Psalm 139:23-24. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. David says, elsewhere, "Who can understand his errors? 23 Search me, ( A) God, and know my heart; ( B) test me and know my anxious thoughts. "Calvin's Commentary on the Bible". They would rather have those chastisements which prove they are children and not bastards, than walk in a flesh-pleasing way of which the end is eternal damnation. 1840-57. Who knows what it is to face himself? "Commentary on Psalms 139:23". "In my own light also, for all the light that is in them is borrowed from me". Notice that God searches your heart. "Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers". He will have God himself search him, and search him thoroughly, till every point of his being is known, and read, and understood; for he is sure that even by such an investigation there will be found in him no complicity with wicked men. And know my heart - Know or see all that is within it. The folly of the first kind of hypocrisy is there set forth by reflections on God's omniscience and omnipresence, which are celebrated in as noble strains of poetry as any other I ever met with, either sacred or profane. May we come to a deeper awareness of the beautiful attributes of our glorious God – for He is the only source of grace and truth, mercy and love, peace and hope – salvation for the soul and life eternal. that I hate wicked men merely for their wickedness; and for no self-respect have I thus cast down the gauntlet of defiance unto them, and bidden them battle. David is no accomplice with traitors. "Commentary on Psalms 139:23". -- Henry Melvill. David knew that he was surrounded by wicked men and evil enemies, whose hatred of our amazing and glorious God was diametrically opposite to David’s depth and devotion for his Lord. https: He cannot look upon sin; and how can a human heart welcome him into its secret chambers? Proud member David was a diligent self searcher, and therefore he was so willing to be searched, yea, he delighted to be searched by God; and that not (as was said) because himself had done it already, but also because he knew God could do it better. It would need, we believe, a very high degree of piety to be able to put up with sincerity the prayers of our text. Indeed we think there is. But he knew that any anxious thoughts that were concealed within could not be hidden from the penetrating gaze of His God and Saviour. He is not yet so pure; and well he knows it. So that every step you take you have to examine, and weigh it whether it be of God. 2 You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. Thus at times they can feel good spring out of their exercises, and would rather be all their days a tempted, tried people, and bear those things which God inflicts, than walk in a path which seems right in the eyes of a Prayer of Manasseh , and at the end find eternal destruction. Those who are most eminent for piety are most conversant with God; and, for this reason, they become most conversant with themselves. He would not take anything upon trust, especially that which is of such moment. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". The eyes of the just Avenger I cannot endure to be in this place of sin; but the eye of the compassionate Physician I shall gladly admit into this place of disease; for he comes from heaven to earth that he may heal such sin sick souls as mine. David had tried himself, and he would again be tried by God, that he, being better tried, might become yet better. When he slew a lion in the way, when he successfully encountered a bear, when he went out to meet the giant Goliath, he gave undoubted proofs of courage; but never did he display such signal intrepidity as when he determined to look into his own heart. "Commentary on Psalms 139:23". Salem Media Group. David was aware that fear of his enemies and other worries and tension that disquieted his heart, could only be calmed by God. All Rightes Reserved, Larry Pierce, Winterbourne, Ontario.A printed copy of this work can be ordered from: The Baptist Standard Bearer, 1 Iron Oaks Dr, Paris, AR, 72855. He presents his prayer to God himself. "Commentary on Psalms 139:23". Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. Thank You that You are the all-powerful God Who has promised to help and protect us; uphold and support us; sustain and defend us; comfort and equip us – heal and help us. But there is another kind of hypocrisy, which differs from both of these: I mean that hypocrisy by which a man does not only deceive the world, but very often imposes on himself; that hypocrisy which conceals his own heart from him, and makes him believe he is more virtuous than he really is, and either not attend to his vices, or mistake even his vices for virtues. https: For be sure of this, if you do really and earnestly ask God to "search" you, he will do it. He alone is the One Who is able to still our troubled thoughts and bring peace into our anxious minds. As every individual must know his sins at some period, a wise man will seek to know them here, because the present is the only time in which to glorify God, by confessing, by renouncing, by overcoming them. Seeing David knew that God had searched him, what needed he to pray that God would search him? (23) Search.—The same word with which the psalm opens. This well-loved, and oft recited Psalm of David, opens our understanding to the greatness and majesty of our awesome God. It reminds us that God knows every aspect of our lives and is … The idea is, Search me thoroughly; examine not merely my outward conduct, but what I think about; what are my purposes; what passes through my mind; what occupies my imagination and my memory; what secures my affections and controls my will. See the notes at that verse. Presumption is but a counterfeit, and cannot abide to be tried: 1 Peter 1:7 . How can the blazing fire welcome the quenching water? Others think the allusion is to a bad conscience, which afflicts the wicked with inward torments, but this is a forced interpretation. ( C) in me, and lead me. https: He insists upon this as being the only cause why he opposed the despisers of God, that he himself was a genuine worshipper of God, and desired others to possess the same character.

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