Especially when these pages are associated with interests that you can target with ads (not all of them are targetable, that’s a separate issue I’ll address later in this guide…). Every little piece of information about them can improve both your targeting and messaging. Especially the section to find relevant Page Likes. Use this tool to understand and create an audience, which in this case simply means create a subset of users who you feel may like your product. So for example ‘The Mindfulness Bell’ at the top of the table is probably a magazine read by our Buddhist meditation audience. As Marc Andreessen warns markets that don’t exist don’t care how smart you are. In my view, people generally tend to give favourable reviews when asked for a product feedback in a personal interview. The sooner you establish the need for your product the better it is. But this extension no longer exists and can't be installed anymore from the Chrome web store. On the left side of the screen (marked in red in my screenshot), you'll find all the filters you can use to define the audience you want to analyse. Here’s how an Ad would look like once everything has been setup – one can notice that Facebook is very well setup for conducting A/B tests and in our case, validating demand for a product. Facebook Audience Insights is a very useful tool. Although I haven’t personally tried it out so not sure about the efficacy of it, but if you run a physical store, I’d suggest trying out Facebook’s local awareness ads, where it claims you can target users within few miles of your location. When you’re just experimenting, I’d recommend you to optimise ads for daily unique reach, which ensures that your ad is never served to a user more than once. Don’t forget to click ‘See All’ to get even more related results. Buy a domain name from GoDaddy. When you have an ad account you can access the Facebook Audience Insights tool from within your Facebook Ad Manager by clicking on the menu icon and then 'Audience Insights'. I think it makes most sense to use a consistent example across this entire guide. Therefore most of the existing articles and guides on this topic are outdated. But after the privacy scandals that happened in 2018, Facebook removed the option to analyse custom audiences in Facebook Audience Insights. But can you target this as an interest in Facebook Ads Manager? Part of that audience will be active on Instagram. This could work well when you want to see if a particular feature would appeal to your existing users in an involuntary manner. You can contact us anytime by submitting a support ticket, Audience Insights can be used to find new audiences or learn more about, To use Audience Insights you will need to visit the Ads Manager and select, After landing on the Audience Insight page, click. If you'd like to know a little more about the Facebook Marketing API and how you can use it as a non-developer, download my PDF below. Especially the section to find relevant Page Likes. I guess that’s human nature, but it makes measuring response hard. Until the end of 2017 they offered the Facebook Audience Insights API so developers could create value adding products and services on-top of Audience Insights data. Sure, it's a completely different platform with it's own character - but purely from an advertising perspective Instagram is just one of the "placements" where your ads can be shown.​There is no version of Facebook Audience Insights specifically for Instagram. That's when I discovered that Facebook's Marketing API returns all the available interest to target related to any topic - so a lot more than just 25. Before I go further, I'd like to address a common issue in Facebook Audience Insights. Facebook Audience Insights is a part of the various tools Facebook offers to do audience research. ​When you're just starting out, try to define your audience based on what you already know about them. What is “Facebook Audience Insights” The Facebook Audience Insights tool is a valuable, but often overlooked, source of helpful information about your brand’s current, or potential, Facebook audience. ( Log Out /  For a more targeted reach, select only those users who live a particular location and bring radius down to 25 miles. Let's start at the beginning. around this. Is there a Facebook Audience Insights app? The Facebook page might have a following of 40.000 people while the interest with the same name only has a 20.000 people audience size. So read it once in full and bookmark this URL for later reference. If you have a mailing list of existing users, such as newsletter subscribers, or leads purchased from elsewhere, you can build a Custom Audience by simply importing their contact information – names, emails, phone numbers or both. What’s the point in building a perfect product that no one really wants? When they deprecated the Facebook Audience Insights API, Facebook stated that they want their advertisers to use the Audience Insights interface - instead of interfaces developed by third-party developers. The one I showed you earlier in the article - that highlights targetable interests with a target . Similarly, create different Ads, belonging to the same Ad Set, to experiment with copy, creatives and call-to-actions. If you're running Facebook ads you should use Facebook Audience Insights. Lifelong-learner. Before you could choose to analyse custom audiences to find common traits across the people in your custom audience. If yes, you can still start right away by ‘building’ a product. However there are some alternative tools to serve one of the use-cases of Facebook Audience Insights: finding interests to target with your Facebook ads. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Maybe they are just trying to be nice, hence give a feedback that’s on the positive side or don’t really understand if they will stick to using this product (read. It's listed in the 'Analyze and Report' section of the menu (see screenshot below). Product Manager building an IoT-based mobile marketing platform. Let's say I own a webshop that sells products related to this type of meditation and I'm looking to learn more about the audience. Facebook imposes a 20% text rule where it doesn’t allow more than 20% of the ad real estate to contain text (you will find this grid tool handy). Sometimes a Facebook page has a matching interest that can be targeted with ads, sometimes it doesn’t. Facebook Audience Insights is a part of the various tools Facebook offers to do audience research. But it's good to know that if you see "Facebook Audience Insights not working", it's not just you but it's down for everyone. (to setup a new audience) at the top of the page and you will be presented with the following options: – information of fans who follow your page(s), In this example, I want to gain greater knowledge about the typical Facebook user so I’ll select. Is there a Facebook Audience Insights alternative? For better results, make sure your creatives contain copy that is short and succinct. Based on the filters you select you'll see the data on the right side of the screen adjust. In the table at the top, they’re sorted in different categories like ‘Magazines’ or ‘Public Figures’. button which offers even more options to segment your audience: For the sake of this article, I’ve targeted everyone living in the United States who is 18+ and has interests in. The first choice that's presented to users is the type of audience they want to analyse. You can enter these in the 'Interests' field to see what the demographics of that audience are.

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