Find out what a myth, legend, folktale and a fable is. Since ages, mythology is considered an intriguing topic of study. Legends and myths constitute an integral part of human existence. Myths and Legends for kids. Oban's collection of myths, legends, fables and stories about animals. There are many short moral stories that have been told and retold for generations. Viking warriors named their swords and carved a letter on them to give their swords extra strength. Links, videos, and book suggestions. Greek mythology is a collection of stories about gods, demigods, and heroes. Indian mythological stories are an excellent way to teach important moral values to children. It is one of the means to inculcate an interest in ancient Greek culture. 11 Best Indian Mythological Stories For Children 1. Read amazing stories, meet a dragon and help save a world They can be fun and entertaining if narrated in an interesting way for the kids. In this post, MomJunction presents you a list of mythological stories for kids to read and learn some important life lessons. The Vikings believed in many gods and goddesses. “Wow, I love the myth characters display!” she exclaimed. Mythological stories are educational. Myths are stories that have been told over hundreds of years to help explain why the world works the way it does. The underlining principles would be truth, love, mutual respect, righteousness, rectitude, divinity, priority to societal unity, etc…All people, including the old people, would enjoy reading these stories. “Haha! It is one of the best ways you can take along your kid to a journey into the unknown world. Animal Myths Legends Fables and stories. Greek mythology for kids is a favorite choice for parents as their kids love stories about heroes, monsters, spirits, and villains.This was not lost on Ancient Greeks who used myths to educate, entertain, and pass on timeless values. Greek myths have fascinated, not only historians and scholars, but also children. They believed in monsters. Primary homework help in English. They believed their alphabet letters, called runes, had magical powers. Native American Indian legends,Australian Aboriginal dreamtime legends,Korean, Indian and more. From magic to monsters to amazing heroes―world mythology for kids ages 6 to 9. Greek Myths for Kids; List of gods and goddesses by Molly Schwichtenberg “I’m really looking forward to teaching mythology!” Displaying Kids’ Work. Here is a Unique collection of Mythological Stories from all parts of the world.. From all regions of the Globe, this collection has been made to represent the true taste of Mythology. They used myths to pass down knowledge and timeless life-lessons from one generation to the next. Myths and Stories. A few weeks later, Mrs. Brown visited Ms. Sneed’s classroom. The valiant Abhimanyu Thanks!” said Ms. Sneed.

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