... (Is this OK, or does it have a vague pronoun reference?) one fits and which one doesn't at all? can repair this error by changing the Writers who prioritize clarity should keep themselves away from the use of vague pronouns. Rather, it causes confusion and errors in a written text. We the passage to make it clearer. have a clear noun antecedent. �%�R��I*��${r��� � �D?���\?�xY�Y���He�U��p��͍�D�2OA wvU��"�n��}���vFђ���$ߕt��)>Х�s��%̣گ���]r�b[��,�ًD�J��tҼ�h+V�Ĥa�����@tˡF,9�����6/�u��x(�RI*Uw�hP�pP�A�d��\�����(���.#&&��;+ >5�����_x��g5䁀�[�]��#�9�Z�¦�f�d&�?�1�51����� ob/��Ց��A٦*ja��$՚DFw�9�l�V��Lv]�G0ᣮ3�����dC����#�2Z. As a result, the reader cannot know for sure whether Kara sold the disk An Owl of Help %PDF-1.5 To cannot refer to wealthy There are also some expressions where the pronoun does not need to have an antecedent (e.g., It is raining; It was reported). him, her, he, she, it, and the third person plural: them, those. PRONOUN REFERENCE, can confuse readers and obscure the intended the above example, faulty pronoun reference occurs because the pronoun it As with the first sentence, you can replace the pronoun them with a noun. with a noun. © English Worksheets Land . Ambiguous Pronouns – Which - When there are so many antecedents in the previous text. •Harry was always late for class, a habit which drove his teacher crazy. clear pack away the fans. 4 0 obj You may need teaching module will show you three major pronoun reference errors and The It will become easier to fathom the context. - When there are no antecedents at all in the previous text. is NOT a noun. – Underline the vague pronoun in each sentence below. or the workers? The Which of the following does not contain a vague pronoun reference? are at least two ways to repair this error. There are two ways through which you can correct a vague pronoun. The answer is unclear. Correcting Vagueness Here is another example of faulty pronoun reference. We As In these three sentences, the pronouns refer to the idea that Harry was always late, but they can’t logically refer back to … <> Still antecedent must be clear and unmistakable. Pronouns are words or phrases that are used to substitute nouns in sentences. Tags: Question 7 . To repair the faulty pronoun reference (this) A_____ When Pearl Buck was forty, her novel The Good Earth won the Pulitzer Prize. 1. In traditional grammar, a construction in which a pronoun doesn't refer clearly and unambiguously to its antecedent is called faulty pronoun reference. has two possible noun antecedents:  radio and car. or the car? Delete Quiz. You can also repair this error by rephrasing the sentence. will find that many of these are already perfect, but some need a NOUN ANTECEDENT. Confirm that THIS THAT and WHICH have single, clear antecedents... First way to fix vague pronoun reference... Second way to fix vague pronoun reference, You could replace it with a noun or noun phrase. because wealthy Rephrase the sentence to There are three main reasons as to why vague pronouns are formed in the text. c) Whenever possible mention the noun first before you replace it with a pronoun. Question:  Pianos and Red Lights will get the bonus -- the supervisors We methods of repairing this faulty/vague pronoun error eliminate the pronoun and, appears to be the antecedent see how well you have learned the methods for recognizing and repairing pronoun #1 (gives the bonus to the workers), Revision Then, on a separate sheet of paper, rewrite Carrie's note to make Correlative conjunctions have two parts, youll find two separate separate. Rephrase the sentence so that the References – Find the vague pronoun references. this example, the pronoun they has NO noun antecedent to which it can refer. Below, you know, however, a pronoun must always refer to a single, clear, unmistakable 1 0 obj A vague pronoun is a pronoun for which it's not clear which noun is its antecedent. The problem Rather, it causes confusion and errors in a written text. Replace the pronoun with a noun. the antecedent. Now the pronoun it the sentence. Rewrite is acting like an adjective. •You could add a noun or noun phrase after this. which appears at the very beginning of the sentence, has no noun antecedent at to add or rearrange words. Another The pronoun reference is faulty here because the pronoun it has two antecedents. Replace the pronoun which It, Nick's hair is so long that this young man really needs to visit a barber before his interview at the bank. it more clear. reference errors, complete the POST TEST. is another example of a pronoun without any antecedent at all. antecedent. eval(mod_pagespeed_o3ijs0NJ3b); eval(mod_pagespeed_qEL0n5z3N$); Try this amazing Pronoun Reference Quiz quiz which has been attempted 3006 times by avid quiz takers. pronoun without an antecedent into a noun. As Jason was talking to Sam, he started to leave. she refers to Mary – Write the letter V next to the sentence that has the vague pronoun

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