Etheria, and that magic itself is Horde Prime's weakness. As Adora arrives, Shadow Weaver removes her mask and looks on at the two women. Adora and Glimmer continued to fight, because of their inability to agree on how to deal with the Horde to the point were Glimmer blames Adora for her mother's fate which breaks Adora's heart. Since She-Ra was the only one who could absorb the full power of the Heart only she could go, despite Catra's and everyone else's protestations. Exemplified in "The Portal" she is momentarily shocked to learn that he is the Bright Moon Castle Royal Historian, and later, when confessing to her friends, she states that she's proud of him, and knows that his fathers are too. Knowing that she may not survive she decided her sacrifice would be better than Prime getting access to the Heart. As Shadow Weaver's influence waned, Adora became caring and regretful; she adamantly disagreed with how the Etherians were being treated. When She met the intergalactic tyrant for the first time, he revealed that he is an ancient enemy of her people, the First Ones. She makes peace with it and prepares to sacrifice herself, but Catra refuses to leave, and stays with her as she goes to her death. She is now wearing long white pants and boots with gold wing decals (representing Glimmer), Her shirt more now looks more like a blouse with a long back and red inside, the shirt also sports a heart outlined in gold (representing Bow), her golden tiara is significantly changed to look more like Catra's former mask (representing Catra). They lost track of Spinnerella but found out that Scorpia returned to the Fright Zone. Adora's willingness to follow Shadow Weaver's plan despite the high risk of her own death, leaves Catra angry and hurt. This halts the destructive wave of energy that was tearing up the planet's crust just before it reaches the princesses who were cowering before the previously chipped Etherians. Once healed though it doesn't take Catra long to back slide into her old self much to Adora's annoyance, but once Adora reveals during an argument that she never hated Catra even after everything she has done, we see a much softer side to the Cat Girl. While the clones took Adora to Prime the other three split up, communicating with radio-enabled earpieces. Catra fears that the effort will kill her, but Shadow Weaver accepts that it is too late for her and tells Catra how proud she is of both Catra and Adora. Adora met Razz shortly after she defected from the Horde. When it is revealed that He-Man is her twin brother she is amazed. As this happens, Bow and Glimmer come after her and assure her that they will accompany her to the Heart, which cheers her enough to be able to recall the She-Ra form once again. As of Season Five Catra is now a member, who was welcomed with open arms, despite past grudges, as all has been forgiven. Light Hope brought Adora into Etheria by a portal from another place which the First Ones had come from. Shadow Weaver, not being accepted, being alone, Light Hope, Catra being evil She-Ra cries when she finds out what happened when she was taken from her true family, and she and He-Man hug., After Adora came through the portal, Lord Hordak found her and took her away to become a Horde Soldier. Catra and Hordak flee before her, and Shadow Weaver and Glimmer work together to transport her and everyone else back to Bright Moon. At the time of the twins' birth, the Evil Horde had tried to invade Eternia. She-Ra tells him about the woman she saw in the sword. Alias And, as Catra puts it, they're both 'gullible and easy to manipulate', remarking that they're 'perfect' for each other. Adora invites Melog to come with them to Etheria and thanks to Catra's suggestion had Melog use it's magic to cloak the ship and go through the Horde blockade. Rank Shadow Weaver begs Catra to leave and get Adora. She has become the Horde's number one enemy since she defected and joined the Rebellion. After Glimmer completed the quest they returned to the castle to make Glimmer's ascension to the throne official. Glimmer, however, is sick with a curse, and Adora goes to The Beacon to get Light Hope's help to learn healing to save her. However, he is still shown to be chivalrous and kind towards her and attempts to get to know her. With Horde Prime having turned the First Ones defense systems against Adora and severely wounding her, Catra holds off a First Ones' guardian while Shadow Weaver ushers Adora toward the Heart of Etheria to activate the fail-safe. This de-activated Light Hope, but not before the A.I. Everyone worked together, learned to trust a bit more and got the thulite. Adam confronts them, Bow joins him and they beat the Troopers. She-Ra and Netossa attacked Spinnerella while the rest handled the bots. Blue Adora next to the holographic recording of Mara. Believing she was preforming her last act, Catra apologizes to Adora via a transmission, for everything that she had done. With the Queen safe, Adora feels she can now leave them and return to Eternia. A line of toys that were debuted in 2008 to be sold exclusively on Mattel's collector website. In the latter, when she is prevented from transforming into She-Ra, which would allow her to survive using the Failsafe, Adora opts to use it anyway, even rebuking Catra’s support at first, but she has been infected long enough that she cannot use the Failsafe at all. On 2016, she was recruited by Big Hit through the audition "2016 Next New Creator". He can sense when she is in distress. Upon reaching the fail-safe, which was inside a giant crystal tower, Shadow Weaver instructed Adora to open it with the password "Friends of Mara". During the season finale, Entrapta took Adora and her party to a First Ones' temple at the center of Beast Island were she discovered the First Ones' plan to use the Heart of Etheria against their enemies, and that She-Ra is the key to activating and firing the weapon. In fact, since becoming She-Ra, she has gained a notable martyr complex. A great sadness fell upon the Kingdom of Eternia at the loss of the Princess. Adora prepares to become She-Ra to destroy it, but is unable to do so due to the infection setting into her wounds from Horde Prime's virus. She-Ra form unstable due to Adora being distracted. When she defected from the Horde, Lord Hordak wanted to move on from this and find another Force Captain -Catra- to take her place. Shadow Weaver opened the secret entrance within Mystacor. She-Ra rejoined the group with an unconscious Catra.

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