We discuss the cognitive and the psy- chophysical determinants of choice in risky and risk- less contexts. (PDF) Media Theories and their Relevance to Communication Practice. In general, the dominant ideas about the obligations of mass media … 0000019292 00000 n 0000008890 00000 n 0000016903 00000 n Different cultures may have different principles and priorities. 0 and their roots in media-effects research. Implications are discussed. 0000016156 00000 n 0000027338 00000 n : 16 Issue No. It is therefore nat- ural that the study of decision making under risk has focused on choices between simple gambles with monetary outcomes and specified probabilities, in the hope that these simple problems will reveal basic at- titudes toward risk and value. 0000008319 00000 n Risky Choice Risky choices, such as whether or not to take an umbrella and whether or not to go to war, are made without advance knowledge of their consequences. The range of media effects addressed herein includes news diffusion, learning from the mass media, socialization of children and adolescents, influences on public opinion and voting, and violent and sexually explicit media content. According to Siebert et al (1956) in their book Four Theories of the Press, "the press takes on the form and coloration of the social and political structures within which it operates" (pp.1-2). The press and other media, in their view, will reflect the "basic beliefs and assumptions that the society holds". A well- functioning market should resolve all issues of media obligation and social need. 0000005084 00000 n Spiral of Silence. Theories of Mass Media . 0000002325 00000 n They propose a typology of relations between the media system and the political system, based on a comparative examination of contemporary national societies. 0000023044 00000 n Media are free but they should accept obligations to serve the public good. 0000011633 00000 n Their role is to speak for and to the social out-groups and also to keep radical criticism alive. 504 0 obj <> endobj Making decisions is like speaking prose—people do it all the time, knowingly or unknowingly. 0000001966 00000 n The pro- cess of mental accounting, in which people organize the outcomes of transactions, explains some anomalies of consumer behavior. Link between the political society and mass media was first explained by the authors: 1. Visual Pathologies: The Semiotics of the Patient and the Practitioner in Comics, Biomedical Ethics and Communicative Maxims: Case Studies in Outpatient Health, Ken(shin)do(es it): Exploring Anime Fandom as a Driving Motivation in Practicing Martial Arts, دور الإعلام التقلیدى فى الخوف من الوقوع ضحیة للجریمة فى ضوء بعض المتغیرات الدیموجرافیة لدى طلاب الجامعة, Mental Illness in Indian Hindi Cinema: Production, Representation, and Reception before and After Media Convergence, News values and public opinion: A theoretical account of media priming and framing, Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk, Personal Influence: The Part Played by People in the Flow of Mass Communications, Growing up with television: Cultivation processes, The Structure of Political Argument and the Logic of Issue Framing, Media effects: Advances in theory and research, The 1987 distinguished lecture: A constructionist approach to mass media and public opinion, Perceptual Phenomena in the Agenda Setting Process. Queer Theory explores and challenges the way in which heterosexuality is constructed as normal and homosexuality as deviant.

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