You’ve had an experience that you can’t deny. Thanks for sharing that! I should write a post on this. my boyfriend has passed away before a month. My mom passed away 2 months ago today. How can I get him to visit my dreams? I guess I hide it well. 7 days after her death a single Lily grew in our backyard under the tree. He said something that made me laugh. . The brain is limited and finite and will die and turn to dust someday. More than likely, it was your mum. How can I be sure? I don’t know how your cousin passed, but he is probably very sensitive about these things, which makes sense that he was trying to protect you. And your dad is using symbolism to show you that he doesn’t need you to take care of him anymore. You can write me at and I will see if I can get any clarity. Or the two dogs my mum now has (she has bought another just a few weeks ago) I don’t know and could spend a lifetime trying to figure if there is significance. Sometimes a two-way conversation is possible. my wife has been diagnosed with cancer. X. All have been joyous experiences. Wow! She said yes, and the medium said she had a message from her friend to give his wife (me). Your father knows of your love for him. I’m glad you saw her again in a positive light! If he was this way in life, he would probably still be this way. TV turned on during the night when we were all asleep it was my birthday. He was not able to easily breath either & had COPD & asbestosis. I know it’s a difficult time when one passes through such devastation. I can’t find any joy anywhere and it should have been me not her. How could you ever be apart? If you go to the home page and see “Grief” on the navigation bar, I recommend you read everything there. or was it just a dream? I think it means that your partner is with you, watching over you, caring and loving you from beyond. Recently after my sister died I had been finding shiny quarters on the ground. I’m glad you ran like hell. He came in around 11:30pm from work and his phone wasn’t working so we had no way to communicate earlier. Please help me to slow … I think of our vast universe–incomprehensible–and think maybe we are all lost and nothing has meaning. That she isn’t frightened and alone somewhere. Thanks for writing. . It is time to deal with this loss and the regrets surrounding it. Of course, she loves you and wants you to be comforted in your sorrow. He started talking to his father and telling him it was ok and that we loved and miss him. I remained there 15 minutes, during which time the dragonfly remained on the same blade of grass. My husband was unaware at this point that at my Dads funeral I kissed him and held his hand and sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow to him. . If it’s him why is he doing this to me? I know it doesn’t seem fair or right. I have a friend whose son just passed a week ago and they keep seeing a fox. My brother was in the states so the police had to make many calls. I’ve heard that coins are another example. Also, she wants you to focus on what you will do, and who you will be with the balance of your life. I don’t know about the addresses, but the GI Joe would seem like he was being haunted and pursued by his life’s challenges. Don’t get me wrong. So very strange but it does make you realise there’s so much more going on than we can rationally understand. Take care of yourself. I’m sorry. I said “where are you?” and “why haven’t you contacted me? Was it odd for you to be in the adjacent room? He is in my heart and soul and is around me. You see? He had everything that a girl would want in a man. But remember not to be hard on yourself. Did she pass unexpectedly, suddenly or in her sleep? Somewhere down the line, and it's different for everybody, you find that the waves are only 80 feet tall. Write it out on paper until you have completely articulated your emotional upset to each particular person you have issue with. Could that have been him or was I just thinking it will be nice to get a hug from him. Could this be dads way of communicating? Oh boy. They are under “GRIEF” under the navigation bar on the home page. Hi.. I’m glad you know that she is still with you. Although she is with you, perhaps when she shows her presence in some form, obvious or subtle, you think it’s just your memory of her from the past and it hurts you. Birds, dragonfly’s, hummingbirds are also very common and powerful signs from beyond. Especially when you know that the person you are seeing has already crossed over. She lived in a nursing home 5 minutes walk from my fathers home and where she lived most of her life. Me, my brother, sister, cousin, uncle, auntie, mom, dad, grandma, and 2 family friends along with hospice were all there as we watched him passed, all except my other uncle, who was the oldest son. I know they came from him, I don’t know how I know that, I just do. But, I didn’t get to finish in my first paragraph in the first post of what I wanted to say. I never did. If you disconnect, he will lose power as it takes two. I have never woken to or remembered touching someone who’s walking on my bed, touching a body or touching anything! She still visits me 14 months later. Keep going. Hugs. I can’t sleep because of these nightmares. And maybe for a week you're living 5 minutes at a time. Our son was here with me. My sons father passed away last month , since his passing my bedroom light would flicker while being off . My brother was recently murder in Mexico, I’ve been searching for ways to communicate with him, to know if he is okay now that he’s gone. I saw his face larger than life in the clouds for an entire day 3 days later. The dreams I’ve had he never says anything, but I get Such a loving feeling. Please know that your boyfriend is always aware of your thoughts and feelings, so you don’t have to feel so alone. Read books! Based on their research, these are the twelve most frequent types of ADC’s people report having with their deceased loved ones: 10 more minutes. That’s awesome! This morning she had a visit from him. a couple of nights before she passed away we were talking about this.

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