Founder of Kick Starter Business Studio - Business Ideas, Digital Marketing & Design Services under the roof of my own identity Krish Creator. So make sure your friend is waiting with a bottle of petrol outside the destination station so that you can take the bike parcel directly to your home. The best way to ship your motorcycle is by transporting it in a closed truck. Bike Parcel in Train across India? It will take around 5-7 Days depends upon your destination. Step #9: Once your bike reached the destination, you can collect your motorbike at the destination in 48 hours at any time in the destination parcel office. But make sure your vehicle is taped properly to avoid damages and clashes of vehicles. Then book it in. (-ve) Luggage Slot availability should be there on the train. Step #2: Check out the Bike parcel charges and the expected time of delivery/arrival of the bike to the railway parcel office representative/Staff. Make sure your bike is securely packed by that packer. Carry a Maker with you in order to create an identity mark for easy identification during the delivery. So our ideal recommendation shipment mode would be opting for Parcel by train. Kerela which place. Do you need Read more…, Do you do unreserved ticket booking often in railway station counters? They will use thick materials and bubble wraps over your bike to avoid damages. We hope this article will be more helpful for you. Before transporting Vehicle or bike on a train, if you are interested then you can check out the below checklist items so that you will get a better and clear idea on all your queries. A Luggage is like, taking the bike along with you on the same train you travel (i.e) Carrying your personal things along with you on the same train during travel, Parcel is like transporting bike to your respective destination through any train. Insurance is a must for bike relocation. 0471 - 2463799. However, factors like the bike model, climatic condition, and travelling distance will determine the charges accurately. So that you can easily identify your bike during delivery. but that might be really costly. Want to know OOTY STATION CODE ? 094470 71 021 . It is is one of the preferred ways to transport the bike from one place to a new city. Yes, if you are shipping your vehicle in India, then NOC certificate is required to shift. Here is an ultimate guide Read more…, How to Transport Bike By Train – In India, Which Transport Mode to Choose for Shipping – Luggage/Parcel, Pre-Request Checklist – Bike Parcel on Train, Steps to Parcel Bike & Transpont as Luggage, (+ve) Fastest mode of transport & Safer, since you are traveling on the same train, (+ve) Since you are traveling on the same train. All the documents below are mandatory in order to book your transportation service. * Bike transport from Bangalore to Kolkata cost starts at Rs. If you have any issues regarding the transporting of a bike from one place to another. Your Scotter will be safer & and also you can take the bike once you arrived at the destination. You cannot do bike parcel by train without RC & Insurance Paper, If you need the exact cost for your shipment, then check out the below official Indian Railway website, Suppose if the bike is lost because of a train accident or got damaged during the transportation then Indian railways will repay as per the declared value of goods, If you are unable to unload & collect the bike from the train at your destination station, then you can again. Great service. Are you looking or searching for the best way to do a bike parcel? Before receiving the laguage, they were very obliging and talked very responsibly, once after that , won't pick up the call, even if they pick up, they have multiple excuses for the delay to transport. Conclusion: In the past, If you are migrating to a new city, then you can choose the bike Shipment mode as Luggage and it’s possible to take the bike on the train along with you on the same train that you travel. Indian Railway is one of the biggest modes of transportation to carry out your luggage or goods. In Indian Railways, You can transport your bike from one place to another or do a bike parcel in two ways either as luggage or as a Parcel. Travel Tips. Step #3: You must have a train ticket to book it as a luggage. Ooty railway station is one of popular railway hill station in India. (i.e) Transporting your personal things as parcel through railway wagon. The distance slabs are in kilometers. Our customer trust us and our quality service speaks for us Bike transport by Train or any Two Wheeler is one of the most common sight we find all over the Indian Railways at any given point of time. The major advantages of bike transportation service in Bangalore like Bike transport Bangalore is providing infinite transportation of services for individuals centered on their particular needs. Also, you can’t travel with petrol filled in a bottle since it is a violation of rules. This prominent tourist destination is almost 300 kilometres from Bangalore..bengaluru. i donno..u should check with them coz i dont have much details. Feel free to comment on us. So that the bike will not be damaged during the train travel. Take the bike to the station you can ride it. Are you seeking information on Bike Parcel Charges & documents required to do your bike Parcel? Fuel Cell(Control Room) : 094477 61 864 . With both luggage and Parcel Options, you can able ship the scooter or two-wheeler vehicle from your place to a new city. Is the motorbike parcel charges are based on the distance that it travels by train? Step #6: Now pay the bike parcel charges through debit or credit card and collect the parcel booking receipt and keep it Safer. Step #1: Take your Bike, Go to the railway station parcel office which is usually located at the back of the railway reservation counters. For example, if the distance of transport is 290 km, and if your bike weighs about 100 kgs, you should pay Rs. Make sure you keep it safe because these two bill receipts are required to receive the bike parcel at the new city/destination. Do you have these questions, if so you are at the right place? Whats the Best way to transport a car or bike? (-ve) No need to book in advance. 4,500. This will highly help you in claiming the money in case of any unfortunate incidents. Is it possible to do motorcycle shifting or transferring through railway transport? Is there a railway station close by? Step #5: Go to Parcel office, the book put a value on your bike. At Moving Solutions we are committed to providing the best-quality home shifting services, car transportation services, and bike transportation services form Bangalore … Best Places in Kerala. Bike Transport from Bangalore to Some Other Cities of India. For each one, you can find the steps in detail below. Please find the bike transportation cost details below. (-ve) The bike shipment time will be more. "Software Engineer by Profession, Entrepreneur by Passion". Motor Bike or two-wheeler transportation is one of the parcel services provided by Indian Railways, which are less expensive than other parcel services.It is is one of the preferred ways to transport the bike from one place to a new city.

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