Drawing on the psychology literature on risk, prospect theory and the threat-rigidity thesis, we argue that strategic change and conformity are influenced by the risk perceptions of top management teams, This paper reports on completed work carried out in the framework of the INTERA project, and specifically, on the production of multilingual resources (LRs) for eContent purposes. words, this perspective provides a unified framework for conceptualizing both the Department of Linguistics and English Language, BYU . The final part presents a vision of the next generation of educational reforms, which may enable innovation diffusion, rather than hamper it. It is assumed that teachers are more likely to accept or apply the new approach if the new philosophy is concordant with their existing beliefs. Please contact the publisher regarding any further use of this work. extent to which these innovations have actually been implemented. If this is the first time you use this feature, you will be asked to authorise Cambridge Core to connect with your account. Children have an easier time learning a second language, but anyone can do it at any age. The Role of the First Language in Second Language Acquisition 64 6. chapter begins by providing a discussion of investigations that have been conducted We hypothesise that housing providers with an ethos akin to initiators' values will more likely become (and stay) involved in collaborative housing, as compared to mainstream providers. I'm interested in finding out how teachers achieve instruction giving sequences as an instance of local educational order, using CA as the methodology of choice. viewed as a problem-solving or research-in-action activity, closely linked to students’ learning and Some core competences that all teachers need include: (1) sound Their difficulties and confusion in realizing their beliefs in practice, in turn, lead to their faith in TBLT philosophy having a peripheral status in their belief system. Introduction As the paper will illustrate, Also, the dissemination articles generally fail to bridge the gap between research and educational practice. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. We explore, first, the readiness of an innovation to be, Many European countries are experiencing a recent (re)emergence of collaborative housing, such as co-housing, housing co-operatives and other forms of collective self-organised housing. INTRODUCTION The study also examined whether any of the observed constructs could predict L2 speaking proficiency in terms of complexity, accuracy, or fluency. Furthermore, the Interaction Hypothesis (Long, 1996) states that through interaction, learners negotiate for meaning and receive feedback which pushes them to modify their language in such a way that makes it comprehensible. Language Acquisition News. Although it is referred as Second Language Acquisition, it is the process of learning any language after the first language whether it … As a matter of both theoretical and practical interest, much of the research in this domain has examined the relationship between anxiety and L2 achievement. The results, consistent with other studies, suggest that teachers are critical articles and negatively valued the lack of usefulness of the results, criticize the language used, they consider that studies are of little interest and low quality. In the second part they examine recent educational reforms in the US and Russia. Before the exploration of English article acquisition by ELLs, it is essential to review the major studies that relate to the acquisition of English articles by L1 learners. Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. Then enter the ‘name’ part of your Kindle email address below. professional development, collaboration, diversity and inclusion; (7) the capability of adapting Despite the abundant studies on second language (L2) acquisition (Geranpayeh, 2000), the literature has yet revealed limited studies on article acquisition by ELLs. have developed any familiarity with the voluminous literature that already exists in Albania do a year professional practice, where a mentor has a significant role during Participants (n = 55) were exposed to Spanish direct-object pronouns under external or internal attentional manipulations, which were implemented through textual input enhancement or structured input practice, respectively. In both cases, the group of residents that initiated the project partnered-up with established housing providers, who facilitated access to key resources and professional expertise. Second Language Acquisition (SLA) refers to the study of how students learn a second language (L2) additionally to their first language (L1). Half the words were semantically related to each other while the other half were not. Overall, findings may inform theoretical perspectives on attention and elucidate cognitive processes related to L2 instruction. This study attempts to examine the prospect of TBLT application in CSL teaching by exploring the extent to which TBLT philosophy has found its way into CSL teachers’ beliefs. or stakeholder’s confidence that any application based on them can have progress. This chapter explores the distributional properties of three types of constructions (Verb-Locative, Verb Object Locative, and Verb Object Object ditransitive) as associations of form and function by means of a corpus analysis of verb selection preferences in 100 million words of usage and with the semantic network structure of the verbs in these VACs. Results and conclusions of the paper showed The role of formulaic language has generally received only marginal attention within linguistic and second language acquisition theory While there has been continuing interest in the phenomenon, no coherent overall model has yet emerged. The proposed framework is applied to two examples of collaboration for housing co-production between residents’ groups and established housing providers in Vienna and Lyon, respectively. Scaffolding is one of the key dimensions of the sociocultural theory that has been proposed in a substantial body of work as a potential metaphor for promoting second language (L2) learning. These robust patterns of usage might therefore provide the Common Ground to facilitate processes of syntactic and semantic bootstrapping. In the field of second language acquisition (SLA), how specific aspects of learning a non-native language (L2) may be affected by when the process begins is referred to as the ‘age factor’. Ideal L2 self/own, ought L2 self/other, and ideal L2 self/other were the next predictors in order of strength. Krashen originally formulated the input hypothesis as just one of the five hypotheses, but over time the term has come to refer to the five hypotheses as a group. Research on how managers influence strategic change and conformity has largely ignored the role of risk perceptions in strategic choices as they have focused on some notions of ‘objective’ risk.

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