Sinhala Bible Words Wallpaper. ගිතාවලිය 128:5, දුකේදී ඔහු සමග සිටින්නෙමි. Aug 2, 2015 - Tamil christian wallaper,, bible christian wallpaper, tamil christian mobile wallpaper Sometimes it doesn't feel this way because of the life decisions we have made for ourselves. And also, the prophets who lived at past time, had understanding about the new covenant, given on Mount Sinai should give away. යෙසායා 55:12, සැබවින් විපාකයක් ලැබෙන්න තිබේ. BIBLE; CANON OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES; CODEX ALEXANDRINUS and many articles; HEBREW BIBLE; MASSORAH; MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE and VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE are some of documents, publications and ancient descriptions of the canon of the Old Testament. According to St. Jerome’s remarks, the letters in which the manuscripts of that time were written are the “square characters” and this writing distinguished the ultimate forms of the famous five letters. In all articles on the relevant books, it’s clearly suggested and responded to the questions about the origin and contents of the single books. Tens of millions of people are using the Bible App™ to make God's Word a part of their daily lives. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Considering the Talmud, still there is the memory of the relatively late difference of the double forms of the five letters alive and as per the evidence, it is impossible that Talmud application in Holy Writ time to date back too far. HD wallpapers and background images හිතෝපදේශ 3:10, පර්වතයෙන් ගත් මීපැණියෙන් මම තා තෘප්තියට පමුණුවන්නෙමි. And, when looking into the word of Jesus in Matthew 05:18 (about the jot and title), it was not passed away. විපත්ති දවසේදී ස්වාමීන් වහන්සේ නුඹට උත්තර දෙනසේක්වා. Thank you Father for all that you have given me and for that which I have yet to receive. ~Me "Father when I started letting You make the decisions life was truly a blessing. ස්වාමීන් යහපත් බව රසබලා දැනගනිව්. Evang.”, VIII, VI) on the treatment of the Scriptures. Jun 16, 2017 - ශුද්ධවූ බයිබලයේ - දෛනික පොරොන්දු. However, the Vulgate Version made by St. Jerome who was at the end of the 04th century and the beginning of the 5th century mainly proved the state of the text. Due to the great efforts of these dedicated people in past, many nations are able to read the Old Testament. Even Sinhala Bible also has done this as a great job in translation, in obedience to Jesus’ commandment to teach HIS WORD to every nation & in fulfillment of a burning divine desire of a visionary long time ago. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore Jasmine Nissi's board "Jesus wallpaper" on Pinterest. But as the imperfect Hebrew system of writing, at some occasions, many and various errors and slips were found. You currently have javascript disabled. In the Septuagint for the Hebrew “… Guest_blessingson_* හිතෝපදේශ 23:18, ස්වාමින් වහන්සේ සියොන්හි සිට .... නුඹේ ජීවිතයේ සියලූ දවස්වලදී නුඹට ආශිර්වාද කරන සේක. මෙන්න සියල්ලම අලූත් වී තිබේ. Cookies help us deliver our services. හෙබ්රෙව් 13:8, යමෙක් මට සේවය කෙරේ නම් ඔහුට මාගේ පියාණෝ ගෞරව කරන සේක. From time to time, in opposition to the Massoretes and the Greek Version, the Vulgate alone seems to have preserved the correct separation. You can also upload and share your favorite Bible words wallpapers. Sep 6, 2020 - Explore Hiruupeksha's board " Sinhala Quotes" on Pinterest. , 31 Oct 2020, Started by , 27 Oct 2020. Old Testament of Sinhala Bible describes the universe in various ways and that there are three possible interpretations of these descriptions: they are phenomenological, they are mythological, and they are theological in that many of the descriptions reveal the cosmos as part of a big temple in which God dwells. ඔවුන්ගේ පව්ද තවත් සිහි නොකරන්නෙමි. Likewise, there are many statements and ideas about this matter, by various types of authors and writers. Even the Massorah has many phrases which have the “final letters” that are separated differently in the text and on the margin and it belongs to a period when the division was not as yet in use. However, the so-called final letters seemingly came into use later. This Android application is developed for educational purposes. Just turn to God for the answers and LISTEN when that whisper (Holy Spirit) speaks. 224 Likes, 1 Comments - @gregcook14 on Instagram: “#God #Jesus #Holyspirit #KJV #bible #bibleverse #jesusislord #fit #fitness #jesusisoursaviour…”, God, the Father, loves you much more than you will ever know. යෙරමියා 20:11, යමෙක් ක්රිස්තුස් වහන්සේ තුළ සිටින්නේ නම් ඔහු අලූත් මැවිල්ලක්ය. every updated content can receive all the users just in time. But the Sinhala Bible translation team (or Sinhala Bible) has taken a great effort to give the accurate meaning same as at that epoch. Therefore, it shows about reliable care in the preservation of the exact letter and the unconditional authority of the Scripture assumes a high opinion of the letter of Holy Writ. Like all other translations of the Bible, Sinhala Bible / Sinhala Bible translation undoubtedly falls short of its goals including spreading God’s Word, showing God’s love and healing disappointed man. And today, Sri Lankans are able to read and understand this Old Testament by their own language, because of the Sinhala Bible. So Sinhala Bible/gospel in Sinhala bible is now with you. Guest_Hans-Joerg_* By the manuscripts, it was able to find the evidence of the accurate estimated beginning of the text of the Old Testament. This is Kids Fashion Picture Collection App, This is Girl's Fashion Picture Collection App, This is Men's Fashion Picture Collection App. For that many evidences are there. Sinhala Bible Words Wallpaper. It was proved that he declared constantly “so-called” Old Testament, when he meant the Scriptures. Dec 25, 2019 - Explore Edwin Mosses's board "Bible words" on Pinterest. Most Popular Searched. Similar Images . See more ideas about Holy bible, Bible, Bible words. ", Tamil christian whatsapp status, tamil christian whatsapp dp wallpaper, tamil christian wallpaper HD, tamil christian words image, tamil christian verses wallpaper tamil christian mobile wallpaper, tamil bible wallpaper i strong in the lord christsquare whatsapp status whatsapp dp plsams 2 11. So, Sinhala Bible / Sinhala Bible translation helps to reap the perfect love and mercy of God too. The Holy Bible Revised Old Version 1995 is now available in Sinhala language. After establishing use of this term among Greek as well as Latin, it has become as the common property of the world wide Christians. In the Septuagint for the Hebrew “berîth”, the Greek word “diatheke” is included and later, after agreeing with their literary taste, the interpreters “Aquila” and “Symmachus” replaced for the expression “diatheke” the more common “syntheke”.

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