Mention any four positive effects of it. Their destruction is easy but the restoration of the same is very difficult. It is sent to the collection centre for further transportation to cities. They include use of HYV seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, threshers, etc. Ans. For example, machines, buildings, etc. The farm machinery like tractors and threshers made ploughing and harvesting faster. | They include rickshaw wallahs, tonga wallahs, jeep, tractor and truck drivers and those driving bullock cart and bogey. Test Series 15. over here on EduRev! (1) Modern farming methods under the Green Revolution, have really overused the natural resource base. (4) Modern agriculture also largely depends on it for speedy and large-scale transport of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and the products by making use of modern roadways, railways and shipping facilities. 2. Ans. (iv) Some farming practices can if used carefully and judiciously, certainly help in making land sustainable. 8. 36. (4) Moreover, HYV seeds need plenty of water. The tools, machines, raw materials and money in hand used during the production are physical capital. Too much use of these inputs harms or reduces soil fertility. In food insecure countries, large-scale investments are often considered a major driver of agricultural growth, but these can promote monocultures and intensive approaches that damage the environment and progressively decrease soil fertility. How is the distribution of land among farmers related to the productivity from the land? Ans. We must take care of groundwater and the environment to ensure the future development of agriculture. How do the medium and large farmers obtain capital for farming? (1) In India, small farmers account for 80% of the total farmers who have less than 2 hectares of land. What is meant by the Green Revolution? (5) There was a large increase in the production of wheat. (2) Consequence: The rate of interest on such loans is very high. 2. Shop-keepers buy various goods and eatables in the cities and sell them through small general stores in the village. Value : (a) Low rate of interest. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. We link local priorities to global challenges, and our 2019-2024 strategy details how we will Make Change Happen, International Institute for Environment and Development, 80-86 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8NH, UKTel: +44 (0)20 3463 7399. 11. | Mention the season to which rabi crops belong to. (2) In many areas, especially in Punjab and Haryana, loss of soil fertility has been reported due to the increased use of chemical fertilizers. (3) Manufacturing activities are carried out mostly at home or in the fields with the help of family labour. They also use the savings to arrange for the working capital for farming in the next season. (3) Forward linkages of the non-fanning sector serve as inputs to other sectors. Where and why has the Green Revolution been started in India? Different production activities require different types of workers, such as highly educated, skilled or those doing some manual work. They are called skilled workers. Why are farm labourers paid less in Palampur? IIED, CARE and Eduardo Mondlane University are exploring ways to produce more evidence on sustainable agriculture in Mozambique. Land and labour. What problems do farm labourers face in terms of employment? They include rickshaw wallahs, tonga wallahs, jeep, tractor and truck drivers and those driving bullock cart and bogey. Explain. (2) Small-scale sector, especially in rural areas, needs to be protected by capital investment restrictions so that they are not taken away by corporates. To grow more than one crop on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping. Explain any five efforts which can be made to increase non-farming production activities in villages. (2) There are certain areas where rainfall is adequate but is concentrated in a short period of the year. (3) Electricity came early to Palampur. 9. There are two types of physical capital: (i) Fixed Capital: Tools, machines, buildings can be used in production over many years, and are called fixed capital. Organic Farming Modern Methods of Farming. (3) A farm labourer might be employed on a daily basis or for one particular season or for a particular farm activity like harvesting or the whole year. The clay used by a potter is an example of which type of capital? 7. Explain the term physical capital. Explain. stands for High Yielding Varieties of seeds. (2)(i) The consumption of chemical fertilizers in Punjab is the highest in the country. State any four requirements needed for the production of goods and services. (5) The first few tubewells were installed by the government. Ans. The major rabi crop in India is wheat. (ii) This led to higher income growth and reduced poverty. Suggest any three ways to sustain the land. The first requirement is land and other natural resources such as water, forests, minerals. warning Report Error. 17. 4. 23. In the village Palampur, from whom do the small farmers use to borrow money to arrange capital? “Scientific reports indicate that modern farming methods have overused the natural resource base.” Explain the statement with five examples. Fanning is the major economic activity of people in Palampur.

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