2-4. When planning the size of a restaurant, don't overlook smaller work areas. Diagonal seating can save a lot of floor space. Some high-end restaurants across the country get by amazingly well with less than 1,000 square feet. Below you can find the seating capacity of various restaurant tables based on industry standards: If you need custom size table tops or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at : (888) 409-1115. The pre-prep area, where cooks clean, chop and process food, requires 225 square feet for a medium restaurant. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Every restaurant has different space needs, but some generalizations can be useful in the initial planning stages. On average and for fine dining, the range is 18-20 square feet (549-609 cm) per person. A single-machine dish room in a small restaurant requires 175 square feet. A moderate-price restaurant with 100 seats would need 12 to 14 feet per chair, while a fast food restaurant would only need 9 to 11 feet per chair. Capacity for covers is easy to calculate — how many guests can fit in your restaurant times how many table turns you average. Full-service has one seat per 12-15 square feet (366-457 cm). About 50 percent of your space will be the actual dining area, and the remainder of the space will be other work areas such as offices and storage. I don't know about said research, but let's try an exercise! However, a cafe or an ice-cream restaurant could seat 4 people on the same table size. You always have the option of opening a second restaurant in another location if demand begins to outpace capacity. Table Turn Time = … You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The hot food prep area, which may contain reach-in freezers, grills, fryers, charbroilers and ranges, needs 300 square feet. Restaurant bar and cocktail lounge space can be estimated based on the size of the dining room. It can be helpful to do this on a spreadsheet, including numbers from previous sales on which you can base your estimates. However at cafes round tables are preferred due to the ability to seat more people at one table where chairs can be 'squeezed' around them. Your floor plan can vary from 1,000 to 6,000 square feet, in most cases. Space needed for the dining area depends on the type of restaurant, number of guests and seat turnover. A small restaurant needs at least 64 square feet to receive and inspect shipments and 100 to 150 square feet to store dry food. A higher-end restaurant may attract more pairs, while a casual, family-style dining restaurant may have more groups of four or more. In fast-food or other quick-service restaurants, which … Sign Up for email updates & special offers: • A table’s capacity may change depending on the type of venue and menu style, Restaurant Table Sizes & Dimensions - Seating Capacity Guide. The average consumer will also generally be drawn towards a restaurant that is always close to full because they will perceive it as a place that people want to be. For full course meals a 30" x 30" table will comfortably serve only 2 seated people. If the restaurant space you are looking at has a seating capacity of 200 people or 2,400 square feet plus kitchen/serving areas, you are probably looking at a building north of 4,000 square feet (not including parking). If you historically average checks of $20, if you turn each table's seating twice per shift, and you have 75 seats in your restaurant, this equals average … Suppose you need the following people to run your small restaurant. At an average of $30 per square foot, you’re looking at a rent of $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year. Restaurant bar and cocktail lounge space can be estimated based on the size of the dining room. The type of restaurant you have is another important aspect to consider when choosing the tables. * 1 Cashier ($2000 per month) * 1 Waiter per 10 tables ($2500 per month) * 1 … A baking area, designed to prepare rolls, cakes and pastries, can be separate from the other two areas and requires 166 square feet.

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