[57] Compared to the rest of England and Wales, Poole has an above-average number of residents aged over 65 (20.3%), but this is less than the Dorset average of 22.2%. The town has been the birthplace and home to notable people, of national and international acclaim. Canford School also achieved 100% and Poole Grammar School was the next best performing school with 98%. [54] Poole's Harbour, Quay and the beaches are some of the main attractions for visitors. [95] The United Reformed Church hall, also in the town centre, is a Grade II* building built in 1777. [75] Nearby the Grade I listed Town Cellars, a medieval warehouse built in the 15th century on the foundations of a 14th-century stone building, houses a local history centre. Poole Tourism ... “I had the line caught haddock and it was so nice… [154] Edgar Wright, the director of films such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End was born in Poole and out of the five previous British winners of the Miss World title, two have hailed from Poole: Ann Sydney and Sarah-Jane Hutt. Between 1819 and 1821 the building was consecrated as a Parish Church while the old St. James Church was pulled down and replaced with the present church. Poole has many sites of Christian worship including five Grade II* and five Grade II listed churches, but no notable sites of worship for any other major religious groups. “... friendly covid-19 secure way Starters were chowder and, “I got it home and it was fantastic, king, “... view upstairs, the staff were lovely and we enjoyed our, “Enjoyed a fabulous meal here and so great to be provided, “The Sunday roasts give you a choice of four meats served with, “On the second night we visited I had the swordfish with a lovely, “... ate steak (husband's choice) and pasta with, “I had the special seafood linguine followed by, “... lovely and others envious apart from my wife I think who had the dress, “The food is amazing, I had and would recommend the deep fried coconut, Hotels near Poole Museum and Scaplen's Court Museum and Herb Garden, American Restaurants for Families in Poole, Italian Restaurants for Families in Poole, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Poole, Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Poole, Restaurants near Premier Inn Poole North hotel, Restaurants near Premier Inn Poole Centre (Holes Bay) Hotel, Restaurants near Holiday Inn Express Poole, Restaurants near Salterns Harbourside Hotel, Restaurants near Farmer Palmer's Farm Park, Restaurants near Poole Museum and Scaplen's Court Museum and Herb Garden. [2] Variants include Pool, Pole, Poles, Poll, Polle, Polman, and Poolman. The town has a commercial port with cross-Channel freight and passenger ferry services, which connect with the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, as well as the French port town of Saint-Malo, Brittany. [54] In the 2011 census, the population of the borough of Poole was 147,645,[1] an increase from 138,288 in 2001. Per square meter, Sandbanks is the fourth most expensive place in the world to buy property, and other areas nearby such as Canford Cliffs, Branksome Park and Lilliput have some of the most expensive property prices in the UK outside of central London. In modern times, the acts have been symbolically carried out. Among the famous residents in Sandbanks are football manager Harry Redknapp and his son, former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp. Designated a Conservation Area in 1995 and awarded a Green Flag in 2008, the park comprises 44.3 hectares (109 acres) of which 24 hectares (59 acres) include the park's man-made lake and ponds. [107] They played at Poole Stadium until 1994 and have since settled at Tatnam Farm, sharing the school playing field with Oakdale Junior School. Poole had an estimated population of 151,500 (mid-2016 census estimates) making it the second-largest town in the ceremonial county of Dorset. [86][87] A cricket field and pavilion at the eastern end are home to Poole Town Cricket Club and water sport activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and rowing take place on the large lake. Rockley Park, a large caravan site in Hamworthy, is owned and operated by Haven Holidays. [51], Poole lies at the centre of a green belt region that extends into the wider surrounding counties. It opened in 1890 and is one of two Victorian parks in Poole. [63] Other major employers in the local manufacturing industry include Mathmos,[citation needed] Lush, Siemens and Ryvita. [76] Scaplen's Court, another Grade I listed building, also dates from the medieval era. [54] The port is a destination for bulk cargo imports such as steel, timber, bricks, fertiliser, grain, aggregates and palletised traffic. Poole's Newfoundland trade rapidly declined and within a decade most merchants had ceased trading. Poole is a tourist resort, attracting visitors with its large natural harbour, history, the Lighthouse arts centre and Blue Flag beaches. Poole Pottery is a famous brand of English pottery. [53] Minority ethnic groups (including those in white ethnic groups who did not classify themselves as British) represent 4.0% of Poole's population. Known for being very high quality with attractive designs, often featuring dolphins to tie in to the coastal nature of the town, these pieces are popular souvenirs and also sought after by pottery collectors. Broadstone Group has records dating back to December 1908 and was home to the first King's/Queen's Scout.[112]. more. [14][15], Poole established successful commerce with the North American colonies in the 16th century, including the important fisheries of Newfoundland. [23] Much of the town suffered from German bombing during the war and years of neglect in the post-war economic decline. [62], Poole's economy is more balanced than the rest of Dorset. From 1984 to 1994, Poole was part of the Dorset East and Hampshire West constituency and from 1994 to 1999, Poole was part of the Dorset and East Devon constituency represented by Conservative Bryan Cassidy. [118], Poole's Lighthouse is the largest arts centre complex in the United Kingdom outside London. [57] Housing stock has increased by over 100 per cent in the past 40 years from 30,000 in 1961 to approximately 62,700 in 2004. It offers undergraduate, foundation degree, postgraduate and further education courses in contemporary arts, design and media. [73] However, the fleet is gradually declining because of rising fuel costs and restrictive fishing quotas introduced by the European Union. Travel Britain delivers the best of British tourism: hotels in the United Kingdom, restaurants, famous eateries and landmarks. [21], During World War II, Poole was the third-largest embarkation point for D-Day landings of Operation Overlord and afterwards served as a base for supplies to the allied forces in Europe.

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