Try them FREE. The speaking section of the TOEFL takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you like this page, please share! Tweet. About TOEFL Speaking Question Two. Question Bank for TOEFL® iBT Nov 4, 2020: We are experiencing some technical difficulties. This is how to score high in TOEFL Speaking question four. This question seems personal, but there’s really no time for self-reflection, and you don’t have time to really reflect on your opinions. Here’s how TOEFL speaking question two works: You will read a short campus announcement, an article in a campus newspaper, or a letter published in a campus newspaper. Look at this guide to TOEFL Speaking question 4 with sample questions, answers, and templates. You will be asked 6 speaking questions. You will have 50 seconds to read either an announcement or letter to a campus newspaper talking about a change to the university’s policies. See our new 2019 TOEFL Speaking questions and past TOEFL questions, with sample answer scripts and audio recording. TOEFL Speaking question four requires active listening, summarizing well, and speaking naturally. TOEFL iBT® Speaking Section Academic Speaking Skills. Ultimately, Speaking Task 1 is the most fast-paced question in the whole TOEFL Speaking section. The questions, answers, and explanations were created by TOEFL Experts with many years of experience helping students AND writing Magoosh’s practice questions. The score of the speaking section of TOEFL is based on the candidate’s ability to read, listen, use good grammar, manage time, take notes, pronounce the word correctly and many other minute factors of assessment. TOEFL Practice Section 3: Speaking. TOEFL Speaking Independent Questions TOEFL Speaking Integrated Questions TOEFL Speaking Strategies. TOEFL Speaking Practice PDF (Questions & Answers) Part of what makes this resource so great is that it embodies all of the best parts of Magoosh’s premium prep. Start Your Free English Course Today! All it takes is practice and a little bit of knowledge. Footer. The question asks the test taker to summarize the lecture and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the examples and the overall topic. Share +1. The speaking section of TOEFL is approximately 17 to 20 minutes long wherein the candidate has to perform 4 tasks based on expressing an opinion on a familiar topic. It will describe some change that is happening, or it will propose some change. TOEFL Speaking question two has three parts. The first two are about familiar topics, and the other four are about short readings, lectures, and conversations. Now it’s time to move on to the integrated part of the TOEFL Speaking section, starting with question two. The TOEFL speaking section takes 17 minutes to complete and contains 4 sections. Share. The Independent task is not really an assessment of your life and opinions.

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