You should clean the pre-filter when F0 is displayed on your air purifier… What do the codes on my Philips Air Purifier mean? ... Code: F0 Clean the … 8956 on Lowest price of Philips AC 1217 Portable Room Air Purifier was obtained on 25 Nov 2020 Latest price of Philips AC 1217 Portable Room Air Purifier … * Finally, a True HEPA … Your Philips Air Purifier gives you reassurance by displaying indoor air quality codes in real time. Buy Philips AC 1217 Portable Room Air Purifier for Rs. First, a pre-filter removes large particles, then an active carbon filter removes odors and VOCs. Your Philips Air Purifier’s pre-filter (C in the image shown above) is washable and should be cleaned every month to ensure its optimal functioning. The Philips Air Purifier’s multi-layer filtration system is one reason why it’s so effective. Discover what the codes mean.

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