Didn't know. There are 3983 ship furniture for sale on Etsy, and they cost $42.62 on average. http://www.shipgreyhound.com/e/Pages/faq.aspx#Ship_Q14. What company do I use? Or sign up to be notified when we get new pieces in —-> http://eepurl.com/cskAHf, Since we refinish Furniture, we most likely won’t find the exact same piece again. While it is focused on shipping in the USA, the methods of shipping, the way to package, and the tactics are the same! I've seen other sellers use grey hound. Learn more. Payments must be received within 24 hours of sale date. Although I don't sell furniture, I have always been so curious about this! Great! I remember with the chairs the price was only $25. Did you crate the dresser yourself or did you use a service? I'm fairly new to the whole furniture shipping business - my work has been sold locally so far. Or you could print it off at home.-I purchased the first version of this ebook. I shipped these from North Idaho to Pheonix, it only took about 5 days. Can you look at other listings? (Use code ETSY10 to get 10% off your order through the link below)-CLICK THIS LINK TO PURCHASE THE LATEST VERSION with free access to any UPDATES of How to Ship Furniture with 13 new video tutorials and a new ebook** www.arayofsunlight.com/how-to-ship-furniture-guide ** If you purchase here on Etsy I won't be able to ----Are you having a hard time selling your furniture?Are you ready to reach more customers from across the United States but you are stumped when it comes to how to reach all those customers?? Try searching for some furniture on Etsy and see how they ship. ————-This is not a physical item you will receive. Re: Furniture Sellers: How Do You Ship Your Furniture? One question i have regarding shipping furniture is on the listing what do you put as the shipping cost before you know where the item is going? Then it sounds like it’s time to learn how to ship furniture!Did I say “customers” enough yet? I just shipped 2 chairs on one pallet through shippi.com. I used FEDEX for a large Mid Century bench and made my own box. You also want to make so that it is no easy to toss. Sometimes it may be longer because of shipping delays. I received a referral to Plycon here on Etsy and the entire shipment went well. It’s little over 1000 miles away. It even covers starting an Etsy Store. Sign up to be notified when we get new pieces. “Many sellers are concerned about losing money when shipping large items,” says Brad, an art history buff and owner of the Parsons Nose Antiques shop on Etsy . And the left hand never knew what the right hand was doing. I was able to mail a small round end table, a box with two folding chairs and a coffee table with the legs removed. Liftgate service is more, but if you follow the protocol, their shipping is a set rate depending on weight. I have no scale and can't lift most pieces. Believe me, we sell a LOT more than that. What pieces do you have available to customize? Greyhound does do door-to-door, terminal to door... they price it to a Package Express terminal, then use a courier/delivery service to deliver it to an address. Thanks for this info we just sold our first piece of furniture and were wondering how to ship it:) Thanks!! We have a video for each topic. Click the link on the last page of the ebook to access the videos.-----We cover:–How to list on Etsy to reach more customers!–Learn how to enter shipping costs for your Etsy listings!-How to offer free shipping on Etsy.-How to weigh furniture for shipping.–How to get a quote, and how to gather the information needed to get a quote!–What things to add to your shipping quote.–What are the best companies to use to ship furniture?–How to package furniture so it gets to your customer without damage!–What to do when something goes wrong!AND MORE!So get ready to learn all you need to know to start shipping your furniture to brand new customers all over The United States!------Here is what others are saying!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Tracey Martin of Red Geranium Restorations“I have followed Natalie for a LONG time. http://www.shipgreyhound.com/faq/#packages_1. fancy meeting you here (: im so confused! New to Etsy and I do custom furniture. I've only been on Etsy about a month and have shipped one piece of furniture. I have to spell out our entire shipping policy in every single listing, and I think I have it marked $1 on the shipping -- I refuse to play ball with the "free shipping" game. It turned out okay, but I estimated the shipping and supplies too low and ended up losing a little. Actually, I have the same questions. I live in a very rural area so kinda hard to just pick a company.. How can you know what the furniture weighs? Only furniture that can be disassembled to fit a smaller box makes sense to me. Oct 27, 2019 - Do you want to sell your furniture online, but you have no idea where to start? I like how you state that the greyhound price is the cheapest, while keeping the the option open for the buyer to pay more for a different service that might be more convenient to them. When chatting with them about their services and their coverage they'll promise you the moon,but when the wheels fall off the wagon you'll be left holding the wrong end of the stick.... We used Plycon for a long time but they let us down with their long timelines and high prices. You guessed it: brown. And then select how long it will take your shipper to deliver your furniture to … Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. When you add a product to your Etsy shop, we call this a listing. Furniture Sellers: How Do You Ship Your Furniture? Learn how to list an item. Do some comparisons with Greyhound, UPS and FedEx. If you’d like to file an allegation of infringement, you’ll need to follow the process described in our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. Do I package it or does a company do that for you? Please note that this is a PDF guide and an online video tutorial. Or sign up to be notified when we get new pieces in —-> http://eepurl.com/cskAHf, Are you sick of missing out on our new pieces? You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. I get my boxes from staples and I can ship UPS at our local staples store, so it's convenient. Shipping furniture is sooo overwhelming. Ive seen people do that on Etsy. I would make my own boxes and just bubble wrap and double box the entire thing. We had a special shipping box designed for it with padded corners and fillers so it is very secure and protected. Worth investigating. Don’t worry though! Looks like you already have an account! Fair warning — it’s l o n g. A buyer on Etsy bought my French Provincial bedroom set. The best way to ship furniture via Etsy is uShip. Thank you in advance. Then I sat down and chatted about every section while looking at the ebook. I thought I should make a quick post about my first experience shipping furniture out of town. I'm fairly new to the whole furniture shipping business - my work has been sold locally so far. How big of item are we talking? Once you purchase a label for an order, we'll automatically mark it as shipped. If you open a Greyhound business account the package limits are little higher, ask the agent for an application. Please feel free to ask for more photos / video and for more information about the piece. This tutorial was SO informative and complete!!!! I’ve done all the research and made the mistakes for you! Listing on Etsy How to Get a Shipping Quote Packing Supplies The 5 Best Shipping Companies (broken into different methods and furniture shipping companies) Insurance, Policies and When Things Go Wrong What I Currently Do Step by Step Guide and Checklist-Within each shipping company section, we cover: What type of furniture you can ship with them In the end it all worked out great, but I can't blame some people for being a little leery of going to the Greyhound terminal, (especially women). Also marking this post. How do I receive updates on your latest pieces?? Thank you in advance Please. Also, around my area there is a greyhound right in town, but I can't think of another greyhound station in 30+ miles. All sales are "as is" and FINAL. Now it’s your turn to sit back, soak in all the short cuts and start shipping!------After purchase, you will have instant access to the ebook and videos. Do I package it or does a company do that for you? I had read about greyhound, but didn't think buyers would be receptive to it. Thank you all so much! I called the local Greyhound station here in ATL and they said no glass. Other than not having a large enough shop.... or house to store stuff in....... shipping is what is keeping us from doing larger items. an Intuit electronic check to bill the customer. Wow!!! Especially when its something I love. Under “Fixed Shipping Costs”, navigate to the Shipping Carrier drop-down menu. Plus, we go through the process of getting an online quote from many of the companies. They all have different sizes and weights. Many furniture vendors here have mentioned using Greyhound for shipping, but the customer would have to pick it up at a Greyhound terminal.

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