It’s just one of … An amaranth plant produces multiple seed heads, each of … Amaranth (or Kiwicha seeds in Peruvian), an ancient pseudo-cereal from South America that dates back 8,000 years to Aztec times, is no different. The grain has an earthy and nutty flavor. Amaranth can be used in place of any grain. It adds a nuttiness to recipes and works to thicken dishes too. In actual fact, amaranth is not a grain but a pseudo grain and consequently gluten-free. Amaranth is a protein-rich, gluten-free pseudo-grain (like quinoa) and a distant relation to Swiss chard and spinach. For starters, while both grains cook pretty quickly, amaranth … While amaranth and quinoa share some similarities, there are a few key differences, says Sheth. On the other hand, it is a good source of fibre, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin C, as well as providing over three times more calcium than the average amount contained in grains. Research indicates that amaranth benefits come from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Several amaranth species are useful as food crops and are grown both for their leaves and for their edible seeds, which are a nutritious pseudocereal (nongrass seeds used like cereal grains). Amaranth. Amaranth is a gluten-free grain that provides protein, fiber and a range of micronutrients. Amaranth, (genus Amaranthus), genus of 60–70 species of flowering plants in the family Amaranthaceae, distributed nearly worldwide.

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