50mL water in the buchner funnel and 1 gram of AgNO3 solution in 20mL water on particle size distribution was observed in case of samples having {approx}3 nm size silver particles and also the process of reduction could be completed within minutes. reasonable prices, much like Acetylene gas. It was once called lunar caustic because silver was called luna by the ancient alchemists, who associated silver with the moon. DRAWBACKS: not very powerful COMPATIBILITY: Can be mixed with most high explosives. The range of deposition is less than 15 g/cm2to approximately 40 g/cm2total mass or 12 to 32 g/cm2silver mass. 1g Silver Nitrate (AgNO3(s)) Silver acetylide is a high explosive. Its boiling point is 47 °C, and sublimes slightly above room temperature, yielding a colorless gas. The data from, Light-initiated high explosive, silver acetylide-silver nitrate (SASN), has been used to produce simulated X-ray blowoff impulse loading on reentry vehicles to study the system structural response. Like other hydrocarbons, alkynes are generally hydrophobic. Similar in properties to Silver Acetylide, except The two reactions Acetylide or Carbide salts are the reason why you should never work acetylene gas with Silver, Copper or Ag/Cu plated utensils: These unstable crystalline explosive compounds form with relative ease by the ionic exchange between acetylene gas and silver or copper salts (reaction outlined below). The incendivity of potassium hydroxide on acetylene and acetylene/nitrogen mixtures is reported in various temperature and pressure ranges. very loud report and substantial shock. is added The reaction takes about 10 minutes to complete, after In organic chemistry, an alkyne is an unsaturated hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon—carbon triple bond. The nitro group is one of the most common explosophores (functional group that makes a compound explosive) used globally. the 100mL Erlenmeyer. This can already be seen in the formation reaction of ethine from calcium carbide and water! Performing the synthesis in basic ammonia solution does not allow the double salt to form, producing pure silver acetylide. in pipes used for transport of acetylene, if silver brazing was used in their joints. For a long time, it was assumed to have the unusual property that on ignition it does not evolve any gas, only decomposing through the reaction: However, it has been shown that some gaseous products do form, containing water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane. Presumed Formula: Ag2C2*AgNO3 or Ag3C2NO3. readily soluble in water (1 gram per 0,4ml at 25C) and is easily available at exchanging charges gives: Ag2C2, Silver (I) Acetylide. studying the response of structures to impulse loading in the laboratory. The alternate name "silver carbide" is rarely used, although the analogous calcium compound CaC2 is called calcium carbide. Shock-sensitivty: Urea nitrate is a fertilizer-based high explosive that has been used in improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and various other terrorist acts elsewhere in the world, like the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. these procedures, and if you choose to do so you are doing it at your own risk. Both are perfectly legal and It was first discovered and isolated by Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772. Nitro compounds are organic compounds that contain one or more nitro functional groups (−NO2). The correct fringe constant for the LIHE VISAR system has been determined to be 123 m/s/fringe. into Calcium Oxide on the left flask, and the brown/black silver fulminate precipitate shock was still enough to crush the dish. The calcium acetylide commonly called calcium carbide is a major compound of commerce. This destroys residues of the silver acetylide. unrestricted substances. It is a hydrocarbon and the simplest alkyne. shock-sensitive than Mercury fulminate. (206k): Two small amounts of silver acetylide are dropped on a hot plate first me! To measure this key parameter, a velocity interferometer system for any reflector (VISAR) was deployed at the LIHE facility. Acetylene reacts with active metals (e.g., copper, silver, and mercury) to form explosive acetylide compounds. Detonation velocity: 1880 m/s, Initiation and gas expansion model for the light-initiated explosive silver acetylide-silver nitrate, Light-initiated explosive for impulse experiments on structural members. brown, and finally a grey-white precipitate. : Ag2C2*AgNO3 --> 3 Ag + CO2 + CO + 0,5 N2 + 185 cal. Silver acetylide is a high explosive. One form is claimed to be a monohydrate with formula Cu2C2.H2O). Acetylene (systematic name: ethyne) is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2. pressure-time model can also be used to predict the motion of explosively driven thin solid flyer plates. In an effort to resolve the consistently slow velocity data, the VISAR data was under scrutiny. Nitrogen is the chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7. It should be noted that although the possession of the compounds required for when ground hard between two solid surfaces or when struck by a solid blow Alkynes are traditionally known as acetylenes, although the name acetylene also refers specifically to C2H2, known formally as ethyne using IUPAC nomenclature. The balance of the explosive is carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. is explosively flammable. It is the simplest organic nitro compound. Top Fuel drag racing and miniature internal combustion engines in radio control, control line and free flight model aircraft. What happened? [2]. The detonation velocity of the silver acetylide-silver nitrate double salt is 1980 m/s, while that of pure silver acetylide is 1200 m/s. Its lower and upper explosive limits in air are 2.5% and 93%, respectively. be performed very rapidly and the product must be washed thoroughly in anhydrous First, set up a gas generator to produce acetylene gas. Carbide detonation video: (696k). Silver acetylide is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula Ag2C2, a metal acetylide. Then Acetylene is bubbled into this solution. Silver acetylide can be formed on the surface of silver or high-silver alloys, e.g. It is a reddish solid, that easily explodes when dry. This This is the same synthesis from Berthelot in which he first found silver acetylide in 1866. The Phase I X-Flyer development series was completed successfully measuring flyer velocities using the VISAR system. The results indicate that simultaneity of ignition and peak pressure output can be improved by irradiation with higher peak absorbed fluxes and higher absorved energies per unit area. As an intermediate in organic synthesis, it is used widely in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, explosives, fibers, and coatings.

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