Good work..!! So, these are interesting facts about computer technology. Nowadays, there are over 700 different programming languages. 28% of IT professionals hide their career from friends and family to get out of giving free tech support. 2.0.1 I think it’s fair to say that personal computers … These include network advancements, wireless networks, communications, interference suppression, information theory, and many more. It made me feel like I had the ability to learn Coding, With Coderz, you can look at it and understand what you’re trying to do. Computer engineering is a new discipline. besides coding virtual robots, that is cool for almost every student! offers Title I schools free Here’s a list of the top 20 computer facts you might not know: 1. The 30 th of November is known as “Computer Security Day”. HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple have just one thing in common, other than the fact that they are IT companies. Parents, administrators, teachers, and principals understand how relevant it is to teach students how to program and code, and all schools are in the ongoing search for new engaging and interactive tools to teach their faculty members and students how to program a virtual robot, or how to code in general. People need to handle many things like software design, development, research, and many types of maintenance for the computer. Amazon Future Engineer However, you need to know more about it. How everything operates so effortlessly and seamlessly could be considered one of the many mysteries out there, except for those that have studied in depth. Yes, regardless of the field or career your students decide for their future. Outstandingly Interesting Facts About Computers. Also, see: 20 facts about computer science; 5 myth about computer … The first computer virus was created in 1983. Computer programming is currently one of the fastest growing occupations related to technology. Have you ever thought about education in Africa? Facts about Computer Engineering 3: The Jobs. Currently, the world’s largest hard drive is a 60TB SSD. Computer engineering is quite an intricate thing to do. Is your STEM platform ready for hybrid learning? (Even when it doesn’t feel that way after a long day.). Find facts about business intelligence here. The First Computer Weighed More Than 27 Tons. John F. Kennedy; 2 Educative Facts About Computers. Use this... Student Engagement While Learning Virtually: Slightly Unusual Ideas, Virtual Robotics Competitions: Rebuilding STEM Momentum, 36 Science Activities to do while teaching remotely. The hardware engineers will create a particular part for a specific purpose. Bill Gates’ house was designed used a Mac computer. Also checkout our recent article about 12 Interesting Computer Facts As we all know, our lives revolve around technology more and more as the years pass. PCs went by the name “Electronic Brains” in the 1950s. Watch this space to ensure that you remain ahead of your game! This kind of activities will be performed at laboratories and high-tech firms. February has arrived, and the majority of us have settled into 2018 with ease. Great write-up. And comment, which fact do you like most. Why do our students need to learn how to code? This African American man, Facts about Arizona State University tell you about the public metropolitan research University. Recent studies have shown that 67% of coding jobs are in fields outside of technology… and that is surprising! Well, in simple terms: coding is the language of the future. Share with your friends and share knowledge. Some are intrigued, though. The facts we shared with you before can help you incorporate an added value to your classroom that surprise your students, and with a little bit of luck, make them want to be part of this enormous and need revolution. The first computer game was created in 1961. In the near future knowing how to code will be as necessary as knowing how to write is today. The future is in front of your eyes, and delivering the necessary 21st-century skills we talked about to your students, is a huge responsibility. People need to handle many things like software design, development, research, and many types of maintenance for the computer. Your blog was absolutely fantastic! Do you like Facts about Computer Engineering? 2. There are many potential directions that computer engineering could take. 1.0.1 Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. Technophobia is the fear of technology, Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone, Cyberphobia is the fear of computers… Case Study: Meeting the challenge of COVID head on, How Robotics and Coding Platforms Support STEM Learning, 6 Steps to a Successful Hybrid Learning Experience. Those who work in computer engineering will use the abstraction concept to deal with problems. Regardless of the industry or career path, they decide for themselves, coding will be part of their everyday lives. It was in 1972 when the first degree of computer engineering program established. Thanks to computer engineering that you can have more secure, reliable, and high-performance computer systems today. The word computer “bug” was inspired by a real bug. Not all people can handle this job. CoderZ Compete is the platform for CRCC, an online interactive robotics competition that engages students while they learn. If your students comprehend that the gender gap in coding must be closed, that the first programmer was actually a woman, that almost 70% of coding jobs are not in the industry of technology, or that any element that needs to be powered by electricity needs coding, they’ll most likely understand that knowing how to code is, at the end of the day, understanding how the world works… and how it will work. When teaching your students how to program, you face several challenges every day. List Of Contents. Thanks for sharing it with us. The beginning of a new year always appears to. CoderZ is an easy-to-use, highly flexible virtual robotics platform tailored to serve every student, 3 Thoughts on 12 Cool Facts About Programming and Coding You Didn’t Know, 12 Cool Facts About Programming and Coding You Didn’t Know, 5 Ways to Get Students Interested in Computer Coding.

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