(My family is already asking to have it again.). We already cut back on the sugar, but we should have also used a low sodium soya sauce. The dish turned out great! Sauce thickened , meat was tender. The sauce looks amazing! Added to sauce on stove. I only have one problem, the sauce NEVER thickened and I have no idea why I added a bit of cornstarch but it didn’t help any, other than that no complains except my meat wasn’t very tender after cooking it. Thank you, This is by far the BEST recipe I have ever had! I love it, Thanks. I really wish people would comment on how this recipe came out rather than saying how great it looks and will try it later. Very tasty dish and mouth-watering photos! Came out amazing. To my surprise it was very easy and so tasteful. We love Mongolian beef! I was wondering if I could also cook the beef in my fryer instate? It closely resembles grilling it and will cook really quickly! Place on a plate over cooked rice and enjoy. Thank you for posting!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Thank you . Some of the really long pieces I cut in half to make them more bite-sized. Toss flank steak with cornstarch and let sit 10 to 15 minutes. Hi, I made this recipe and while I loved the flavor and the meat came out nice and tender, my sauce never thickened up. How about does it taste good? That is what I need to know. It doesn’t seem the oil is used in the actual dish, just to cook/fry the meat to make it crispy. Hi Katy! Chang’s Mongolian Beef…..you will love this one. Any way to cut back on the oil? Hope that helps! It is absolutely amazing and I had a very happy family last night:) Thank you so much! 7. I found a clip on You Tube from PF Chang’s showing how they make theirs and they added some sesame oil right before plating. Then pour off oil. I wanted to try Mongolian beef for a while Yummy! Crispy but tender pieces of beef coated in a thick, sweet and a little salty sauce. I have made this many times before using a different recipe. Wow! But this was definitely a home run with my picky family! I used flap meat instead of flank steak and it was delicious. It is way to sugary…once I read 3/4 cup of brown sugar the recipe lost me…cooked it ate it, spiced it up a little more to cut the sugar…I’m guessing the sugar is what keeps all the people coming back for more, right? I’ll be bookmarking this to make it again. Chang’s … Add some red pepper flakes if you want to balance the sweetness with some heat. I baked my beef in oven 450 degrees until brown, turned pieces over and cooked until well brown. This is going into the weeknight steady rotation! The only thing I get from PF Chang’s is this and I feel like I was there while eating this. Trust me it’s delicious…..I’m a serious Foodie. I’m actually going to PF Chang’s tomorrow night for dinner, though I’ve never had their mongolian beef before! Deeeelicious! If you like P.F. Fantastic recipe; both husband and daughter raved about it. I grilled my meat instead of frying. Was a little to sweet but that’s ok. I’m making this next week — it looks irresistible! Yum! Will definitely be making it again . Didn’t season the meat and when combined with the sauce found it was not overly salty. My husband likes PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef and Beef ala Sichuan. I used a roast and so doubled the sauce, I don’t think I needed to do that. Place meat back in pan along with sauce and cook over medium heat for 1 minute, stirring to coat meat. Thanks so much – excellent job! You don’t have to eat at PF Chang’s to enjoy a fabulously delicious Mongolian Beef. or until the beef just begins to darken on the edges. Much too sweet for my taste. Followed the directions to the letter. My name is Christin and trying new foods and experimenting in the kitchen are my greatest passions. 8.5 g I will certainly make it again with that adjustment! Vegetable oil is the worst and most stinky oil you can use though. This looks so saucy and sticky — the best way! Just coated it really good and fried it in my wok. No, it doesn’t have alcohol in it. Thank you for sharing this! Thanks. You can also get away with less oil if you want to. It is definitely being added to my favorite dinners file! I think adding broccoli would have been ok. I do not think it is too sweet I think the flavors balance themselves out. It’s good to make this recipe more well-known because it’s a good recipe, but give the creator credit where credit is due. Add soy sauce, water, and brown sugar. Cut the sugar down to 2Tbs and then you will have something. If you tend to not like salty foods, try using low sodium soy sauce. We will definitely be eating this regularly. Never had real PF Changs before, I’ve tried the frozen stuff but I know it wouldn’t be the same. It was pretty messy frying the meet so I too wonder about broiling or grilling without the cornstarch (or arrowroot). I do have a pretty strong sweet tooth. My sauce also didn’t thicken on it’s own. Partially frozen, cut on the bias. PfChangs does it well and this copy looks amazing! Yay for homemade copycat recipes . I must have done something wrong. Loved this! This recipe looks fantastic!!! My family loved it so much that we don’t have any leftovers! I favor a savory dish so I could see lessening the sugar, but I think everyone else in my family favors sweet.

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