However, he slacked off in high school, didn’t work and didn’t even pa. A superstar basketball player in high school, Drew was crowned to be the next greatest thing since basketball genius Stephen Curry. By clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Now Drew faces a similar situation and he doesn't want to end up like Urban. Drew likes to shoot around at this place called Morrieson Park and there he meets a washed-up playground legend from Sacramento, Urban Shellings. One night he finds this man who looked homeless putting on a show on the court. Drew did not know who he was, and he let everyone take care of him, so he didn't really take care of himself. He meets a basketball legend who shows him the way to get out of trouble and make it to the pros so he doesn't end up like him. This all changed when he met Urban “Legend” Sellers, who like Robinson was on his way to becoming the next greatest thing when he was in high school. Drew was a very interesting character. . That is, until a washed-up former playground legend steps back onto the court and takes True under his wing. HIghly recommend. Because of his outstanding play, he becomes a bit arrogant, but learns from the best about why not to fall down that road. Even his mom’s job was given to her because of the amazing way he played. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Lupica is a very good author who can be understood well and is very talented at injecting details into his stories. Join Our Holiday House Virtual Event Featuring Author Demos, Book Recommendations, and More! [SPOILER ALERT] Found the ghost to be Urban Sellers (Legend), a former basketball player who had been consumed by drugs and not doing schoolwork was dr. Lupica is the greatest sportswriter for middle-grade readers, and this book, True Legend, is a reminder of his dominance.”*** —VOYA, starred review “Lupica scores another winner with this cautionary tale. Drew is a really good basketball player, he's a junior at Oakton Academy. ***”The perfect trifecta of deep knowledge and portrayal of the history and culture of basketball, keen insight into the obstacle course of motivations and temptations facing a talented young man, and perfect-pitch sports writing. If you like this book, make sure you check out his others. This book is good for teens because the words are not too challenging and the plot is not hard to understand. An extravagant basketball book about not letting the hype get to you! Lupica is the greatest sportswriter for middle-grade readers, and this book, True Legend, is a reminder of his dominance.”*** —VOYA, starred review  “Lupica scores another winner with this cautionary tale. How he gets back on track makes up the action in this story. . Drew always hits up a park where he always sees a man there that becomes his role model, named “Urban Sellers.” Drew overcomes adversity and everyday challenges in this high suspense novel written by a staff member at ESPN with lots of sports. He's an older guy that ends up becoming friends with the main character, Drew. True Legend teaches about how to handle jealousy and being a team player and the consequences of not being one. He got easily distracted from real life and often lost himself. Sellers didn’t even bother telling the world he was still alive; he thought himself as dead as well. I'm positive that this was one of the better books that I've read as I really blasted through it and understood it at the same time. He meets a "playground legend". The Conflict is that he got benched even though he is good but he just didn’t do one thing not pass often. Donald helped him come out of his shell, and I really liked to watch how Drew changed and progressed, good and bad, throughout the story. Only a junior in high school, he is one of the best. His best buddy, Lee, would do it. Drue Robinson is a junior is his high school, and the best player in his district. True Legend. The number one player in the U.S.A got benched! Drew also really likes a girl named Callie Mason but struggles at first. He has just moved to a new school and has just started the basketball season. Ok so this book is all about sports is what you would think when you read the title but no because it is also about friendship and loyalty and being grateful for what u got. Throughout this book, he gets a reality check that life is bigger than basketball. | Middle Grade (10 and up) Drew, also known as True because his game was too true, was given everything. His comment was, " that was a really good book"! The book True legend by Mike Lupica is a book full a action drama and mystery.

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