This ending is actually a bit of a downer, as it turns Eriko into a fearful ordinary girl, but to make up for it Crazy Games had revived the old Japanese tradition of the ending challenge. And in the "true" ending, you have to fight Eriko's deranged father, Michael Reynolds, first as a giant zombie head that randomly rises from and submerges into a giant pool of gray liquid and shoots rainbows out of the cut in his head, and again as a bat-winged, demon-faced, wiggly-arm-tentacled brain that emerges from the giant zombie head after you kill it. In the “Killer Department Store,” the reward for completion is actually paid up front, but only to make sure you got money with you for the spooks to eat. Not before finding the Horror Monitor, that is. In turn he can handle himself in a fight better than the others. Illbleed is a tongue-in-cheek Survival Horror game for the Sega Dreamcast from 2001 that parodies American horror B-movies. At the end, Illbleed also starts its play with layers of reality: Eriko finds the park employee who operates the monster with a remote control, and takes out her bat to brutally murder him. Running around in the starting hub-world is accompanied by music they might have used just as well in an episode of The Addams Family or The Munsters, and each stage opens with a narration of a ghost story one hears at teenager campfire. She doesn't recover immediately at the start of the. Another easter egg is a hidden mini game, where up to four players just avoid screws falling down the screen until no one’s left standing. The problem is, toys that die any other way than going with their dead owner just end up in ordinary hell. The senses come still into play though, as there are many fake spots, and only finding actual traps recharges the adrenaline needed for further detection. Sight, Hearing and Smell all effectively mean the same thing: There’s a trap coming up. At the very end, all that’s left to cover her are some strategically placed shreds of cloth in front of her naughty bits and lots of mud. Finally, getting cut up raises a blood meter, which represents bleeding wounds. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. She'll comfort you! In this latest episode, Cork goes to hell; more explicitly, to toy hell. It tells the story of former hotel owner Gale Banballow and his baseball prodigy son, who was tragically killed in a stupid teenage prank, just the day before his big game. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. How. His father hunts them down to give them a taste of their own medicine. Most of the time in this mission is really just spent watching cutscenes, although it’s all so crazy it’s hard to mind. The hospital dummies will even help you, Cork from "Toy Hunter" looks like a cross between Woody from, Also, the boss of the next-to-last level is a demonic, "The Revenge of Queen Worm" seems to be a big shout out to, The description for the axe weapon mentions that it used to belong to someone named, The Hassy Cola item, as well as one of the potential enemies in the final boss fight, are both from the developer's previous project. the animatronics hadn't broken down before the boss fight. As funny as it is to unlock and play as Brainless Randy, his lack of adrenaline. by Sam Derboo on October 19, 2012. (for the promo videos), Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 300: Mario Paint, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back. But there are also institutions for bringing them back to live, so maybe they’re not really killed? Kevin is presented as a typical ’90s cool kid, but he’s also a major horror film nerd, his favourite series being the Hamar(sic!) Thinks go awfully wrong in “Killerman,” where the main attraction gets lose and starts murdering the maintenance staff. Cavia took many staff members under their wing, and some former Crazy Games developers have been credited for working on the PS2 port of Winback and on Bullet Witch. But there’s a $1000,000,000 prize for those brave and able enough to make it through all its stations alive. OHNOMAN (yes, in all caps), a headless fellow with jaunty striped pants who attacks you with a pair of sickles. Now Illbleed wasn’t a great game by any stretch, but it had that sparkling bit of craziness to make it unique, and many of its elements showed a ton of potential. By the time she hits the "true" final stage, she's dressed in bandages, bloodstains, and extremely tattered undergarments. It isn’t much what Crazy Games left the world during their short existence – two titles for Sega’s ill-fated final home console, and contributions to the obscure Hitmaker arcade lightgun shooter The Maze of the Kings – but it came from a pedigree worth bragging about. It's all over the place, really, from poorly constructed phrases to gramatically mangled signs, like the "Smart Grass" in the Mary Goods section of Killer Department Store. It’s not the infamous tank-scheme embraced by many ’90s horror games, but Eriko can’t simply turn and walk into another direction, either. A faceless woman runs the Visitor's bank, while Dummyman mans the photo booth and his many minions staff the hospital. Level 6 just has to be seen to be believed. Gatekeeper999- "you spelled faimly wrong!". Its secret ending hints at a sequel (“Michael Reynolds’ Horror Land: The Arcade”), but Sega wasn’t the only company left bleeding after the premature end of the Dreamcast, and Crazy Games had to close its doors in December 2002. This device can be found early in each stage by triggering all four senses at once, and vaguely resembles the Ghostbusters‘ Paragoggles. Fortunately, most fights can be escaped by waving your arms to call down a rescue helicopter (this works indoors! And just got back from the dentist. The funny thing about this park: It actually kills people. Deserves a remake or an update. Either way, there’s only one thing that’s truly horrifying in Illbleed. The teenagers have to feed giant cockroaches to enter a restaurant where they have to bring their own enemies… erm, meat. The final fight appropriately takes place in a demolished drive-in theater. Also all the melee weapons have ridiculously short range, and firearms aren’t available most of the time. Like the senses, the damage system is actually pretty cool and complex. As he is quoted: “To me, Crazy Games is not closed, it’s only sleeping. The final video concludes with the true last boss and ending. Each of the six stages is laden with traps that can harm Eriko, release monsters, or will just attempt to scare her to death. Not paying to bring the people back to life shows just how much they care. Rachel slaughters the staff of Duranto for screwing her "Papa" out of his business. Illbleed is not only the title of the game, but also the name of the plot’s location – a weird kind of horror cinema/theme park, created by the mysterious Michael Reynolds. Bad Ending: Eriko wins the $100 million Illbleed challenge but lives the rest of her life in regret for losing all of her friends. not part of the attraction, but the real deal. The difference is merely there to add flavor and to diffuse the display to add more challenge. She also starred in Killerman VII – Killerman Goes to Japan, whose eponymous villain is also an attraction in Illbleed. At low health the teenagers start limping like in most survival horror games that followed after Resident Evil. For Illbleed on the Dreamcast, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "trying to go for true ending, second run spoilers". Jumping around or dodging a lot raises the heart rate as well. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Bullstinger, a mutated and more powerful version of an enemy from one of Crazy Games/Climax Graphics's earlier Dreamcast games, "Homerun Of Death" starts off in a small area enclosed by a brick wall, where the only way out is via a dilapidated gate that has a trap you must get hit by to proceed.

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