-. Shipped: Fresh Approx. Our Westphalian Ham is made by Abraham in Harkebr�gge, Lower Saxony, Germany. Use as appetizer with melon, grapes or other fresh fruit and a slice of cheese on rye or pumpernickel. Fresh Bratwurst. Then back again and to church, my father’s family being all in mourning, doing him the greatest honour, the world believing that he did give us it: so to church, and staid out the sermon, and then with my aunt Wight, my wife, and Pall and I to her house by coach, and there staid and supped upon a Westphalia ham, and so home and to bed.” — Samuel Pepys. can vary widely depending on the merchant and type of product. Product #: 403. Items must be in their original condition (unused, unwashed and If the ham is going to be sold boneless, the bone is removed when the total processing time is between 2 to 3 months. Westphalian smoked ham. Average weight is 3 lbs. Westphalia is a region that is home to numerous culinary specialities. Products in this category can only be returned if damaged, defective or otherwise not as described. Deli-Leberwurst  with Herbs Check your inbox for our welcome email to confirm your membership. © Copyright 2020 VINCENZO's. White Bratwurst It is the knuckle of the hind leg, de-boned and without a rind. Pigs fattened on acorns produced the ham, then the meat was dry cured and smoked over the beechwood and juniper branches of the region. As with breads and beers, sausages are main components of German cuisine. and Much More! London: The Book-Lover’s Library. Bierschinken How to store: May be refrigerated up to 21 days; How to serve: May be eaten as is; One of our bestsellers. The German Deli & Grocery hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 am to 5 pm The Schutzgemeinschaft Westfälische Schinken- und Wurstspezialitäten e. V. warmly invites you to do this. at [email protected], You can email our support team directly at [email protected]. Westphalian ham is produced from pigs raised on acorns in the Westphalia Forest. It is slowly cold smoked over beech wood chips and cured for up to 6 months to create a dark brown, dense ham with a soft, mildly smokey flavor. Westphalian Ham was mentioned by Fannie Farmer. What should I do? Black Forest Salami Mailaender Salami German Salami Italian Salami Hungarian Salami and Much More! We do not sell personal information, but it may be shared with third parties for certain business purposes. German Salami For more information regarding the FDA's views, visit www.fda.gov. An association, “Schutzgemeinschaft westfälische Schinken & Wurstspezialitäten e.V.” was formed in 2004 to apply to the EU for recognition and protection of the ham. Leave Feedback, ©2020 Stiglmeier Sausage Co. Inc. | Our Security and Privacy Guarantee. These hams are imported from Germany, and need no additional cooking. Westphalian Ham #551. Wiener “To the Privy Seal, and sealed; so home at noon, and there took my wife by coach to my uncle Fenner’s, where there was both at his house and the Sessions, great deal of company, but poor entertainment, which I wonder at; and the house so hot, that my uncle Wight, my father and I were fain to go out, and stay at an alehouse awhile to cool ourselves. Westphalian is a rounder, softer piece of ham, and the least dry of our three varieties. For any customer services inquiries please 1918. The original Westphalian Ham is made from the hind leg of pigs allowed to graze on acorns in the Westphalia (Westfalen) forest in Prussia, Germany. Reservations are recommended ~ Closing nightly depending upon demand, Copyright©The German Deli & Jägerstüble 2016 All Rights Reserved. Black Forest Ham A general treatise of husbandry and gardening. products are in resalable condition. email our support team directly at [email protected], You will have received an email letting you know that your order has shipped. Fleischkaese Bavarian Style, Teewurst Westphalian is a rounder, softer piece of ham, and the least dry of our three varieties. SKU: 60100 Category: Charcuterie Tag: Gluten Free. Baden Wuerttemberg) Brand Site. Adler — Originator of the designated and EU protected Black Forest ham category in Germany. The meat is rindless and bright pink, with a mild smoked flavour.

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