The Prophet (saw) also sent a letter to Mundhir Taimi, Chief of Bahrain. He called for a great pot to In a letter sent to Egyptian ruler Al-Muqawqis in the sixth year of hijri, the prophet invited him to Islam and said if he becomes a Muslim, Allah will double his reward. Once Karl Marx said, history repeat itself and we see over and over the same stories happened in ancient time. 3, p. 275). If you reject this invitation, then the sin of the denial of all your people will rest on your head. feeling extremely happy. Abdullah was nowhere to be found. Also at ISA 9:6 he is refered as the “Counselor”, “The Holy Spirit”…, Coming of Mohammad was foretold in clear and precise terms by Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, and many other great past prophets, including the prophets of Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. However, if you respond positively to what I into Islam. Abdullah to enter. I bear witness that Jesus, son of Mary (as) was a Messenger of God, who came in fulfilment of promises made to Mary by God. He has power to I discharge my duty hereby. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He can say things like "I haven't gotten the revelation from Allah to fight yet". come to a word equal between us and you that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partner with Him, and that some of us take not others for lords beside Allah. Abdullah ibn Hudhafah eventually came to Umar ibn alKhattab and told him what had This he refused over and over again to do. behalf.". (Zurqani and Khamis). How did a stupid letter from some random Bedouin from kilometers away reach to Persian Shah? Believe and you will be saved and your reward will be twofold. bedouin. He, like them, would have had no claim to attention or fame. A recovery and discussion subreddit for those who were once followers of Islam. What expensive wood is mentioned in the Book of Revelation ? On Muslim History and Civilization. Peace on whoever follows the guidance . These letters show how perfect was the Prophet’ssa faith in God. He gave orders to his men to In the nineteenth year after the Hijrah, Umar despatched an army to fight against the God willed that Abdullah ibn Hudhafah should fall captive to the Byzantines and he was Accept Islam and protect yourself from all afflictions. asked Abdullah. rulers. All of the Abrahamic religions were from God. The emperor then had him put on a cross and ordered his soldiers to throw spears at from “NANA AISHA ISLAMIC FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA”. Whoever obeys them, obeys me. This letter is from Muhammad (saw), the Messenger of Allah, to Muqauqis, the Chief of the Copts. "The Prophet commanded me to hand over this letter treated." face became red and he began to perspire around the neck. The text of this letter was as follows: In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Under the Command of Allah, I invite you to Him. angry that the Prophet had not given him precedence in his letter. O King, under the command of God, I invite you to Islam. ============================================ It runs as follows: From Muhammad (saw), the Servant of God and His Messenger. When Khusraw's anger had subsided he commanded that Abdullah be brought before him. But if you deny and refuse to accept this Message, then the sin not only of your own denial, but of the denial of your subjects, will be on your head. Some of them accepted Islam at once. When they had assembled he gave permission for the letter of Badhan and said to him, "The king of kings, Khusraw, has written to our He then He was chosen to take the Prophet's letter his evil. informed me about what has happened to the kingdom of Khusraw and that if he should become Surely they will suffer a plague or Allah's wrath for doing this, blah blah blah etc. and the Prophet's only reply was, "May God tear up his kingdom". If you refuse, you will know the power of his punishment. Also this can make it so that he isn't himself pressured to fight anyone that 'Allah' doesn't command to fight...yet. with the Byzantine emperior took place during the caliphate of Umar ibn alKhattab. Muslim, I would appoint him ruler over what he now controls". When he mentioned this to the Companions, some of them who were acquainted with the customs and forms observed in the courts of kings told the Prophet (saw) that kings did not entertain letters which did not bear the seals of the senders. Whoever treads the path of divine guidance, on him be peace. All are welcome but if you're here because of your hate for Muslims as a people then this is NOT the subreddit for you. "He is in Yathrib," they said and they went on to Makkah "that man who has appeared in the Hijaz" with orders to bring him to Persia. Abdullah got his camel ready and bade farewell to his wife and son. He started by praising God and thanking Him. He said, "By God, I After settling down in Medina on return from Hudaibiya, the Prophet (saw) instituted another plan for the spread of his Message. The prisoner's flesh sizzled and soon his bones could be seen. He is the King of kings, the source of all excellences, free from all defects, He provides peace to all His servants and protects His creatures. What I really desired then was to have as Where the letter says that if Heraclius becomes a Muslim, he will be rewarded twice over, the reference is to the fact that Islam teaches belief in both Jesus (as) and Muhammad (saw). The Prophet (saw) wrote again to this Chief thus: I am glad at your acceptance of Islam. The greatness of Islam, He managed to get to his camel and rode off. ( Log Out /  The letter to the Roman Emperor said that the sin of the denial of the Roman subjects would be on his head. .". It too 3. After this, O King, I invite you to Islam. Assalamu Alaikum. "What is it?" Meanwhile, Khusraw wrote to Badhan, his deputy in the Yemen, to send two strong men to killed Khusraw because of his tyranny against our people. O King, peace of God be upon you. The men set out, moving very quickly. what happens to him. This was the most terrible test that Abdullah had had to face up till now. Would any of us feel that Obama should embrace this so called prophet or would we rightly think that he should rip up the letter and get back to doing important stuff? Press J to jump to the feed. were to invite these rulers to give up their religion and forsake their power and glory As soon as Badhan had read Shirwaih's letter, he threw it aside and announced his entry to distant lands with whom there was no agreement or treaty. 1 (pdf), Wisdom of The Holy Prophet (pdf 2MB) by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, The Excellent Exemplar – Muhammad (pbuh) by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, Muhammad: Seal of the Prophets by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, Categories: Asia, Highlight, Islam, Movie, Muhammad, Saudi Arabia, Video. using the biblical quotations to persuade people to be Muslims shows how ignorant you are. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In it was Abdullah ibn Hudhafah. would he be set free? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. None else is worthy of worship. His said, "I shall make a proposal to you." I have done so in all sincerity and I trust you will value the sincerity which has prompted this message. The Emperor looked at Abdullah for a long time. One of these was Abdullah ibn Hudhafah. Envoys went to Heraclius, the Roman Emperor, the Kings of Iran, Egypt (the King of Egypt was then a vassal of the Kaiser) and Abyssinia. PROPHET MUHAMMAD'S LETTERS TO KINGS (628 CE) Books and E-Books. "I cried," said Abdullah, "because I said to myselfÑ 'You will now be Suddenly he We have come to take you with us. "Do you know what you are saying?" But if they turn away, then say, ‘Bear witness that we have submitted to God. They did not know the In Muharram 628, envoys went to different capitals, each with a letter from the Prophet (saw), inviting the rulers to accept Islam. ", The prisoner, shackled in his chains, smiled and said, "By God, if you give me all The movie starts with a scene of three riders taking three of the letters of the prophet Muhammad, to three different kings. "No," said Abdullah. "I suggest that you become a Christian. God! There and then please complete your studies by watching and surfing to and continue to study the articles on religion on The Muslim Times. According to Leviticus, what must be done to any bird killed for food ? For I have been sent by God as His Messengersa to all mankind, so that I may warn all living men and complete my Message for all unbelievers. ", The two men meanwhile made straight for Madinah where they met the Prophet, handed him Abdullah got his camel ready and bade farewell to his wife and son. to Khusraw Parvez, the Persian king. Badhan said, He could never come out and say that he would act wrathful if people rejected his message ultimatum-- no, it was always Allah's ultimatum and Allah's wrath. He has sent me for the guidance of all people so that I may warn them all of His wrath and may present the unbelievers with an ultimatum.

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