The oil needs to burn in an absence of oxygen as much as possible. Let the cast iron stay in the piping hot oven for 20 minutes and then turn off the heat. I use corn oil, but peanut oil, canola, crisco, butter, or lard should work just as well. For this step you'll need some high flashpoint oil. Cast iron and steel cookware are wonderful, durable, and ubiquitous. Make sure the oil you choose is not salted or flavored. I will show you how to season your cookware in a normal oven. However, if you’re on a seasoning mission, it’s time to proceed to phase two. The oldest was made by Sheffield Forge in 1861. To season a steel or cast iron pan - clean the pan well of any manufacturing residue wipe dry and put it in an oven at 200-250F. Don't open the oven after turning the heat up! Open the windows. You will get some on your hands if you do it right. Reply You can put on almost 4 layers in an hour, and give it a final hardening bake of 20 min before turning the oven off. 12 years ago If you use the solid stuff, you'll need an oven mitt you can wash or else don't care about. Pull your pans out and unless you're using solid oil (butter, crisco, lard), you should let them cool until you can touch them without getting burned. The pans should be REALLY DRY before the next step. Heat your pan to a high temperature before you start cooking, and then back it down to the desired heat. the burned oil imparts no flavor to the food, and remains as a non stick surface. I suggest staying in the same room to be sure everything is ok fire wise. It should be a good amount, just short of too much. Normally I wouldn't use soap on cast iron (gross right?!) Steel cookie sheets benefit from a thick carbon layer while cast iron needs a relatively thin one. Steel bakeware and cast iron of all types should be seasoned to create a safe and non-stick cooking surface. Just like cast iron, carbon steel needs to be seasoned—this is the process that polymerizes fats heated in the pan and bonds them to the cooking surface, forming a coating that protects against rust and helps food release more easily. You should clean your pan like this after every use. I have always felt that beef lard works best for seasoning. Scrub the pan in soapy hot water with rough steel wool or (for really tough rust) sand it with wet/dry sandpaper. It takes just a single application of oil for a new pan to be slick enough for … on Introduction. Keep an eye on it, and be ready to unplug the smoke detector because that burning oil is going to make quite a bit of smoke. but would instead clean it with hot water and a coarse steel scrubber. If the surface is severely pitted then sanding should help. on Introduction. To dry I use a towel and then I put into a 400 degree oven for maybe 10 minutes while it preheats. I'm curious about one thing -- why the need for high heat and multiple coatings? I'm on the fourth pass and it looks beautiful, all shiny and hopefully non-stick. on Introduction. Don't use soap. I'm doing this to my wok right now. This forms a protective layer of carbon on the metal. Seasoning your cast iron or carbon steel wok creates a patina, or a protective coating inside of the pan. on Introduction. The perfume oils from dish soap can soak in to the carbon layer like nasty water into a sponge. 10 years ago The first step is to clean off the cookware. Learn more about the carbon steel skillets from Blanc Creatives Give it an oil coat If you don’t need to season your skillet, simply wipe it with a light coating of vegetable oil on a paper towel and put it away. Make sure that you wash the factory preservative oil off of all the surfaces of the cookware to be seasoned A steel baking pan requires less time in the oven, but must also be cleaned of any rust or stuck on stuff. A steel baking pan requires less time in the oven, but must also be cleaned of any rust or stuck on stuff. 10 years ago The good news is that seasoning carbon steel is quick and easy. Don't use too much oil, you'll be disappointed with the results. Get your mitt on and go to town! Don't leave puddles! on Introduction. The high heat breaks down the oil much like burning except less so. Share it with us! 7 – Re-Seasoning the Carbon Steel Pan Outside on a Grill Burner I moved my pan outside and put about 4 potato skins, 3/4 cup of Kosher Salt and about 1.5 cups or so of 100% Flaxseed oil in the pan. Get some oil on to a paper towel and rub it into the metal. Turn on the fans. I've been looking around for a while on how to season cast iron cookware and this seems to be the best way to do it. A note on hygiene and cast iron cookery: Always rinse your pan out before use, scrub if necessary. NEVER PUT HOT CAST IRON INTO WATER! You don't have to remove every bit of black carbon, but if your pan has a bad soapy flavor, you probably should. Then, remove it using oven mitts and rub the inside with a paper towel coated in oil. Interesting instructable! Lemon juice and tomatoes are acidic foods, and will strip away your non stick surface. Still great cast. In about ten minutes after turning the heat off you can put on some mitts and pull out the pans. 12 years ago Correction here…in the video, I said olive oil…I should have said Flaxseed oil. Whether washing or sanding, the surface should feel smooth as cloth when clean. 4 or 5 layers should be enough to give your bakeware a long lasting non-stick surface. Before we start seasoning though, we have to be sure to remove whatever the ages may have deposited on the cookware. Scrub the pan in soapy hot water with rough steel wool or (for really tough rust) sand it with wet/dry sandpaper.

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