An upper body garment with a collar, cuffs, and a full length vertical opening at the front with buttons, A woman’s small, waist-length or shorter jacket, Tightfitting tank top. A single breasted overcoat with ragalan sleeves and short roll collar. A detachable clothing worn around the neckline. This clothing eventually evolved, with the help of tailoring, into the morning suit, or tuxedo, which was actually considered to be the least formal outfit still deemed formal. Outerwear Clothing made of oilskin fabric which is waterproof, Loose, one piece garment from eck to ankle ; as a fully body protective clothing. Popular clothing trends include thick knit sweaters, metallic and holographic materials, skinny jeans and bright colors. A triangular piece of material inserted in a garment to give extra width and more rounded contours. Skirt begins two or more inches above natural waist, A high waist line that folds over and forms a point like that of an envelope. Popular boy’s pant and top set which resembles a Sailor’s costume. Sleeve lies below the shoulder. This is an umbrella term used to refer to day time social functions. Loose fitting dress which slips over the head. A bell-shaped understructure to carry petticoats in a wide circumference around the body; usually made out of linen with whalebone or cane, Long informal garment worn around the house, A scarf with edges stitched together usually worn around as a single loop around the neck, Informal trousers/ pants  made of rough material called denim, Leggings that look a lot like jeans because they are made of stretch denim and has features of jeans like buttons, zippers and sometimes even pockets or sometimes faux pockets, This was a blouse which resembled a jesters costume with striped patterns. This is not a coat but a baby wrap. Hits at the hip. Implies a floating design as opposed to a pattern. This short dress ends almost at knee length. A band of any fabric worn around the arm; may be used symbolically for a identifying with a purpose, identification or mourning. It is a very popular form of a swimsuit cover-up. Some clothing can be gender-specific. An underskirt usually a little shorter than the outer clothing and often made with a ruffled, pleated or lace edge. This is a type of blouse with Drooping fullness in fabric from bodice to waist; gathered at or below waist. A very simple sleeveless dress which is not defined at the waist. Straight or semi fitted dress with shoulder straps. A skirt that is cut in a straight line from the hips to the hem. . The bandage dress will have many seams making it seem like you have wrapped a bandage over the body. It ends at the waist or extends to the hips. . This is a simple shirt / blouse / top with an epaulette like straps on the shoulders. A term applied to a yarn or a fabric that is made up of more than one fiber. A coat without closures ; one side of this coat overlaps the other and a belt is used to tie the coat at the waist, Warm outer  garment ; a jacket with  tailored collar and long sleeves.It could have a fur inner lining or collar, Very formfitting pants made of a stretchy but soft matte fabric – best for workouts and yoga. Includes all clothes suitable for an active athletic lifestyle;The two types are real activewear (Active sports clothes – those worn for participating in active sports) and those worn as street styles. Includes innerwear, bodywear, sleepwear, and loungewear and body slimmers and all articles ranging from Lingerie, Underwear, Corsets, Stays, Corselets, Girdles, Garter Belts, Bras, Peignoirs, Camisoles, Teddies, Long Underwear, Shapewear, Petticoats, Slips and Brassieres. Loose fitting trousers with a gathered waist; Usually used as a loungewear or nightwear, A skirt with flare created by panels with increasing width as it goes down. Skirt with attached undershorts that offers the look of a skirt with the modesty and comfort of shorts. It is worn as a woman’s top, is usually strapless, and may be made from highly ornamental fabric. Women who wear gothic fashions will typically be seen wearing tight-fitting clothing, intricate black dresses, and tons of chains, spikes, studs, and other exotic accessory styles. Sleeveless top with a U or scooped neckline.. A Dress that flares out away from the body with a wide bottom sweep.. These are sports shorts with an inner lining that acts as underwear – these are best for running as well as any workouts. Very short train that just sweeps floor during walk. Without the modern advances and technology available today, clothing was expensive and a good looking garment was the privilege of the rich. It is a good thing that we have such a variety of clothes to choose from. . A very close fitting undergarment worn from waist to below hips to give shape to that area.It is usually boned and or elasticized. Made-to-measure Clothing that is customized for a customer from a standard base pattern. Also called leisurewear, coordinates, weekend wear or sportswear. A popular style borrowed from active-wear, this tailored tank-style bra top is cropped to midriff length. A tight fitting skirt which is tight around the waist and hips but has a flare at the knees; this skirt a full front opening. 10 Types of Fashion Styles, Which One is You? A loose all enveloping outer garment covering  the entire body worn by some Muslim women. A narrow band worn round the head to hold the hair in position. A simple pullover blouse or jacket that falls at the hip. They are also known as booties or sneaker socks. Underwear that doesn’t cover the bottom, but has a thin strip of material that passes between the buttocks. A close-fitting cap, usually worn under other hats. This category has the following 28 subcategories, out of 28 total. A knee-length coat with a flat front placket. Brands ... An item of clothing that is designed for the customer in a consultation. It is usually worn with mini skirts. The colorful nature of this style and the free-spirited way can be seen in the relaxed fit of all the clothing belonging to this type, for eg. A thobe or Thwab is a long tunic worn by Arab men; It is usually ankle length and long sleeved and in white color. Two piece formal wear in the form of a smart jacket, and trousers or skirt, Cardiagn made of thin flowy fabric ( thin knits) meant to be worn during summertime, This is a bodice which crosses across the body like a wrap top.The two halves of the front of the bodice cross diagonally and ties at the side of the body, A loose gown of calf length with wide sleeves worn by clergy over their clothing (choir gown). Indian pants which flared up below the knees. Dress which has natural waistline that dips two inches to a point in the center front. A loose-fitting wraparound robe or jacket with wide sleeves, traditionally worn in Japan. It is worn with a broad sash, An ankle length open bodiced gown with long, wide sleeves, A type of headdress worn by Arab men. A lower body garment that covers the legs and waist, constructed of two cylindrical parts, for the legs, which are joined at the top. Clothing (also known as clothes, apparel and attire) is a collective term for items worn on the body. (Skimmer), A semi fitted straight cut knee length coat in single or double breasted style; It usually has a velvet collar with a short notched lapel, This is a skirt which is made by cutting a hole in the center of a circular piece of fabric – the resultant skirt will hug thewaist and hips and will have great flare at the hem, A special hat in the shape of a bell invented in 1908. Usually loose-fitting pants or shorts with large, military-inspired pockets sewn on the hips and sides of the knees. Plunge bra. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on body type, social, and geographic considerations. The following are common types of fashion business. Romantic style often characterized with a low neckline, ruffles, or free flowing material. A  Casual knit top with rib trim jewel neck and short sleeves. Usually there are no front pockets on this pants ; nor would it have pockets. A style in cardigans and Jackets where the lapels drapes down in the front. A slip which is made of fabric cut on the bias. The different types of traditional Greek clothing include foustanella, karagouna, Sarakatsana and the Pavlos Melas costume. A sleeve style that is cut with the armhole seam running from under the arm to the neckline. Refers to a style of dress  meant for an evening or semi formal fuction – it will be made of expesive fabric with embellishments – usually it is of knee length. Pants which are straight all along its length, This skirt is a straight line with no flare or fullness at the hem or waistline. Garments for the upper part of the body; Includes Blouses, Dress Shirts, Sport Shirts, Knit Shirts, Jerseys, Polo Shirts, V necks, Turtlenecks, Tanks, Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Bandeau tops, Tunics, T shirts, Hawaiian Wear and Dickeys.

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