#18-22, CDC RS2, Don't be discouraged if you get no action at all through the afternoon. A habitat stamp is required to fish this area. Pink, Apricot, Nymph fishing has also been great! Olive, Black, Gray, #14-20, Egg Patterns, The Rainbows are beginning to move up river from 11 mile reservoir, and we are seeing some excellent early spring fishing. Olive, Brown, Parking is found along County Rd. #16-18, Perdigon Bullet Nymph, Black and Grey Sparkle Wing, What’s the Fishing Like at the Spinney Mountain Ranch Dream Stream in Colorado? The water is clear, so sight fishing is possible. This stretch of the South Platte River is prime trout habitat that includes riffles, runs, gravel bars, shelves, and undercut banks. Brown, Olive, Black, The crowds are already appearing so please be considerate to your fellow anglers and remember to stay away from actively spawning fish and respect the Redds. Expect the river to be crowded this time of year and remember good stream-side etiquette when you are fishing. Red, Pink, Wine, #20-24, San Juan Worms, BWOs are also appearing in the last few weeks and the trico spinner fall continues to be prevalent on the non-windy mornings. Rising temperatures slow down the catch rate during the mid day hours, but the fishing during the early mornings and late evening has been solid with several hatches occurring simultaneously. Surface activity has been plentiful on non-windy days. #4-8, Mini Leeches, 59 above Spinney Reservoir with only limited access to restrooms and campgrounds. Red, Black, #20-22, JuJu Flash Baetis, by danny | Jul 20, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. Fly Fishing Report for the South Platte River in Colorado. If you are heading to the Dream Stream, be prepared for heavy crowds. When exploring the angling opportunities that Colorado has to offer, the Colorado River Basin is a must visit area. Here are some of our recommended patterns: If you haven't fished the Dream Stream recently, you're missing out on some terrific winter fishing! Not much has changed in terms of the fly selection, with midges and Baetis dries and emergers being the most effective. Trico activity has been very strong, and there are still lingering Caddis, Terrestrials, and some Midges starting up. Winter Conditions - You can force it if you really want to but, it would be wise to check other options. Flows are holding fairly steady at 229 c.f.s., which is higher than normal for this time of year. Warmer temperatures mean an increase in terrestrial activity. This section is the headwaters of the … Rising temperatures slow down the catch rate during the mid day hours, but the fishing during the early mornings and late evening has been great along the Dream Stream with several hatches occurring simultaneously. #14-18, Tail's-Up Trico, #16-20, Bead Head Pheasant Tail, Brown, Days with less wind have produced good midge hatches and the occasional fish feeding on the surface. Black, Gray, Grizzly, Olive, Brown, There are still plenty of food sources in the river with the most abundant being midges and baetis. Wait for the water to heat up a bit as we have seen very little feeding activity until 11am or so. If you see a splash tight to the bank, try a hopper or caddis. 59 above Spinney Reservoir with only limited access to restrooms and campgrounds. for the past month. Flows along the Dream Stream have been rapidly rising over the past week and are currently at 344 c.f.s. #18-22, Barr's BWO BH Emerger, After a late season run-off, flows are finally subsiding all along the South Platte River. Here are some of our favorite patterns to use right now.

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