As name says, lots of Tomato is needed to make this Tomato Bath . delicious tomato bath or tomato rice is a perfect one pot meal and good for lunch box too. In karnataka region bath term is used for dishes for a variety or a special rice recipe mixed with spices and herbs. You can even refer this to as “Tomato Pulao ” . Today ’ s recipe is “ Tomato Rice ” or “Tomato Bath ” or whatever the name you call it. Tomato Rice | South Indian Style Rice with Step By Step Photos, Hi Friends how u all doing?? Tomato Bath is a most popular recipe from Karnataka . Karnataka style tomato rice bath made with tomato, coconut, herbs and spice based ground masala that makes a great weeknight dinner and an ideal option to pack for lunchbox. Tomato Bath Recipe with step by step photos. Every region and every place have their own version of tomato rice. absolutely lip smacking and easy recipe. Tomato Bath – Vegan, gluten-free and flavourful tomato-based rice dish. Plain tomato rice, restaurant style tomato rice, this tomato bath with vegetables, a simple rice with tomato juice. Tomato bath is a very popular karnataka rice recipe made using tomatoes, spices and rice cooked altogether.. Tomato rice is very common and popular in south India and there are so many versions of it. “Bath” means rice in Marathi and In Kannada it means a kind of variety rice.

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