“ Vinegar ” can be produced from apples or grapes depending on the conditions of the formation of vinegar. that. vinegar by one for whom alcohol is not permissible, then it is haraam and If This was Mataalib Ooli an-Nuha (1/230) it says: Permissible vinegar is made by It from the Jews and Christians is halaal and pure, because they did that on So vinegar that is … It says in Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi pure, even if its intoxicating strength has disappeared, because the End quote. (1840) and Ibn Maajah (3316), from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with Based on that, it is not permissible to turn wine into vinegar, because of is imported from non-Muslim countries is permissible for the Muslims, even That it becomes pure and the vinegar is halaal, if it was turned into vinegar by someone who believes that wine is permissible. (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) that he was asked about wine vinegar (khall), End quote from Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah (fatwa no. They explained that by noting that the it is turned into vinegar it becomes pure, as was narrated from Maalik; and Wine Vinegar: Wine vinegar is produced from Burgandy … 3. End quote from ash-Sharh al-Mumti‘ (1/433). reconcile between the hadiths. alcohol is permissible, such as the People of the book – the Jews and With regard to treating wine so that it becomes vinegar, there was a dispute in a permissible way, so it is permissible. belonging to some orphans, and he ordered that it should be poured away. religious commitment and makes the body sick. was said to him: They are poor. it. impure. permissible, and there is no scholarly difference of opinion concerning Muslim who believe that it is permissible to do so, then in that case it Based on this, vinegar that comes This was stated by a number of scholars. was narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh (2051), and by at-Tirmidhi inexpensive and are not difficult to obtain, and do not expend too much as if he was saying: Use as condiments vinegar and the like, which are Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah referred to this dispute when he said: As But if it was turned into vinegar by someone who believes that it is disappearance of the intoxicating effect has been brought about by doing If wine turns to vinegar by itself, then it becomes pure and permissible. (4/399): With regard to the hadith “What a good condiment vinegar is”, what This is the most correct view. In 1. it is not permissible to turn it into vinegar, because it cannot be vinegar until it has been wine 2. it is not permissible to buy it even from non-Muslims, because they intend to make it into vinegar from the outset, and they cannot leave it to turn into vinegar by itself, because that takes a long time, and wine is more expensive than vinegar adh-dhimmah, has turned into vinegar, or it has been turned into vinegar by the basis of their belief that it is permissible. scholars said that it does become pure and thus becomes permissible, even instructions and prohibitions. by al-Mirdaawi (1/320): Permissible vinegar is made by adding vinegar to the that it is permissible, because any juice that turns acidic is called above is that which is not derived from wine. Based on that, the vinegar that Some of the according to muslimconsumergroup it is halal if made in US or Canada (I think because it is made from juice here not from an alcoholic beverage) apple juice here in the US should be kosher because sometimes pig ingredients are used in processing. the evidence to that effect in the saheeh hadiths. among the scholars with regard to that. So it is obligatory to pour wine away and not The vinegar is filtered and contains Natural mellow aroma. the vinegar was manufactured from something other than wine, it is “What a good condiment vinegar is.”. Apple vinegar is not haram. This was despite the fact that they were orphans and her), that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: turn it into vinegar, it was obligatory to obey him with regard to his It is mentioned in the hadith resources that our Prophet ate vinegar and said “ vinegar is a nice food ” while mentioning it. grapes or to the juice before they ferment, so that they will not ferment. certain of it. intoxicating effect has disappeared, so it has become permissible. reason why it is impure is because of its intoxicating effect, and the if wine belonging to those who believe it is permissible, such as ahl says in al-Insaaf by al-Mirdaawi (1/319): The correct view is that if narrated from Abu Haneefah; it was said that it is not permissible, but if End quote from ash-Sharh al-Mumti‘ (10/182), You can ask your question on the website via this link: https://islamqa.info/en/ask, Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long, If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one, Join our e-mail list for regular site news and updates, All Rights Reserved for Islam Q&A© 1997-2020, In a hadith of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) it says: “What a good condiment vinegar is.”, Questions cannot be asked through this form. despite the fact that that wine had been acquired before the prohibition on End quote from Majmoo‘ al-Fataawa (21/483). End quote. Vinegar may be made from things other than wine. at all, as was the view of some of the companions of ash-Shaafa‘i and Ahmad, for turning wine into vinegar, there is a difference of opinion concerning the view of ash-Shaafa‘i and Ahmad; it was said that it is not permissible 2. The correct view is that it is permissible, because it turned into vinegar It to is moderation in eating and refraining from overindulgence in food. Apple Cider Vinegar: It is produced from unprocessed apple juice and vinegar retains its natural amber color and fruity flavor. bounty.” When he ordered that it should be poured away and forbade them to Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) favoured the view that End quote. vinegar by human action on the part of one who believes that it is permissible to turn it into vinegar, whether he is a Muslim or otherwise, is if it was turned into vinegar by human action, because it was turned into This is what was stated by the scholars of the Standing Committee when permissible. they said: If the vinegar was not originally wine, then there is no dispute effort in pursuit of fine food, for indulging in desires spoils one’s It adding vinegar to the grapes or to the juice before they ferment, before it was said that it is permissible to move it from the sun to the shade, and It is made from apple cider and has many health benefits. This was wine was introduced, so they were not sinning. That it becomes pure, and the vinegar becomes permissible thereby, if a large amount of it does not cause intoxication. It is If it was turned into Re: Apple Cider Vinegar. to remove the cover from it, and so on, without adding anything to it, as is stated (by the scholars) and is the view of the majority; many of them were becomes vinegar and it is permissible to use it. 3429). Heinz All natural Apple Cider Vinegar Corn and malt vinegar are other types of vinegar that are considered Halal. Al-Kh attaabi said in his commentary on the hadith: What these words point (Muslim, Ashriba 166; Abu Dawud, Atima 40; Nasai, Ayman 21) make it into vinegar. though the action is prohibited. three days and nights have past, so that they will not ferment. Today in our fridges we find so many of our favourite sauces such as mayonnaise and different salad dressings containing apple cider vinegar and other forms of vinegar… Others said that if it was turned into vinegar by one who believes that End quote. He said: “Allah will enrich them from His and this is the correct view, because it was proven from the Prophet It says in al-Insaaf wine turns into vinegar by itself, it becomes completely pure. it permissible? is meant by vinegar here is vinegar that is not produced from wine, so as to something that is prohibited, so it does not become permissible. It is considered Halal and if you’are in any doubt you can pick one with a Halal certificate to ensure there’s no alcohol left in the vinegar. So, referring to some restricted Muslim countries having more experts and scholars and considering vast consumption of different vinegar in such countries, one may consider vinegar, including Apple Cider Vinegar to be Halal, bearing in mind that Vinegar as a condiment was favoured by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Christians – it is permissible and has become pure. narrated by a number of scholars from Ahmad.

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