Great. Step 2: Cleaning and Sorting Blueberries. Turn on cold water and gently rinse blueberries in strainer. Soak for a minute or two. It certainly seems faster. Others may prefer to skip the steps highlighted above and jump right to the commercial solution from the start, and that’s perfectly fine. Let the strainer sit under water while you check for any more stems, bugs, etc. Then add a teaspoon of baking soda. Fill a large bowl with water. Scrub with a brush. Although you may try to avoid the use of a commercial carpet cleaner on your blueberry stain, sometimes it does become necessary to use. Dried blueberries can be stored in a clean plastic bag or jar in a cool, dark area, and away from heat. After that, blot the mushrooms dry with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Want to know how to dry your blueberries in the oven? For other veggies. Dried blueberries will last up to a year. How to store blueberries so they don't turn to moldy mush. How to clean Blueberries: Wait to wash berries until you are ready to eat them. The following are steps to help you dry your blueberries. You can also store dried blueberries in the freezer. Now there are two things you need to know: 1. Once you have them picked and in your kitchen, then you’ll skip the washing process. After your blueberries have drained in the strainer, gently dump them onto the dish towel and spread them out to a single layer. Prepare a cookie sheet (one that has raised sides) by putting a clean dish towel over the top. Blueberry Cleaner/sorter: Anyone who has cleaned blueberries knows that it's a tedious job, sometimes taking longer than the actual picking. Like I mentioned before, we love berries…all of them…strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. However, to clean mushrooms thoroughly, you can gently scrub mushrooms using a mushroom brush and then rinse them quickly under running water. I thought this would be a good method of preserving them if you are in a real rush, or if you don’t mind having to clean up your blueberries when you go to use them. Our family will knock down a bowl of berries in two seconds flat, plus we love them on cereal, salads and in smoothies. This blueberry cleaner/sorter doesn't clean them completely but it does a lot of the work and saves a lot of time. Most stems should have fallen off on their own. Put blueberries into a strainer and check for any stems. So you’ll begin this process by picking the blueberries. Blueberries are grown in sandy fields, so you definitely want to rinse them. And finally, … So you got your hands on a pint of juicy, gem-like blueberries from the farmer's market? Add the veggies.

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