Italian grammar can be intimidating. Learn the grammar with simple rules and examples and practice with audio lessons. La Mappa Misteriosa Interactive learning video drama adventure. That’s why I created fun and friendly Italian grammar exercises so that you can enjoy learning Italian. Italian for beginners/low intermediate (Level A1/A2), Italian for upper-intermediate (Level B1/B2), Italian Course Online / Corso di Italiano Online, INTERACTIVE EXERCISES / ESERCIZI INTERATTIVI, TRANSLATION EXERCISES / ESERCIZI DI TRADUZIONE. Learn the grammar with simple rules and examples and practice with audio lessons. Receive my free resources in your mailbox, Italian audio lessons + readings “Impara con me!”, Bilingual readings with slow audio “Leggi con me!”. How to say "one's own" in Italian? Log In Sign Up. You’ll master those grammar patterns, not just know them. How can this be? In this section you can get acquainted with Italian grammar for beginners and low-intermediate students. Have a casual chat with a native speaker about your day. Join 5 Minute Italian to get lots of beginner-friendly opportunities to practise, including: Speaking workshops, where we’ll help you get over nerves and have a go at speaking Italian. That’s the best approach for you as well. In addition, you can practice with some exercises. Level A1- Elementary: Present. This means that the subject comes first, followed by the verb and finally the object. How to use after doing in Italian? In this section you will find Italian grammar and exercises with keys  for upper intermediate students (B1-B2). With so many similar Italian grammar rules, maybe, you don’t even need Italian grammar lessons! Italian Grammar and Exercises For Beginners and Low-intermediate Students (Level A1/A2) In this section you can get acquainted with Italian grammar for beginners and low-intermediate students. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. When you are learning the grammar of a new language, it can be quite beneficial to make comparisons to a language that you already know. These 3 languages are also similar in pronunciation and grammatical genders. User account menu. When you want to make something plural in English, you will usually only need to add an “s” at the end of the word. Get ready for real conversations in the Italian language. About 80% of the entire Italian vocabulary is similar to French and Spanish. I believe Italian grammar exercises should get you ready for real-life conversations. To make someone do something: Italian grammar lesson 193, To let someone do something: Italian grammar lesson 194, After doing something: Italian grammar lesson 191, How to say “one’s own”- proprio: Italian grammar lesson 199, Thanks to and because of (fault) – Italian grammar lesson 187, How to make comparisons: Italian grammar lesson 133, Italian adjectives: Italian grammar lesson 196, Some – Qualche and Alcuni: Italian grammar lesson 178, Reported speech I: Italian grammar lesson 159. How to use letting someone do something in Italian? To see all lessons and exercises on the menu, click “all grammar”. The catch: you absorb the Italian grammar effortlessly. For example, both languages use the pattern of SVO in sentences. Here are the topics discussed in each lesson: adjectives, adverbs, plural, prepositions, feminine, numbers, negation, pronouns, questions, determiners, nouns, verbs, present tense, past tense, future tense, imperative, comparative, etc. More than anything you need Italian grammar practice. However, it is not always easy to study in front of a computer. New technologies offer great benefits to language learners. Italian grammar for dummies! In no time, you’ll be getting compliments from natives for your Italian language skills. While it might not sound right in English, it is perfectly acceptable in Italian grammar. Choose a topic to see the lessons and exercises. This section is for advanced students of Italian who want to improve their knowledge of Italian grammar and test it with some more complex exercises. Of course, we know there are quite a few exceptions (mice, teeth, etc.). By listening to natives, you will know advanced Italian grammar rules to use in real-life conversations even if you never studied the rules themselves. Many Italian grammar lessons deal with parts of speech. In this sub you can discuss the italian language, look up or share italian learning tools, ask for … Press J to jump to the feed. Every lesson of this course introduces a new Italian grammar pattern. Most Italian teachers would start by teaching you the grammar rules. You can certainly basic Italian grammar online. After all, how many Italian grammar rules do you need in daily life? After you become familiar with the basic rules in these lessons, put your knowledge in practice with a set of audio lessons focused on speaking. New printables are always being added -- check back soon! Popular learning resources include news, short stories, and audio lessons. Know the rules with these simple notes, then practice with Ripeti Con Me! Instead of learning the hardest parts of the Italian grammar first, I take you through a journey of the most used Italian words and sentences. Italian grammar is the body of rules describing the properties of the Italian language. Stefano is an incredible teacher, whose recorded lessons are perfect to learn on the go, and at my own pace. Learning the basics of grammar is one of the first steps in learning and mastering the Italian language. I feel increasingly confident in my abilities with each new lesson. That’s probably why you hated doing Italian grammar exercises in school. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How to use reported speech in Italian? You’ll make mistakes on the way, but they will become less and less frequent. That’s how kids learn.

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