The part number for the standard EDGE fall protection system is part number 9081/. 1033465 Miller TurboLite Edge 2m web twistlock + swivel scaff hook . Fall protection system with solid wheel casters ideal for concrete deck construction, bridge decks, window washing, rescue situations and vault entry applications. Additional part numbers can be found in the attached Miller Edge Fall Protection System 9081 LEDGE brochure. 992 products. Miller edge-tested 2 meter webbing self-retracting lifeline with a twist lock karabiner and a scaffold hook 60 mm with integrated swivel. Miller Edge™ Fall Protection System » Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell. The first and only cost-effective, portable, engineered anchorage solution designed to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction. HONEYWELL MILLER Fall Protection Equipment. Miller TurboLite Edge Personal Fall Limiters Visit > Product Family In work sites of every variety, edges are much more ... Miller fall protection products are tested to withstand normal wear and tear, but are not indestructible and can be damaged by misuse. The Miller Edge reduces the need for a safety monitor or a temporary cable lifeline system on leading edge deck construction. On-body products, such as safety harnesses and connecting devices, are worn on or attach to the body to arrest falls or lessen the effects of a fall. Miller Honeywell 9081/ 9081 Leading Edge Fall Arrest Protection System. Miller by Honeywell 9081 Edge 7 1/2' Fall Protection System features heavy-duty steel construction with protective enamel paint for durability. The Miller TurboLite Edge is a lightweight edge-tested self-retracting lifeline with Twistlock Aluminium karabiner and scaff hook 60 mm with integrated swivel. Request a Quote Now. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty Product Code: 9081 0 reviews | Write a review. The Miller 9081 is the one & only portable, cost effective anchorage solution engineered to protect employees working in deck construction on the leading edge. Increased freedom of movement and comfort at work Miller Edge™ Fall Protection System The first and only cost-effective, portable, engineered anchorage solution designed to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction. Fall protection safety products prevent people working at heights from falling or decrease the risk of injury if they do fall. Approved in fall factor 2, 1 and 0.

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