It’s very difficult to call a winner in a category in which the sound is so dependent on the source. Als Firma steht nur eines für uns im Mittelpunkt: Sie als Kunde. Podcasts im Homestudio auf­zu­zeichnen, ist gar nicht so schwer. It has its cardioid pattern as one of its impressive features. cause it seems like that's the best out of those 3. Guess what? I’m on a mission to help music creators to create fine music that help them position uniquely in the saturated music space. The total amount came to £240. This is how we manage to create free content for you. (0 members and 1 guests), There are 10 types of people...those who understand binary and those who don't. On the other side, the lows sound fuller and more defined, making the microphone’s all-around sound more pleasing when first set up. Reason I'm asking is because I bought the SM58 off of eBay, and was sent the Sennheiser mic instead. The Beta 58A is brighter, but not as smooth sounding as the e835. Needless to say, the Shure SM58 is built to last a lifetime, and many will end up keeping theirs for that long. After all my experience with using everything from radio shack to Audio tecnica. Take a bit of getting used to but I guess that is one of the techniques that I should master. I’ve owned and used both of these mics for years before I was ever a gear reviewer. While mainly used on vocals in a live application, both microphones should be able to be thrown on any source and still get great sound quality. To add on to my earlier message the Sennheiser E845 is indeed a very awesome Mic, especially for female voices and is a lot clearer then the SM58, the SM58 is a great jam or gig mic though because its built like a bloody tank. (except for special cases). There is a presence boost, a flat frequency in the midrange and a roll-off in the lows. Many polls indicate audio is a huge factor that keeps viewers. Cool ! Click to check best price . Wir sind selbst Musiker und teilen die Leidenschaft für's Musizieren mit Ihnen. Or... take everything I say with a grain of salt. Unless something/someone is right next to me, it picks up nothing but my voice. What kind of seller was it? While this could easily be called a draw again, I’m going to give the win to the Sennheiser e835. Coupled my new microphone cable Whirlwind (priced at S$55, supposed to be one of the best and I have left it in my store room for months) with my new Sennhesier e845, the result is simply stunning. Dieser Artikel ist auf Lager und kann sofort verschickt werden. It is then equalized using Voice Meeter Banana (a free program). I agree with the price differences. Each microphone has its strong suits for different sources and if you’re fortunate enough to own both, you can experiment and find what you like. You mentioned you are in a noisy environment. Female. Beta 58A on the other hand is brighter and cuts through the mix even harder, and sounds very unlike the old muddy SM58. A lot of ppl like the AT2020, but it really didn't suit my needs without a lot of tweaking. The $99 handheld dynamic market is vast beyond all measure with offers not only from Shure and Sennheiser, but also from Blue, Rode, AKG, Audix, and many, many more. Sennheiser e835 is equipped with a hum compensating coil that isolates handling noise, while Shure SM57 features a pneumatic shock-mount system to cut down handling noise. I ran this with a Rhode NT1A and could achieve near studio quality recording. I’m in the same situation and I’m probably gonna get a SM58 but my question is do I need something like a Scarlett 2i2 or can I just get a XLR to USB. Choraufnahmen stellen immer eine Her­aus­for­de­rung dar, auch wenn es anfänglich nicht danach aussieht. But if you’re looking for a more sensitive, versatile mic: treat yourself! The Shure SM58 uses a Cardioid polar pattern, and because of this it’s easy to find the “sweet spot” of the microphone… it’s practically a straight line to the center of the grill! For streaming, I used to use that same NT1A with a Scarlett2i2 interface and had pretty solid quality. You know the story: hard rock singers know all too well about singing in a bar and putting their mouth right on an SM58. But how does the Shure stack up with regards to sound quality?

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