So, two pans or tubes cost the same as the whole tray of great big pans. Il ne reste plus que 10 exemplaire(s) en stock. So I was really excited when JetPens started stocking the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette sets. Acquisition of AP mark. Il ne reste plus que 9 exemplaire(s) en stock. The swatches on the left are the :regular” watercolors and the swatches on the right are the Gansi Tambi set. Il ne reste plus que 15 exemplaire(s) en stock. Kuretake : Gansai Tambi japonais aquarelle : Large Poêle Violet foncé, Kuretake Japanese Gansai Watercolor Palette - 12 Traditional Color Set. MC20/12V/NW. They are ideal for sketching, illustration, sumi-e and more! I couldn’t really match the #34, my closest option was W&N Opera Rose which is practically fluorescent. Store Locations . If you’re new to watercolor, what I can say is that the colors are slightly more opaque than other watercolor paints – not as much as gouache (which is a type of watercolor paint used mostly be designers and illustrators that can be very opaque and very matte in finish). So I was really excited when JetPens started stocking the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette sets. This item Kuretake Japanese Gansai Watercolor Palette - 12 Traditional Color Set Kuretake Gansai Tambi Set Of 12 Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI watercolor STARRY 6 colors set, gold, silver, mica, Handcrafted, Professional-quality pigment inks for artists and crafters, AP-Certified, Show up on dark papers, Made in Japan JetPens is accepting … Kuretake : Gansai Tambi japonais aquarelle : argenté-Taille : Poêle, Kuretake : Gansai Tambi Aquarelle japonaise - Doré bleuté, grand format, Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi Lot de 12 couleurs, anggel Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI Starry/Pearl/Gem Couleurs Solides Peintures Métalliques Or Pigment Aquarelle Pour Dessin Fournitures Art, Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Couleur Set-Assorted Couleurs, d'autres, Multicolore, Kuretake MC20 Kit de SC/6 V Aquarelle, Couleur d'eau, Couleurs Assorties, 19,6 x 7 x 1,6 cm, 24 color set MC20/24V Kuretake Kuretake picture letter face color Unleashed (japan import), 48 color auspicious angle face color luxury binding (japan import). By using original colors instead of mixing with other colors, the colors obtain a higher brilliance. GANSAI TAMBI 12 colors set. Find The Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette 36 Set at Art To Art Fast & Free Shipping My Account. The Gansai Tambi have some of the largest pans I’ve ever seen in a watercolor set. Veuillez réessayer. Traditional Japanese solid watercolors for professional artists and crafters. The Gansai Tambi watercolors will dry with a slight shine to the paint if applied heavily. I’m not saying one is better or worse, just different. This is a great assortment of colors that can be mixed to create even more colors. PAGE TOP. I got the 18-color set which is a lovely set. Most watercolorists don’t use a white but a lot of designers and illustrators will add opaque white as a final detail or touch up. I used an array of Winsor & Newton, Sennelier and Daniel Smith watercolors, both tube and pan colors to make a close match. Pinceaux Peinture Professionnels Détail Pinceaux Pour Acrylique Huile Aquarelle Nail Art Pinceau de détail Ensemble,10 pièces. But I thought it would be a good chance to see if the colors in the Gansai Tambis were as clean and vivid as more expensive brands. Create beautiful works of art, use with stamping and paper projects, … Livraison accélérée gratuite sur des millions d’articles, et bien plus. The last comparison I did was with the opaque white. I laid down a layer of black gesso to see how opaque these whites are. For the love of pens, paper, ink and a beautiful place to work. Most starter sets feature what is called a “half-pan” which is about the size of a cellophane wrapped caramel (my husband says “like a mini marshmallow”). In an effort to get a better feel about the difference between the Ganasi Tambi watercolors and other watercolors, I decided to find similar colors in my stash and do a side-by-side comparison. Does this help show how the Gansai Tambi are a bit more opaque? Les membres Amazon Prime profitent de la livraison accélérée gratuite sur des millions d’articles, d’un accès à des milliers de films et séries sur Prime Video, et de nombreux autres avantages. Overall, there is a lighter hue with the other watercolors than the Gansai Tambi. Des tiers approuvés ont également recours à ces outils dans le cadre de notre affichage d’annonces. The most unusual color in the palette is the cornflower blue which is not usually a color I see in basic watercolor sets. All the painted test were done on a Canson Edition 100% Cotton 9×12 Drawing Pad (250gms). Its definitely a desk-sized set of watercolors. The Gansai Tambi paints are described as “traditional Japanese watercolors” and, in use, they do seem a little different from other watercolors I’ve used. Kuretake 36 Color Set MC20/36V Picture Letter Face Color Unleashed (Japan Import) MC30-1. MozArt Supplies Komorebi Kit de peinture aquarelle japonaise 40 couleurs y compris métal et néon Qualité artistique Richement pigmentée Parfait pour les artistes, les étudiants ou les amateurs, Rejoignez Amazon Prime pour économiser 5,00 € sur cet article. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wtrcsv Fluo Poudre Lumineuse, 200g Poudre Phosphorescente Luminescente, Colorant resine epoxy Phosphorescent Fluorescent, Phosphorescente Autoluminescente - Brille dans Le Noir (20g x 10 Couleurs), Paul Rubens Artiste Aquarelle Peinture, Briller Couleurs Solides Boîtier Métallique Portable Rose avec Palette - 24 Perle Couleurs Glitter, 10 % coupon appliqué lors de la finalisation de la commande, Kuretake Irodori-Kobako 6 colors (Japan Import), Kuretake : Gansai Tambi japonais Aquarelle : Marine Vert : Grand Poêle, Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 6 Color Set-Gem Colors, Kuretake: Gansai Tambi japonais: Aquarelle Rouge Cadmium poêle: grand format, Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi Lot de 24 couleurs assorties. In the same way that I love pens and pencils, I also love watercolors and watercolor sets. The downside is that the Gansai Tambi box is that its not particularly portable. The Gansai Tambi pans are about 1″ x 2.5″ – which is substantially larger, so you get a lot more room to swirl your brush and can dip a much larger brush into the pan without accidentally picking up other colors.

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