Over the years, companies across the world have copied this tea. Brodies Tea is popular with visitors to Scotland. Despite an ingrained curiosity about things that are new to me, I can also be stubborn when it comes to food and drink. Then, you will discover the real flavor of each tea. Soft water is predominant in Scotland, so a stronger tea blend had to be developed to overcome the challenges with steeping a decent cup. In the spirit of experimentation I went out this morning and bought some Whittard of Chelsea English Breakfast Tea, in order to compare mug-for-mug with my beloved Scottish Breakfast blend. A perfect example is the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church in Pai... Hello dear reader,  I'm grateful for those still enjoying this blog of Scotland adventures after so many years. © Blogger template 'Isolation' by Ourblogtemplates.com 2008. Queen Victoria, fond of all things Scottish, popularized the blend in England. Sometimes I come across a building that doesn’t seem to suit its name. Scottish Blend was introduced in 1990 and is among Scotland's favorite brands of tea. Being a black tea… Perhaps I should have sampled them both with a massive big fry up, which is the traditional way to drink breakfast teas. "There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter. Available in distinctive drums,  It eventually became known as breakfast tea. There should be a word for a saga which time has faded into myth and obscurity. Now available worldwide, Scottish Blend is increasingly popular throughout the world. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. He was one of the first to create a specific brand of tea that would be the same everywhere it was sold. To enter this giveaway, please leave a tea-themed comment below before Saturday, 29 May. Brodies is still a family business and has been importing and blending tea since 1867. To determine what you prefer, first take a sip of the tea without milk or sugar. As such, it gives me enormous pleasure to offer a giveaway for tea lovers. With images like Braveheart, Loch Ness, bagpipes and kilts, Scotland occupies a mythic place in the minds of many. Today, Brodies still produces tea in Scotland. I started with Earl Grey, then moved on to the citrus laced tang of Lady Grey. The Scottish Breakfast Tea has that fragrance I mentioned early - the light and heady, almost malty flavour. Scotland's relationship with tea started in the early 1600s, when it was formally introduced to the country. Scottish Breakfast: Scottish Breakfast is a full-bodied black tea with a malty flavor best served with sugar and milk, and tends to be the heartiest of the bunch, possibly due to Scotland’s soft water. English Breakfast is a tea blend, supposedly created by Robert Drysdale, a Scottish tea merchant and manufacturer in 1892. After around three minutes, very carefully turn the bread over with a spatula and fry for a further three minutes on the second side. As usual this giveaway is airmail friendly, and you can also enter if you do not have a blog. The Scottish Breakfast Tea has that fragrance I mentioned early - the light and heady, almost malty flavour. Two mugs of strong tea later my head feels slightly swollen by caffeine, but I can tell you that yes, there is a difference. Queen Victoria, fond of all things Scottish, popularized the blend in England. As dairy products are a major part of the Irish economy, most people drink tea with milk. Its conjecture, but perhaps the water in Scotland demanded a stronger tea. To the winner of this prize I will also include a single packet of Whittard of Chelsea English Breakfast Tea, in case you wish to repeat my double-mug tea experiment. I must admit I have not tried the three other flavours. Scotsman James Taylor is known as the father of Ceylon tea. I have a procured a special gift box from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company, entitled. Many years ago, before we had the … However, the story of breakfast teas is much longer. Thomas Lipton opened his first grocery shop in Glasgow, Scotland in 1871.

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