Source: St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station. I read conflicting information online. make very nice shade trees, are excellent timber specimens, and also produce delicious nuts for eating by humans, birds, and squirrels alike.Keep reading to learn how to prune a walnut … But pruning can also cause a tree to grow more slowly by removing part of its food manufacturing plant, the crown. More... Information adapted from Walnut Notes, Burde, E. Lucy, 1988. Pruning walnut trees help shape and train them to grow in a desired pattern. Thinning a walnut stand can greatly increase its value by making all the moisture, nutrients, and light available to a few high-quality trees and by removing the low-quality trees. If deer damage is a serious problem, you may need to install fencing or consider deer repellents in the short run. That said, there are no commonly known issues (insect or diseases) with pruning … Managing deer damage is important to allow newly planted seedlings to get above the browse line. In fact, I expect more trees have been pruned during this time frame than all other times of year combined. Crop tree management (CTM) is a relatively simple and easy to use tree management system well-suited to small woodland ownerships. Keep these pointers in mind: NOTE: This is part 7 in a series of 10 articles. Prune the tree when it is 1-2 years old into the central leader position. More... Fertilization is perhaps the least understood of all the cultural practices associated with managing black walnut trees. For a complete background on how to grow walnut trees… Weeds affect black walnut trees the same way they affect other crops. There are many questions about how to prune a black walnut tree. After trees have been planted there are a few management techniques that will ensure the most productive and healthy crop. Pruning walnut trees (grown for nuts or wood) takes place when the trees are still in dormancy. Comparison of Commercial Deer Repellents (USDA APHIS, July 2001). Taking does is critical to control the herd size. To make the most of their potential value, you'll need to give these trees some “elbow room” from nearby trees and vegetation that compete with them for moisture, nutrients, and growing space. You should also observe that the younger branches of walnut trees … Black walnut trees generally grow singly or in clumps in natural stands. The professional world is merely divided on the best time at which to conduct the pruning. More... Thinning is one of the most important silvicultural practices available to tree growers. For further information, Planting and Care of Fine Hardwood Seedlings is a series of 20+ guides developed by the Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center. As stated in the Planting Walnut Trees guide, commercial walnut growers often plant densely a great number of trees, so that in 8-12 years they can start thinning some of them (remove them from the orchard) and keep the most vigorous and healthy trees. I have 2 large trees that are multi-trunked, and I plan on reducing each to a single trunk. The ideal ground cover in a black walnut plantation would be similar to that in a dense mature forest or mixed black walnut stand. Thinning reduces competition, allowing the best trees to get the resources, but early on that competition is critical to force the trees to grow straighter with few branches, so timing is critical. At this point, you can begin shaping the tree into the central leader position. The tree will still use these "temporary branches" to add taper (diameter) and strength to the trunk of the tree. The tree will still use these "temporary branches" to add taper (diameter) and strength to the trunk of the tree. More... Has your plantation or natural stand of black walnut trees stopped growing rapidly enough in height and/or diameter to meet your objectives? That is why I found it interesting to devote a small section to answering this query. Pruning removes weak or dead branches that either take away from the overall shape of the tree or would not be strong enough to support a heavy load of nuts.

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